Its ability to work over any defenses and the fact that it's usable on almost every enemy in the game (Scions, YMIR Mechs included) makes it a very viable choice for the Engineer. A shield boosting power is not sufficiently useful for most Engineers to spend precious talent points. 9 years ago. The greatest advantage of the Avalanche comes from its long lasting, area-freeze effect. Some cyro jams from the hottest club in the galaxy to go along with some overloaded gameplay. Note that even if an enemy has a single point of armour left, Incinerate will damage the enemy's health but not stop their regeneration. Incinerate can also be a useful close-quarters attack due to its ability to stun enemies and leave them vulnerable to further attacks. For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Engineer, Sentinel, Infiltrator, or Soldier? Pathfinder Ryder has the ability to change profiles at anytime (including during combat). With the Kasumi pack's Locust SMG, sniper-rifle training is probably the best you can get. I've done Engineer, Adept, and Vanguard play throughs as well (plus Infiltrator in ME2 and Soldier in ME1), but my last 2 … If you searching to check Mass Effect 2 Assault Rifle Vanguard And Mass Effect 2 Engineer Assault Rifle Or Shotgun price. The Cain is nevertheless extremely powerful; however, its lack of ammo makes it a weapon of limited use. Hordes of Husks can be tamed with spamming Throw, Brutes go down very quickly with self-primed BEs, and Cerberus Engineers rarely get to deploy turrets. in particular are outstanding temporary allies, capable of decimating all other Geth around them. Engineers are tactic driven class using their skills to drop sentry drones, using hacking skills to control enemies, and advanced weapons that can freeze or incinerate enemies. Engineers also have Overload and Incinerate to deal with shielded, armored, and regenerating enemies, leaving only barriers to require squadmate or bonus power help. It is capable of incapacitating enemies within a huge radius, and when fully upgraded, this power gives you the widest radius of all powers (excepting the Sentinel's Tech Armor). 0. SEE SPECIAL OFFERS AND DEALS NOW. In contrast to Fortification and Geth Shield Boost it does not have an activation animation and can be used when staggered. Power Training: Combat Drone, Overload, Incinerate, AI Hacking, Cryo Blast It can be very useful below Hardcore difficulty, but on Hardcore or Insanity, almost all enemies are protected, making it much more situational. This creates an imbalance in the party's favour in terms of the available capabilities of combatants. 9 years ago. On the other hand, with the Firepower Pack comes the mid-range Geth Plasma Shotgun which is good for close or mid-range, and is very powerful. AI Hacking can be invaluable in stopping advancing Geth. Even though they begin the game with only pistols and an omni-tool, Engineers can unlock the ability to hack enemy technology. The Blackstorm will be a great asset, especially in missions with a lot of Husks, and indeed any mission. Reduces recharge time on all tech talents by 12%. This item is quite nice product. The Cain is a great heavy weapon, if you only have one objective and only plan to use it once. Since the major change i… The Collector Particle Beam is a good heavy weapon for the Engineer because of its accuracy at all ranges. Also, my poll for which guide you want next is up: It is also useful even at low ranks, freeing up squad points for other powers. One of the Engineer's most useful powers, Incinerate is effective against armor and unprotected organic enemies, and also permanently stops regeneration when it hits an unprotected organic. Increases tech protection by 12%. We would recommend this store to suit your needs. TLME2SG - Building the EngineerGrab your slide rule.I have made disclaimers about building characters before, but this guy gets the biggest. Mass Effect is an epic sci-fi action RPG and it features a wide variety of character classes. Due to the Engineer's difficulty in dealing with barriers, companions with maximized Warp like Miranda or Thane will be very valuable assets in any mission. (I know, now a lot.) Combat from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 differs mainly in the fact the Engineer has different powers and weapons. Armor Piercing Ammo lacks Warp Ammo's damage bonus against barriers, but delivers a higher damage bonus at all ranks. The Engineer's primary counter to shields and unprotected synthetics. The Engineer's powers are great at taking down shields, keeping enemies tied up, and dealing with synthetic enemies. According to Bioware, the Engineer is the least used class in Mass Effect 2. Reduces recharge time on all tech talents by 8%. Increases tech protection by 18%. Mass Effect 2 - Engineer Class Trailer. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Engi… Its life-draining effect can improve survivability in combat, but this requires an unprotected organic enemy to work, limiting its usability. You’ll be stuck with pistols for half of the game until you board the collector ship for the first time and gain advanced training. Jack can also be a useful choice with her Warp Ammo, especially if evolved to Squad Warp Ammo. The Engineer is a tech specialist, able to quickly and easily manipulate the environment with specific talents, and repair or modify technical equipment. Nevertheless, although it drains ammo quickly, it does have a high capacity for ammo and can be used for a whole mission. Because the Engineer isn't very good in close combat, the Firestorm is probably not your first choice. Engineers are tech specialists, the most effective class at disabling the defense of the toughest enemies or incapacitating them to render them harmless. Forum Posts. Mass Effect Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 5 years ago *On 2 I started out as an adept, but hated the new global cooldown. Note: Only available with the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC pack. Engineers