We maintain daily raw diet with a small kibble portion (Hypro) for all our dogs and puppies. We are are proud to be the ONLY breeder of the stunning Merle Mini & Groodles and Cavoodles in Australia. The poodle is generally a toy size or the next size up being miniature. Our Breeding parents are selected for their excellent temperament and health. At Chevalier Hall Cavoodles, we have a very long history of breeding beautiful dogs, all our breeding families are heavily tested and proven to breed sound family members with good hips and elbows, knees, eyes, jaws and teeth. A toy size is 12” and under and a miniature is 12” - 15". Our Cavoodles come in a variety of colours from Golden, Tri-Coloured, Chocolate and Black. Peppertree Lane is a responsible and ethical breeder based in the Great Southern of Western Australia. Cavoodles are very profitable for breeders, with Cavoodle puppies selling for upwards of $2500 AUD. Cavoodle puppies from Fluffy Puppies This breeder is located in the O’Connell Valley near Bathurst, 2.5 hours drive west from Sydney. My name is Linda and with my husband Robert we have been operating a small breeding kennel for the past fifteen years in conjunction with our horse training, sheep and cattle property in Eastern Victoria where we have lived for 40 years. Welcome to Roblyn Park Puppies home of Cavoodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels . All Stud dogs have been tested for PRA. They are all genetically tested and clear of any genetic issues. We will eventually arrange a 2nd Generation puppy when she is old enough (or sensible enough). All dogs are genetically tested, and owners can get a health guarantee when buying a puppy. Call Kathy on 0417 963 963 or Bradley 0437 963 963 We are totally independent - not affiliated with any other breeders We are a small home breeder of Mini Groodles and Cavoodles, breeding assistance, therapy and family dogs, who are healthy, intelligent, loyal and loving. They breed various cross breeds such as cavoodles, moodles, shoodles and schnoodles. When you are ready to make the commitment of owning a Cavoodle, here are some places to find Cavoodles breeders in Australia: Bayside Cavoodle Baysidecavoodles.com.au Offer delivery to parts of the South Coast and Sydney. For information on the different breeds, use the "CAVOODLE", "MOODLE", and "SHOODLE" links. We produce beautiful family puppies with a focus on intelligence, temperament, coat type (low to … The Cavoodle is a hybrid breed that has been developed by crossing a purebred King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle. Our Cavoodle she is the life of the household, so we know what it is like to own a Cavoodle. This high price makes them incredibly attractive for puppy mills. We can arrange the delivery of these beautiful puppies to any location in Australia or overseas. For the latest photos of puppies for sale, please email Geoff or Marie-Louise at puppies@fluffypuppies.com.au. Cavoodle puppies for sale on this page are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. We have been breeding healthy, happy dogs, sound of mind and body - since 2004. We breed beautiful and healthy Cavoodles just outside Sydney. OUR WAITING LIST IS NOW OPEN FOR PUPPIES BORN IN THE MONTH OF MARCH 2021. Pocket Puppies Pocketpuppies.com.au Camden Cavoodles Dog Breeder. A Good Cavoodle breeder focuses on one litter at a time.

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