See the sincerity? Well, that's just.... Oh, what a glorious day! Marge: Doctor, I think Lisa has the mumps. Impatient people think that, patient people know better. Soon you'll be ready to try it with a real book. Cover for me, will ya? Ned: Sometimes you've gotta spoil yourself. Soup's on! I might as well kill two birds with one stone. As God is my witness, I can pass the fourth grade! Winthrop: The dog's eyes will cross, and his tongue will protrude slightly. Homer: No! Any similarity to actual persons or I need your help. Damn thing never goes over, does it? (laughs). Bad Santa's Little Helper! Rise and shine, little guy. All right, take one and pass the rest back. Lisa: Bart, he's not gonna learn it now. But he's more powerful than Mom and Dad put together. D'fhéach 23.6 milliún duine ar an eipeasóid. Well, okay, you're the sickie. Put that prowler down and come here! If Lisa stays home, I stay home. They've got Velcro, a water pump, built-in odometer, and vanity plates. duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. You get rest and have a lollipop. This is not happening! You know, 1754. Déanann Mayor Quimby a chéad cuma san eipeasóid.. Tagairtí "Bart Gets a 'Z'" is the second episode of The Simpsons' twenty-first season. Posts about Bart Gets an F written by conservativechristiankid. Executive in Charge of Production for Gracie Films. You're a water monster. I didn't want to interfere with a ball in play. Bart Gets an F [] Mrs. Krabappel: Your grades have gotten steadily worse since the beginning of the term.Are you aware of that? Dr. Hibbert: (chuckles) Arithmetic. Shake hands. Geeks sit in the front. My recommendation is for Bart to repeat the fourth grade. I passed! I am looking at him right-- D'oh! Homer: Oh, Lisa, if they're ever going to pull the plug on me. Krusty: You know, yours is the only show I'll do. I'm calling the dog warden right now! We have to clean up this room. Oh, no, I … Homer: We all loved that quilt. But prove it. "Could they make decisions that Americans could support? I'll call Dr. Hibbert. (groans) Are you going deaf, or are you just stupid? Don't worry, Snowball. Bart’s poor schoolwork prompts his teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, to threaten to hold him back in the fourth grade for an extra year. purposes of copyright and other laws. What about that history test? Homer: Well, you bought those smoke alarms, and we haven't had a single fire. Roll over. What does that mean? Di episode ini Bart Simpsons selama beberapa kali tidak lulus ujian sejarah dan psikiater sekolah menganjurkan orang tua Bart bahwa ia tidak naik kelas. Bart Gets an F simple powerpoint « on: December 04, 2014, 01:30:57 pm » I took the template for the Simpsons bomb game and made it more of a simple activity where the students would watch the 'Bart Gets an F' episode then answer the questions from the slides. You already know that with a little love... any puppy will grow up to be a bundle of joy. Marge: Please. Ned: Ooh! Martin: How can we tell we're doing it right? Bart: No! events is unintentional. Mrs. Krabappel: Blahblah blahblablablahBLABLAH..? Do you want to be held back a grade? Bart: School's your answer to everything.... Emily Winthrop: What lovely handwriting. The granddaddy of them all. I just dip in and out. © 2000-2021 Forever Dreaming. Spoil yourself. It's a school day. Class is over. Granny's kissing me! Never have I seen a more noble thing than you, brother. Homer: Well, my faithful dog was bringing me my shoes, and they fell apart in his mouth. (hands her the test) Mrs. Krabappel: Well, alright. I know it's asking a lot, but if anyone can do it, you can. And look at me, man. Bring the TV up. Good boy! As emotionally crippling as it may be, my recommendation is for Bart to... repeat the fourth grade. Oh, 125 bucks! Stupid dog! Marge: Well, Homer, there seems to be a lot of good obedience schools here. is the author of this motion picture for Isn't that amazing? Find an egghead and pump him for some answers. I want you to see what your sick little girl did. What was the pirate's name in Treasure lsland, Bart Simpson? I'll explain one more time, and then I'm going to hang up on you. And the nuclear power plant. A 12 on state capitals! Relax, man. Now your prayers have been answered. Marge: Oh yes, you