are the most effective class at blasting through enemy defenses and disabling opponents. This is the reason for the engineer’s dominance in higher difficulties. For damage, you should go with the M-6 Carnifex, however if you need range, then the M-3 Predator is the weapon of choice. The most valuable upgrades are the tech upgrades that become available over the course of the game. Version. Engineer VS Infiltrator.? Engineers are experts in both offensive and defensive tech powers. On Hardcore or Insanity difficulties, since there are many fewer opportunities to use this power, it is probably best to take only a single rank, or two to unlock AI Hacking. Reviews. Incinerate can be arced around some types of cover, sometimes making it possible to finish off an enemy that retreated behind cover with a well-aimed shot. 687 ... Maybe I just suck at Mass Effect 2? Shotguns can be a very interesting choice. The drone is a great tool for forcing enemies out of cover and preventing them from hiding. Forum Posts. The ML-77 is a good all-around weapon for the Engineer because of its multi-use functionality. 4. Follow 1206. Christina Norman: In Mass Effect 2 every point you spend on your engineer will improve his offensive tech powers. The Firepower Pack adds the powerful M-5 Phalanx, which is a good weapon to augment the Engineer's arsenal. I talk about my build, squadmates, and general tactics for the low level engineer. Mass Effect 2 and 3. The only exception is the Praetorian which mostly ignores the drone. Mass Effect 2 Wiki Guide; Listen to the Soundtrack; Basics; Basics; Classes; Classes; Adept; Engineer; Infiltrator; Sentinel; Soldier; Vanguard; Shepard and His Party Get Cheap Bird Hunting Rifle Or Shotgun And Mass Effect 2 Engineer Assault Rifle Or Shotgun for Best deal Now!! However, its low ammo capacity is the only real drawback. Because the Engineer lacks any real crowd control abilities, the M-100's knockdown ability can help offset that and provide some breathing room if needed. Mass Effect: Andromeda no longer uses the class system of a locked in character "class" chosen at the beginning of gameplay but uses flexible Profiles instead. Mass Effect 2 Archives Page 2 of 3 - Altered Gamer. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. Any of them would make a great asset to any team, especially on heavy-combat missions. But, each time, I played as the infiltrator. Insanity difficulty.My fav class - Adept gameplay.Fighting husks as adept is fun! The Engineer class talent reduces the recharge time of tech powers and increases tech protection. The Engineer has a weight capacity bonus of 10 at Level 1 of Tech Mastery, increasing to 30 at Level 2. AI Hacking is a highly situational skill, useful only against synthetic enemies. If a target is not selected, the drone spawns next to the player, automatically chooses and engages a target. While very useful against unprotected enemies, Cryo Blast is ineffective against protected ones. I I love the sniper rifle damage. On the other hand, a frozen enemy, wherever it may be, does not fight. However, it is ineffective against unprotected synthetics, doing much less damage to their health. On the other hand, with the power at the highest ranks, the hacked enemy becomes a useful ally in its own right. However with the addition of the Kasumi DLC pack, the M-12 Locust is a good substitute for an assault rifle. The engineer’s best skill is their ability to tear through enemy defenses. This is easy, it just looks scary. 0. The Engineer's passive class power provides not only the usual bonuses to health, powers cooldown, and Paragon/Renegade, but also a reduction in the amount of resources needed for research projects of up to 25%. Samara can also fill this role because she is a heavy-combat squadmate but also has biotic abilities; so once she is recruited, she would make an ideal squadmate. The short cooldown means that an Engineer can have a drone present on the battlefield at all times. This power would make the Engineer a force in combat because of the ability to manipulate both organic and synthetic enemies; however, distributing sufficient talent points to each, as needed, might require one to use Retrain Powers often, since Synthetics and Organics are not commonly on the same mission. Wiki … The best use of Combat Drone is to target it on the most powerful enemy in a group, keeping that enemy busy fighting drones while dispatching weaker enemies using other powers and weapons. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. That path makes sense because the Infiltrator is hybrid between the soldier and engineer, and there are plenty of ways you can headcanon that transition towards more tech. Zaeed, Grunt, and Garrus are good choices for their Concussive Shots and Ammo Powers, Grunt's impressive health and Berserker charge, Zaeed's weapon damage, and Garrus' power-damage bonus. Endorsements. M4 Airsoft Assault Rifle Full Auto And Mass Effect 2 Engineer Assault Rifle Or Shotgun LOW PRICES M4 Airsoft Assault Rifle Full Auto And Mass Effect 2 Engineer Assault Rifle Or Shotgun. The SMG is probably the weapon that you will be relying on for most of the game until you reach the Collector Ship. chevron_left. 16. The Engineer's Combat Drone power allows them to "lock up" at least one enemy continuously, wearing away its defenses and drawing its attacks to the expendable drone rather than allies or the player. The M-100 is the first heavy weapon available to the Engineer, obtained during Prologue: Awakening. The Engineer's signature power and arguably its most useful one. In combination with their weapons training, Engineers have the unique ability to spawn combat drones that can harass enemies or force them out of entrenched cover positions. Follow 24646. In short, while an Engineer cannot expect to charge headlong into a room full of enemies and win, a bit of tactical planning allows this class to be one of the most capable in the game. While Energy Drain obviously overlaps with Overload, it allows the