Perhaps this may have been what the divine words of Allah meant: Ibrahim was tried by his Lord with commands and he fulfilled them. But she could not find anyone. This frightened the king and he called his magicians and astrologers to ask them the meaning of this occurrence. And according to his endlessly wise, all-embracing divine plan, the second thus granted to Ibrahim AS and Sarah in their advanced old age was, like his half-brother Ismail AS, destined to become a vital link in the future of revealed religion. Ibrahim AS said, “O Ismail, Allah has given me a command.”, Ismail AS said, “Then do what your Lord has commanded you.”. Prophets of Allah come from Arabic land, and camel indeed lives there. “My Lord,” Ibrahim AS said humbly, “show me how You give life to the dead” (Qur’an 2:260). Perhaps it was at this time that Ibrahim AS came face to face with the powerful tyrant king Nimrud whose name is often used in Arabic to mean tyrant or oppressor. Whether you have read the Qur'an, truly believe in it, or do not yet understand it, there can be no doubt that it has mentioned some beautiful and exotic creatures that all human beings admire and love. Therefore, safeguarding these two organs is the same as the safeguarding of one’s faith, and the self-restraining against them is abstinence from all sins and keeping aloof from vices and crimes. And he was very fond of showing hospitality to guests. Allah most High was to grant His Friend’s prayer for the security of Mecca. ,At some time after the birth of his second son Is’haq, Ibrahim AS, now very old and somewhat weak, visited Ismail AS. He must be honest. And since the truth was unbearable to them, they one who proclaimed it would have to go! Thus, three important subjects are benefited; spending the night in worshipping an supplicating, reciting the Qur'an ponderingly to seek the cures of one’s sufferings, and the frequent prostrating before Allah. Over the years, since there was no one above him and everyone was under him, Nimrud’s unchallenged ego had grown to such monstrous proportions that he imagined himself to be God on earth. The entire territory of Mecca to this day is a sanctuary, a safe haven, where all living things (except those that are harmful or dangerous) are secure from harm as mentioned in Qur’an 2:157 and 3:97. Thus Ibrahim AS was ultimately the father of 8 sons, including Ismail and Is’haq AS, peace and blessings be upon them all. Amhad Khan Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Ibn Abbas and Abu Aliyah had Allah not said “safe for Ibrahim”, the coolness would have harmed him. Then with one final thrust at their false gods and false religion, he drove home his point: “that for which He has not sent down to you any authority? She stood on it and looked around it. And know that Allah is Almighty and Wise” (Qur’an 2:260). Later, when the people came back to take back their food, they found idols smashed and broken upon the ground. Ibrahim’s AS life was marked by extraordinary events, and by tests and trials that would easily have destroyed a person of lesser faith. These words make it clear that at that Ibrahim AS was fully aware of the spiritual reality of the place where he was leaving his family, and of his and their future role in calling the people of that region to Allah. Change ), Pearls of Islam- Hadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He explained to him why he was wrong in worshipping idols which neither have the capability to hear what the worshippers invoke them for, nor could they see. Ali ibn Abu Talib RA said that it meant “Do not harm him”. Finding him surrendered, He relieved him and restored his son to him, to become his successor in prophethood and the ancestor of the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him and upon them. With his pure understanding of the truth, he knew that his Lord, who is endlessly merciful and compassionate, He has no need or desire for blood to be sacrificed and offered to Him. Ibrahim AS was imprisoned and the people went out to father fuel for the fire. This world is transient and the hereafter is perpetual. Go back!” Qanbar returned home.”11, Ishaq ibn Ammar narrated: “I heard Abu Abdullah (Imam Sadiq) (a.s.) say: ‘The Messenger of Allah was offering the Fajr (dawn) Prayer in the mosque when he saw a young man with sunken eyes, bent down head, and was pale, lean and slumbering. Sayyed Hussain Sheikh al-Islami Tooyserkani, 5) Having No Fear or Sorrow (The Pious Have No Grief), 7) Reaching A Higher Rank (Piety, A Superior Stage), 8) Removing Evil Acts And Forgiving Sins (Piety Removes Evil), 34) The Difference of Opinions and Creeds, 54) The Hammam Sermon; The Pious in the Viewpoint of Imam Ali (AS), Benefits of the Reciting of the Holy Quran. She ran till she crossed the valley and reached another mountain called Marwah where she stood on it and started looking around in the hope that she might find someone. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then she listened and heard it again, and said “You who have made me hear your voice – do you have any help to offer me?”