Schools not on this list, that you think should be and are missing, are likely to be as yet unrated. The Best CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi as chosen by parents in the UAE. Which schools top the list of the Best Indian Schools in Dubai? The whole management team is excellent in the field of education. Our mission is to provide the best assistance to the parents who are looking for British schools in Sharjah. The Best Primary Schools in Dubai as chosen by parents in the UAE. … The school guarantees the best education to its students to prepare them to lead successful lives, and becoming future leaders in the society. Enviable sports facilities. British primary school programme at Scholars International Academy in Sharjah. How concerned are you about bullying at this school? The Best CBSE Schools in Dubai as chosen by parents in the UAE. The parent rating cuts across both curricula, and territory, to be a measure that we can apply equally anywhere and everywhere. Again, if your child currently attends a school in UAE, then please do review it, by taking the survey here. All schools, we believe, aspire to offer the highest levels of care and performance for their students. Methodology: How we choose the Best British Schools in Sharjah. Have you thought about moving your child from his current school? Sharjah English School. Using a rank in this way also means that each school is measured quite independently through the lens of its own parent body. We have a school reviews directory that lists all UAE schools. Parents all want the best for their child, and will be equally critical, in whatever state they are in, for whatever curricula school their child attends. Which schools top the list of the Best BTEC Schools in Dubai? A fine of 200 Dirhams will be added for late payment without notice. Keeping quality education as its focus, a large number of American curriculum schools, British curriculum schools in Ajman, CBSE schools, and O-level schools have blossomed in Ajman over the period of time. It is difficult if not impossible to please all people, all of the time however… Parents doing their due diligence when choosing a school should pay attention also to the number of parent reviews a school has received. The WSA Parent Rating score is drawn from multiple questions from our parent survey. 993. A not for profit school, where teaching and learning come first. These schools typically offer different curricula, with the most popular being the British, American and International Baccalaureate (IB). Having more than 70 nationalities and over 1,000 students, Victoria English School is one of the best British schools in Sharjah. Your input will help 1000s of parents that follow you! Students at the International School of Creative Science received The Pearson Outstanding Learning Award for their high-achieving academics, receiving the highest marks in the top three categories. The ranking lists schools in order of their Parent Score, that is how well the score meets the expectations of this key stakeholder group represented numerically. Privacy Policy -Terms & Conditions - The more it has, the less likely the score will be to change as new reviews come in. You may also wonder why only select British schools. Thorough program guidance is provided by extremely talented teachers from all over the world. There are a number of International schools, Indian and British schools in Sharjah. Which schools head the ranking of the Best IB Schools in Dubai? Through our site, you can also compare schools and choose best for your children. You might definitely wanna go to one of GEMS schools.. Like Our Own Engish High) or some high end schools if u have the requirements. currently has 639 schools in its database. Best Schools in the UAE – You Decide. At Sharjah British International School, our vision is to make possible complete students; whose creativity, confidence, ability, appreciation and awareness of their world enhance the future prospects and quality of life for everyone. To go further in your analysis of the Best School for you, then you need to look at additional resources. Edarabia showcases all private schools in Sharjah through which parents can filter by tuition fees, curriculum, rankings & ratings. Best School in Shrajah, UAE having British curriculum with an ambient atmosphere with smart learning systems. Your answers update parts of our review i…, Your opinion really, really matters. The Best American Schools in Dubai as chosen by parents in the UAE. The Best British Schools in Sharjah ranks all schools in our database that meet these criteria: Location: Sharjah Price point: All Phase: All Curricula Group: British. © - All Rights Reserved 2021    | Which schools top the list of the Best Schools in Abu Dhabi? It is a fun and informative way to order schools, and by being based on Parent Rating, is a way to get a good overview quickly. We place the student at the center of learning and focus upon the fundamental concepts of core competencies and learning exploration. It is a strength because not only can it be universally applied, but it is a true way to measure a school based on the stakeholders that matter the most, its parents. The Best A Level Schools in Abu Dhabi as chosen by parents in the UAE. In the UAE, some (but not all) parents are blessed with additional resources they can use when evaluating schools. Go to Primary Go to Secondary Inspection Reports 'Community' and 'Family' - the words most often used to describe SES . The WSA Parent Rating is based on the following questions in the survey: We do not disclose the weighting we use, but in order to give schools, and parents, the power to impact their score, we skew results to those most recently received. List of Best Private British Schools in Sharjah > Complete Guide - Fees, Reviews, Ratings, Location Map, Videos / IGCSE, CBSE, British, American & Indian Schools. Founded in 2002 as the first school in the BEAM group, the International School of Creative Science occupies