This is dependent on a number of environmental factors, as follows: My response to water shortage! If allowed to continue, the plant will wrinkle itself dry, turning brown or black. How often should you water a Spekboom? Positive: On Mar 30, 2009, ffeeddee wrote: I have some plants of Portulacaria afra in pots, all from a small twig I took from a big plant 20 years ago. They thrive without problems under the full sun of italian summer (up to 40° C), in winter protect them in a closed patio south facing (min. The water retention makes the tree limbs heavy which naturally bends the trunk and branches. 3°C). If yours is a houseplant, using all a good quality succulent & cactus mix is just fine. Spekboom has a photosynthetic mechanism which allows it to adapt to all weather conditions so it can survive extreme conditions – from drought to frost. It stores water in its trunk and leaves so it can survive without regular watering. temp. DISCLAIMER. You should water lightly once to twice a week. The water needs to drain out the bottom so poinsettias won't sit in water. Succulents store water not only in their roots but also in their leaves & stems. As a Houseplant. Remember that it stores water primarily in its trunk, rather than the leaves. How often should I water my Spekboom? Do not use cut-paste on Jade trees. Thank you for all the tips on growing this amazing plant. The soil should be damp, don't get it too wet, or let it go bone dry. When you’re watching for signs the succulent is over- or under-watered, keep an eye on those stems. Dwarf jade is a succulent with small, thick, glossy leaves and burgundy-red stems. Today I am starting on the rest-of-my-life with Spekboom! It is also an excellent soil binding plant that prevents soil erosion. The nature of its trunk and branches make it very susceptible to rotting. It can survive well in drought, but it won't grow as much, and the bigger your Spekboom, the more carbon it will absorb. I now make my own mix but recommend any of the mixes listed right below if you can’t find 1 locally or don’t want to make your own. Reply. Over watering poinsettias could result in fungal diseases and root rot. Place in bright light to direct sunlight and water … Its drought-tolerant properties make this succulent a hardy home cohabitant. If all of this wasn’t enough to inspire your love for Spekboom, it is also a highly water-wise plant, needing up to half the water of other plants to survive, meaning its not only easy to grow but also easy for those living in areas suffering from droughts or water shortages to care for. Water thoroughly and only when the soil is dry. When your succulent needs more water, the leaves will shrivel up and the stem will wilt. Elephant bush, Portulacaria afra, is a perennial succulent shrub from South Africa that is a popular succulent garden plant around the world.It is easily grown as a seasonal accent plant or low maintenance houseplant in our part of the world. Keep an eye on their leaves, because if they are turning yellow, it means you are not watering properly. Giving them a big sip of water … As an indoor plant, its fleshy green leaves, red stems and tendency to form a sculptural bush, make Spekboom a visual delight. So how often can you expect the soil to dry out? I am looking forward to using it for indoor “flower arrangements”, along with adding it to salads etc etc So excited! How Often to Water a Succulent. Too much water = root rot. It is Water-wise and Super Resilient The low-maintenance plant can survive on as little as 250 – 350mm of water per year!

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