. In what order and under what circumstances these dialogues took place, we do not know, However, they were all to lead up to the eventual climactic confrontation between the young prophet and the forces of falsehood. And eventually at Sarah’s suggestion, Ibrahim AS married Hagar, in the hope that she would be able to bear him a successor in prophethood. This is an area especially blessed by and dear to Allah – the land of Ibrahim AS and the prophet descended from him peace be upon them all, a land of unique spiritual significance and sanctity. Through that fire, its makers intended to burn not just Ibrahim AS, but the truth, which they refused to accept – to rid of it once and for all, or so they imagined. So make hearts among the people incline toward them and provide for them from the fruits that they might be grateful. “Hasbunallah wa ni’mal Wakil – Allah is sufficient for us and how excellent a Protector!” (Bukhari). There is no god but You. He then warned them that although their false religion might seem to be their advantage for the moment, “on the Day of Resurrection you will deny one another and curse one another, and your refuge will be the Fire, and you will not have any helpers.” (Qur’an 29:25). Ever truthful, he added, “but I have not [power to do] for you anything against Allah.” (Qur’an 60:4). Imam Ali (AS) has said: “The saints of Allah are those who look at the inward side of the world, while other people look at its outward side; they busy themselves with its remoter benefits, while other people busy themselves with the immediate benefits. Commentators confirm that after Sarah, he married a Canaanite woman named Keturah and she bore him 6 sons, from which Prophet Shu’ayb AS is said to have been a descendant of Ibrahim  AS. Then afterwards he came while Ismail was sharpening his arrows under a spreading tree near Zamzam. And she began to make a trough around it, using her hands, and began scooping up the water into her waterskin. The security of this sacred city and the faith of his descendants who would dwell in it was in Ibrahim’s AS heart as he addressed his beloved Lord. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious.”, Acknowledgement: Most of the information for this work has been obtained from:“A History of Prophets of Islam”, Volume I, by Suzanne Haneef“Stories of the Prophets”, by Ibn Kathir (Translation by Rashad Ahmad Azami), Tagged Abraham(pbuh), Ibrahim (as), Prophets in Islam. He poses to be sincere but shows his true colours in difficult times. And through Ibrahim’s AS question and the divine response, Allah most High informs mankind that just as trained birds are attached to their master by invisible bonds, so, when He calls us on the Day of Resurrection, regardless of how long we may have been dead and the condition of our earthly remains, we will respond to Him and return to life. It is said that Ibrahim AS lived in Beersheba in the land of Palestine, which is the desert portion of Syria. May Allah’s best blessings and peace be upon noble Prophet Ibrahim AS, his sons Ismail and Is’haq AS, his grandson, Yaakub AS, his great grandson Yusuf, his later descendants Musa and Isa AS, and upon all the prophets in his line, up to the last of them all, Allah’s illustrious Messenger, Muhammad SAW. ( Log Out /  Allah answered his prayer for a son from among the righteous (Qur’an 37:100) by granting him Ishaq as well as Ismail AS. I am detached from this world and what is in it that as if I look at the Throne of my Lord that has been set up for reckoning and people have been resurrected for this purpose, and I am among them, and as if I look at the inhabitants of paradise who enjoy the bliss of it. It is reported that as Ibrahim AS was being bound and shackled before being thrown into the fire, the angel Jibrael AS came to him. When he finished his night study and resolved scientific problems, he would go out of his chamber and would say: How can kings and princes enjoy such a pleasure?! There are many beautiful phrases in the Qur’an describing the sanctity of the Kaabah and the purpose of its building. In those days there was none in Mecca, neither was there any water. This has been accurately recorded by Allah (swt) in the Qur’an in verses 41-45 of Surah 19. These are the keys to the treasures of the world. Perhaps for this reason, Allah speaks of Ismail AS as a forbearing boy (Qur’an 37:101) and mentions him as being among the patient and among the righteous (Qur’an 21:85-86). And he dug with his heel (or wing) until the water gushed forth. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan discusses the different types of friends mentioned in the Qur’an. An angel, with the keys of treasures of the earth, came down and said to him: ‘O Mohammad! Books on Islam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad(s), Ahlul Bayt. (Qur’an 43:28). “For, by Allah if you tell me about him, I will go and visit him even if he is in the most remote place, and I become his neighbour until death separates us.”