do, you just don't know it. Marge: I don't know. Goodbye, Lisa. I got held back in the fourth grade. It is also the most viewed episode in Simpsons history, with over 33 million households watching the premiere. Owww! Get us addicted, then jack up the price! Go home, boy. It was first shown on the Fox network in the United States on October 11, 1990. I don't know the rules of your sport. This is as good as I can do, and I still failed. Marge: Hmm, I don't know, Bart. Eleanor Mills. (produces a red pen and starts marking up the test until she places it down on his desk) Well, Bart, it's a 59. Is the way to solve a problem with something you love to throw it away? To catch a fish, to kill a bull, to make love to a woman. Stay! How are you doing? » Transcripts » TV & Movie Transcripts » S » The Simpsons. Average score for this quiz is 6 / 10. Homer: Sure. Take a walk. I want to see both of you after class. Is this a book report or a witch hunt? Homer: (babbling nonsense) Hey! Sit! Homer: Lenny, I need to leave. So what's in your head? Mischief varies inversely with proximity to the authority figure. Homer: No! Homer: Good dog! It is not my dog! But if she stays, I stay, so... ...Lisa goes to school.... Marge: Lisa, don't confuse your brother like that. You know our district psychiatrist, Dr. J. Loren Pryor. What's your favorite subject? Brian Roberts, Jim Fitzpatrick Deadly mothballs. How many of these guys are named Corey? Sorry, I can't do it on purpose. Roll over. Bart: All right. Hey, Otto-man! Lisa: On the right is Bleeding Gums Murphy. Spoil yourself. Such an obscure reference deserves an extra point. No, you don't understand. I'm only watching because Brandy knows the body is hidden in the boathouse. Macamademia nuts. Here you go, Mrs. Krabappel. [1] El episodio fue escrito por David M. Stern y dirigido por David Silverman. Ned: You bet. I've been failing a lot of tests recently. Krusty: You're my best friend. Your sanctuary from the frenzy of modern life. How good could it be? In "Bart Gets an F", Bart struggles to study for an important exam after realizing the consequences that he may incur if he happens to fail yet another test. I hereby declare this day to be Snow Day... the funnest day in the history of Springfield! It’s not every kid that dared to try this (I didn’t), but the episode is written so well and with such emotional honesty, it’s one of the most identifiable Bart episodes ever made (only outclassed by “Bart Gets an F”). Marge: My, you're burning up. You see? You can add your own comments here. The little tiger tries so hard. Let me check my schedule. I got a D minus! Bart: Fine, then-- Wait. Julia Kim Bart: Homework? It originally aired on theFox networkin the United States on October 11, 1990. Oh, sure. Don't spend your last hours together tormenting the poor creature. Stay away! Bart: But we have to say goodbye because you don't understand a word I say. Who cares about some test? Winthrop: Stuff and nonsense taught by charlatans and learned by bloody twits! Marge: Well, Lisa, here it is. Have a nice day at school, Bart. Lisa: Oowww! Everyone else in the class has shown some improvement. Bart: Yes, ma'am. Come on! Bart is caught shoplifting. (babbling nonsense). Which way do you think that was? Lisa: I'll make it, Mom. Marge: All right. Anything that'll cancel school. In this episode, Bart fails four history exams in a row and the school … Sniff that other dog's butt. Life's too short! It's about these pirates... with patches over their eyes and shiny gold teeth. "Bart Gets an "F"" is the first episode ofThe Simpsons'second season. It's not so hard. Okay, don't panic. If you knew how to learn-- Sit. A teacher strike, a power failure. Sit! That night, a tremendous snowstorm hits Springfield, cancelling school the following day. It's one thing to be a link in a chain. Sit! I can make it so the other kids don't laugh at you. Bart: See, boy? Bad Santa's Little Helper! Bart, I warned you. Now I know how Washington felt when he surrendered Fort Necessity in 1754. After chewing up Homer's new sneakers and the Bouvier family quilt, Santa's Little Helper is sent to obedience school. All right, class, the topic is world literature. Concentrate, man! Ned: Well, they're not giving them away.

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