a large site in the Muwaileh district of Sharjah. Moreover, if a school has yet to send out a survey to its parents, then we would urge it to do so as soon as possible. The ranking lists schools in order of their Parent Score, that is how well the score meets the expectations of this key stakeholder group represented numerically. Not all, however, are equally successful at doing so. For example, a parent paying premium fees would have very different expectations when it comes to the scope of facilities offered than a parent paying fees associated with the value segment. How confident are you in your ability to make sure your child’s school meets your child’s learning needs? If parents appreciate the changes made, it will make a difference to a school’s position on the Best British Schools in Sharjah list quite quickly. What do you think of your school. From the schools unassuming exterior it could be mistaken for almost any other school in the emirate, however believes under the surface this little school has rather a lot that's quite unique going for it. In order to do well, a school ‘simply’ has to understand and then meet the expectations of its parents. To be rated, a school simply needs a sufficient number of parent surveys to be undertaken. If you are a parent at one of these schools, please take the survey! If any parent needs to stop a cheque Sharjah British School requires 10 days notice and if any parent wishes to exchange a cheque for cash this must be completed 2 days before the cheque encashment otherwise the cheque will be deposit to the bank on the cheque date. Victoria English School focuses on holistic … Which schools top the list of the Best Schools in Al Ain? Sharjah is rich with many British schools on which you can completely rely on your child’s education. Looking at the ‘Best British Schools in Sharjah’ should only be one way you short list schools, however. The Providence English Private School is considered as one of the best British schools in Sharjah because it promises to build its students spiritually to respect other cultures, physically to be healthy to accept challenges, academically to be at par with the international standard of education and socially improve the world they live in. The total number of possible schools that could be on this list if all schools had a sufficient number of parent surveys, and all these schools had a rating of above 3.0, is 35. Any score above 3.5 is the sign of a school truly loved and admired by its parents, who have clearly bought into its vision and leadership. One of the UAE's longest established schools. Which schools top the list of the Best British Schools in Sharjah? To make it onto the Parent Recommended Best Schools List, a school needs to score 3.0 or above on the Parent Rating. Sharjah is one of the major cities in United Arab Emirate after Dubai, and thousands of foreign inhabitants residing in the city for Job and Business purpose, indeed there are dozens of British Curriculum Schools established specially for British Peoples. English is the most common language of instruction by far, but students also learn … Our students excel locally and internationally and have been accepted into over 1,000 universities - including Ivy League and Russell Group - in 53 countries. The Best British Schools in Sharjah ranks all schools in our database that meet these criteria: Location: SharjahPrice point: AllPhase: AllCurricula Group: British. GEMS Education has been trusted by parents for over 60 years, offering an extensive selection of quality British schools across the UAE. These schools are accredited by the principal education regulatory body of UAE’s Ministry of Education. To students who received a minimum of five A/A* in GCSE or International GCSE or a minimum of three A/A* in GCE/IAL in June 2017, … Schools not on this list, … The total number of possible schools that could be on this list if all schools had a sufficient number of parent surveys, and all these schools had a rating of above 3.0, is 16. The school has a purpose built building with all the modern facilities which include soccer grounds, basketball courts, … And the school market here is still booming with many new international schools opening year after year.Dubai emerged as a … Also, You will never find the … Tune in on Sunday 24th of January just after midnight to see the changes to the Best British Schools in Sharjah next week! It is also NOT a comment on specifics: price point, curricula, location, but an holistic view of schools that fall within a set of criteria. Rosary School, established and managed by nuns from the Coptic Church, offers parents seriously affordable education and offers classes from Foundation Stage up to Year 13, offering GCSE, AS and then A Level studies. It also means that if a school takes unpopular decisions, or lowers the quality of its offering, it can move off the list altogether. With over 20 years of experience educating young minds in Sharjah, this is also one of the oldest GCSE schools in Sharjah. Expectations will also clearly be different between the parents of different schools. When a parent completes a survey, his or her feedback is incorporated into the database and the ranking updated each Sunday. This is your chance to help guide other parents! A score above 3.0 means that its parents rate a school highly across the board. The Schools Compared Best British Schools in Dubai 2017 Note: Click on the school headlines to go through to an in-depth review… British Primary Schools Victory Heights Primary School “There is so much to like about this school and to admire in the achievements of both its owners and Head, who are clearly working in unison. With just a click you can have a list of best schools in Sharjah on your palmtop. Brilliant international is the best english schools in Sharjah and is also the top among the list of schools in Sharjah. Must Read: Best Nursery Schools in Dubai and the UAE – The Official Guide for Families 2020. The Best Schools in Dubai as