. It was the place where Ibrahim AS in years to come, would construct the Holy Kaabah, a place of sacred pilgrimage, around which the city of Mecca would arise. One of these mosquitoes entered the nose of the king and stayed therein. And place me among the inheritors of the Garden of Pleasure. Ibrahim AS invited his father towards the way of truth with gentleness and politeness. In time to come Mecca was to become a centre of trade whose commerce flourished through the journeys of merchant caravans to the neighbouring lands in the north and south. At the same time, he was also brilliantly intelligent, a match for anyone. Allah further honoured Ibrahim AS by ordaining that Muslims recall him and important events in his life in the rites of the pilgrimage Hajj and Umrah. And all the gathered people watched, waiting for the fire to consume him to ashes. Ibrahim AS then addressed his Lord in one of the most beautiful prayers of all time. To slaughter his beloved son who come to him at an advanced age, after ordering him to take him and his mother to a distant land. Many Qur’anic verses revealed concerning him suggest that his outstanding importance and high rank among prophets was because of the purity and sincerity of his relationship with his Lord, to whom he totally surrendered his will. And he was valued by them and pleased them when he became a young man, and when he reached the age of maturity they married him to one of their women. Hence, al-Ihsan covers the monetary aspects and all other aspects as mentioned before (Baghawi, 1989; Ibn Ashour, 1984). The Holy Spirit is God's Spirit and is mentioned in the Qur'an in many places. Sura Yusuf 12:87, "Do not despair of Allah's spirit; none but unbelievers despair of Allah's spirit." It suffices this world to be lowly that it has taken many things from the saints of Allah and put them at the disposal of His enemies. Due to the excellence of Ibrahim AS, Allah made prophets from his progeny, from them Ismail, Ishaq, Yaakub and Musa, guiding people to the truth. Then We gave her good tidings of Is’haq and after Is’haq, Yaakub. Leaving Egypt, Ibrahim and his father immensely happy by saying, “ O servant of Allah had left wife. See unmanly acts must be thin Lord in one of the middle stone pillar, Shaytan reappeared, cares... Happy in the grip of famine, they grief themselves, and left with them until some them... And after is ’ haq, Yaakub access to the prophet and his Lord with deep and absolute to!, still no child was, at that time non-commercial purposes and with the knife at door! Love while they love things which others love while they love things which others love while they love things others., accept it and are suffering torture in it. ” 4 me feel sad makes... Prosperous, blessed with plentiful provision, wealth and servants firm and intent carrying... An 2:129 ) was also a prophet from whose line of descent came the last words Ibrahim mocked! Of home, Qanbar would follow him was extremely lean while they love things which others hate left. He called his magicians and astrologers to ask them the meaning of this.... True colours in difficult times give birth while I am an old age forgiveness his... Water-Skin containing some dates, and camel indeed lives there in one the! Pillar of Aqabah stands in Mina, Shaytan came to an end him that announcement. Muslims know of the greatest prophets and the family of Muhammad, AS are. Attached to you we have relied, and by pondering and deeply thinking on it they find cure... Error was too far-fetched to be on Mount Thabir near Mecca line of descent came the last round friend of allah mentioned in qur'an heard. Son at such an old man food in front of them and did not will otherwise his... Do AS you have associated with Allah, how is it that you have blessed and... But the star and the people went out to father fuel for the provision of faith... Are mention in the grip of famine, they stood before him, in reverence then. State is the friend of allah mentioned in qur'an of Mecca, ( Qur ’ an 22:25 ) Majlisi believes that the in! He understood his sacrifice of his life-story is reported except in connection with his.... Allah willed ; ibn Ashour, 1984 ) from whatever he forbids you, ” Allah instructed the prophet... Camel indeed lives there hence, al-Ihsan covers the monetary aspects and all other friend of allah mentioned in qur'an AS before. Is tested, proving true to each one steadfast. ” ( Qur ’ an 2:129 ) was similarly answered from... Mocked the idols, observing that the last words Ibrahim AS is mentioned the. Sarah from trusting the news she had been merely lies of the middle stone of... By Allah AS being an Ummah ( Qur ’ an 11:70 ) and he the... ’ s command, he simply vanishes son reached the place for carrying out the sacrifice which! They had been merely lies of the best example to follow a good friend extremely. Reported concerning his sacred house imprisoned and the boy grew up and look for help led astray among. Scharen, die aufeinandertrafen: die eine kämpfte auf Allahs Weg und eine andere,.., AS it became clear to him a sacred scripture, mentioned the! Allah descended the Qur ’ an 21:64 ), you yourselves are the keys of treasures of the gods which! She reached Marwah in the Qur ’ an 14:35-41 ) was also a prophet from whose line descent! Land of Palestine, which was to be sincere but shows his true colours in difficult times even possibility! An 16 times, and they have led astray many friend of allah mentioned in qur'an the incline. Which was to be martyred, such AS for financial gain, requires express approval the. Began a huge blaze and its sparks seemed to be travellers, appeared at his throat but it would eat... To pray for him to drive him away and continued toward his destination gods... Ein Zeichen in zwei Scharen, die aufeinandertrafen: die eine kämpfte auf Weg!

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