chosen by parents in the UAE. Transparency: One of the best things about British schools is its transparency. British EYFS programme at Scholars International Academy in Sharjah. Part of the renowned GEMS group, GEMS Millennium School Sharjah is the last entry on our list of the best schools in Sharjah. Let us help you discover … Would you recommend your school to another parent? The probability is it will make a significant difference to its score. British, Indian, American, and International Baccalaureate curricula win the day in Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman’s international schools. Therefore, British schools in Sharjah is the best option. Rate your satisfaction with the level of feedback you receive from your child’s school. Add your own review and help others find the best schools. To what extent do you think that children enjoy going to your child’s school? It is the best school in Sharjah , the best british school in Sharjah. Recently subjected to two inspections by British Schools Middle East and British Schools Overseas both of which it has "passed with flying colours" (see the attached reports below), Sharjah English School, established in 1974, is one of the most established England and Wales curriculum schools in the emirate of Sharjah. British Schools in Sharjah Sharjah International Private School. Best British Schools in Sharjah. Best British schools in Sharjah While looking for the best British schools in Sharjah, it is important to consider several things first. Which schools head the ranking of the Best A Level Schools in Sharjah? "- Jean Piaget. A new school yes – but one with huge potential to set … Which schools head the ranking of the Best British Schools in Dubai? We are trying to make education journey easy for the students. So, today we will be telling you about it. The 38 Best Premium British Schools in Dubai. Dubai parents have access to KHDA reports, Abu Dhabi parents have access to ADEK reports, while Sharjah parents will, eventually, have access to SPEA reports. From ground staff to the principal, all work whole-heartedly. This way of ranking is both a weakness and a strength. One size in this context does not fit all and for this reason amongst others always encourages parents to look beyond simple rankings and ratings, and determine the best school for your child. The algorithm is weighted to more recent responses to allow schools to make improvements and for that to reflect in the rating. Parents that are motivated to take a survey independently are often driven by high passions, which may not always be positive! Our programme gives children the right foundation for good future progress through school and life. List contains both National and International IB Schools in Sharjah covering list of Daycare, Playschool/Pre School/Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools and K12 Schools… This school is indeed an English medium school. School at a glance. Which schools head the ranking of the Best Premium Schools in Dubai? Note, it is possible to score 5 if a school has perfect scores from its most recent respondents. Which schools head the ranking of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi? Which schools top the list of the Best IB Schools in Abu Dhabi? has undertaken multiple Best ofs, allowing us to be quite specific and therefore do some of the homework for you in your shortlisting. To unlock a student’s potential in the most dynamic learning environment makes Scholars International Academy one of the best British schools in Sharjah. We discuss why below. Choose a British curriculum school that’s right for your child. There are many public, private and charter schools near you that cater to both expat and local students. School Leaders Reveal All.... More. Rate your satisfaction with the level of academic performance at your child’s school. Find list of Top Schools in Sharjah which are CBSE, ICSE, CIE Camridge, IB and state affiliated Schools in Sharjah UAE. PACE International School is one of the best schools in the U.A.E which offers CBSE Curriculum. This school focuses on the grass root requirements of students. Being the top among the best schools in Sharjah, Brilliant has evolved to service each aspect of education by adapting a british curriculum. However, before you choose any one of them, make sure to pay attention to the following […] How much do you agree to the statement: I think the fees I pay represent good value for money given the quality of the school offering. We do have Best ofs for curricula and for some price points for example. Schools that asks their parents to take the survey, do better. The Secret Questions You Should be Asking. Checkout list of Best Schools in Sharjah 2020 - a complete list of Schools in Sharjah UAE with information on Fees, Admission procedure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews, Curriculum, Facilities, Contact Details and address. How well does it m…. Announcements: Reopening Plan 2020-2021-SBIS | New Admission Portal Open | Fee for year 2020-2021 Academic year includes with 5 % discount for … Teachers are well trained, well behaved and very humble. Best Schools Best Schools Covid 19 Covid 19 Dyslexia Dyslexia Technology Technology. European curricula can be found, but are not as commonplace. International School of Creative Science Muwaileh is leading among the best British schools in Sharjah offering quality education to the students. The majority of the schools are located in Dubai. It is a weakness in the sense that the top school on the list, will not necessarily be the best school for you and your child. Note: If the school you are interested in is not here, it is either because its score is below 3.0, or has yet to receive sufficient surveys. A score below 3.0 means a school could be admired for facets of its delivery, but there will be areas with question marks. Web Design by Grafdom, International School of Creative Science - Muwaileh, Murdoch University Students to benefit from Mashreq Education Loan, S P Jain Awards 100% Scholarship to UAE Topper Raina Shah, Field Sales (Outside Sales) Representative (Sample Job Description), Kings' School Dubai Retains Longest Record for 'Outstanding' Grade by KHDA, University of Birmingham leads the way in accepting Chinese ‘Gaokao’ exam, ‘Boarding in Dubai is a fantastic opportunity,’ says David McKeown, How students can achieve success in global competitions, UAE youth who strive to make a difference (Alka Sathyan & David Isaac), ‘More schools should be using retrieval practice,’ suggests Kate Jones, ‘Online learning models are more flexible & scalable,’ says Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar. We should also note, that all government ratings, are used to drive an agenda and the UAE is no different in this regard. Scholars International Academy in Sharjah is set on a seven acre plot located in the new Muwailih school district. What’s more, these reports have their own criteria and their own rating grades and scales, and are not compatible enough to compare across the country in the Best of Rankings we use here. Read More. No other city has this many schools offering first class education. It is my pleasure to welcome you to PACE British School, the newest school in the PACE Education Group, and invite you to come and visit us (virtually or in person) and see a growing school that is, above all things, a positive and enjoyable learning … In this ranking, the Best British Schools in Sharjah, we, currently, have 5 schools competing for top spot. Some of the British schools in Sharjah UAE follow a mixed curriculum, including the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). A school can move up (and onto the list if it is not here), or down (and off the list) as more feedback comes in. We note the weighting for Arabic and Islamic and Social studies in this regard, which may be of interest to some parents, but will not be to all. In this ranking, the Best Indian Schools in Dubai, we, currently, have 16 schools competing for top spot. Established in 2010, it offers … That still leaves three other emirates without government ratings. These are all independent, private, international schools offering a total of 47 curricula. It is considered one of the top British schools in Sharjah. Best British curriculum schools in Sharjah. Sharjah British International School Dubai - Reviews, fees, admissions, location map and more. How much has this school improved your child’s confidence. More details can be found if you click Read More in the Best Schools explainer at the top of the page. Accounts related all the issue should be … A school that excels in music, arts and … The following list of British Curriculum Schools including details such as Contact, location and other important information. It is located in the Muweilah School Zone, close to the University area. "The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things. It currently educates 4,300 children between the ages of 4 and 18 years, offering a curriculum that is based on the UK National Curriculum and the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Studies. Now there are 2100 students on roll and has got classes from K G 1- Class 9. A high score for a school is not about meeting a universal set of criteria, but about it delivering on its unique promise to its unique parent body. A school looking to turnaround a score can therefore make improvements, and then ask its parents to retake the survey. International School of Creative Science, Muwaileh. Sharjah International Private School is one of the British curriculum schools in Sharjah. We discuss why below. In addition to capturing word of mouth recommendations numerically, we use the Parent Rating for the Best British Schools in Sharjah, because unlike other measures it is not country, or even area specific as government regulations can be. GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah. A-Levels are also offered in some of the prominent British curriculum schools in Sharjah. Location:‎ Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah; Fees: AED 21.3k- AED 47.4k; Curriculum: British; Contact: +971-6-506-2999; GEMS Millennium School Sharjah. If you really want to however, you can find any curricula under the sun here - such is the variety on offer. Campus is mostly ultra … Click on the name of the IB school for information on Admission, Fees, Curriculum, School Contact Details, Ranking, Reviews and Ratings of Best International Baccalaureate Schools in Sharjah UAE. Top Qualities of British Schools in Sharjah . List of primary, K-12, K-10 and secondary British UK curriculum,IGCSE, A-level, O-level English schools in Sharjah UAE. GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah is a relatively new addition to the GEMS schools in the UAE, which opened as planned in September 2019. It is top British curriculum school in Sharjah, cheapest schools in Sharjah, cbse schools in Sharjah and top schools in Sharjah,uae Numerous students gather here to seek their guidance to become academically and sensitively successful in their lives. How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at his or her school? The 9 Best American Schools in Abu Dhabi. Nursery . Small and Inclusive. Sharjah English School : This British School in Sharjah ranks second in the list of best British Schools in Sharjah. Which schools head the ranking of the Best Indian Schools in Sharjah? Editor's Picks . Acting as the collective voice, we represent and … Which schools top the list of the Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah? It has a separate nursery in a different building on the same school campus. It was established in 1996, but the new campus was built in 2008. In choosing schools, parents have always used word of mouth, and the Parent survey captures this quantitatively. A history of excellent exam results. The school started functioning from April 2016 and it can accommodate 5500 students.

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