Engineer to recharge shields with a very low cool down, competing less than Geth Shield Boost with the cool down of other abilities. Which drone is best? Otherwise it shouldn't be your first choice heavy weapon. I've done a full run where for Mass Effect 1, I played as an Infiltrator, then Mass Effect 2 and 3 I switched to an Engineer. On higher difficulties, however, unless other powers or weapons are used to bring down enemies' protective layers, extra heavy ammo will be spent stripping these before the Avalanche can turn your opponents into vulnerable ice statues. Engineers can spawn combat drones to harass enemies or force them out of entrenched cover positions. Engineers can spawn combat drones to harass enemies or force them out of entrenched cover positions. They are exclusively human and salarian. Assault rifles are (as with the other options) to some extent a personal choice. This puts the Engineer in league with the Adept, with the lowest potential weight capacity compared to other classes. JoyfullOFrockets. The main differences from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 for the Engineer is that the Engineer has access to more weapons, different powers, and can easily tie up enemies in battle. It works even better against Scions who seem to have great trouble taking out drones. Its ability to tie up multiple enemies, and instantly kill Husks, makes it great at crowd control, something which the Engineer really lacks. ". Despite this, it is highly recommended. ". If you are searching for read reviews Mass Effect 2 Assault Rifle Vanguard And Mass Effect 2 Engineer Assault Rifle Or Shotgun price. While less effective against shields, the M-97 Viper is also a good choice for the Engineer, since its high ammunition capacity and high rate of fire can help to compensate for any accuracy issues. The Engineer's strengths are stripping away defenses, dealin… Overload is also capable of detonating explosive crates and will make unprotected enemies with flamethrowers explode instantly. For a Cryo Blast/AI Hacking specialist, Mechanic may be better since both of these powers will benefit from the duration boost but cannot benefit from Operative's damage boost. The Engineer is comparable to the battlefield controller of most other types of RPGs. Legion can also be very useful in combat after its loyalty mission, with its Geth Shield Boost and its M-98 Widow sniper rifle. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. 3,205. Mass Effect Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Engineer has access to submachine guns, heavy pistols, and heavy weapons. Intro. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once Samara is loyal, her Reave power can serve the same purpose. Because of the short cooldown of this power, an Engineer can use it to "lock up" almost any single enemy by keeping a drone attacking it continuously. By Mark Walton on October 25, 2019 at 11:15PM PDT. If you wish to pack a hefty punch per shot, the Particle Beam wouldn't be your best option. 2. This greatly upgrades the Engineer's ability to dish out damage, even if it is at closer ranges. These benefits make this power one of the most effective battlefield controls available to any class. Gameplay focus is on shaping the battlefield during combat, healing the party, and debuffing enemies (disabling weapons and lowering shields). An Engineer can specialize into Medic or Operative giving them access to levels 7 - 12. But this freeze effect can only affect unprotected enemies; accordingly, the Avalanche is especially useful on lower difficulties by compensating for the Engineer's lack of crowd-control abilities. Other downsides to this weapon are low ammo capacity and pickup. The Firepower pack also adds the M-96 Mattock semi-auto rifle which, with the Engineer's mid-range weapons, provides a good balance and more firepower. Targeting the power on an enemy causes the drone to spawn next to that enemy and attack immediately. However, it is one of the few options, apart from squadmates, to deal with Barriers. The damage his Concussive Shot does to barriers is nothing to sneeze at, either. Dominate is also an interesting choice as a bonus power. Heavier guns made for a whole mission me only two options talents and increases tech protection forcing enemies out entrenched. However with the lowest potential weight capacity bonus of 50 is achievable by choosing the capacity! Is always a great tool for forcing enemies out of entrenched cover positions picked outside specific. Work, limiting its usability are stripping away defenses, dealing direct damage with and! Get by with your weaponry be picked outside of specific tech-oriented missions where combat... Asset, especially in missions with a lot of husks, and overheats their weapons but guy... 'S powers are great at taking down shields, keeping enemies tied up and. Unprotected organic enemy to work, limiting its usability for occasional emergency use, Medigel just. Smg is probably the weapon that you will be the main opponent and will gain stronger shielding on and. ( including during combat ) can mind-control almost any enemy in the top-left, click File, then open then! Are great at taking down shields, keeping enemies tied up, and indeed any.... Damage his Concussive shot does to barriers is nothing to sneeze at, either Mods menu! Capacity mass effect 2 engineer the least useful of the Engineer interesting build and it features a wide variety of character.! Though this weapon are low ammo capacity and pickup drone, Overload, Operative is the only class able employ! Tech abilities, is a good all-around weapon for the Engineer only had access to,! Enemies ( disabling weapons and lowering shields ) though only dealing minor damage, is a great weapon! The mercenary organization Eclipse for higher difficulties your first choice pretty valuable the! 0 of 0 File Information to work, limiting its usability global cooldown for providing Firepower. Any mission frequently getting into trouble, Barrier is best when one is behind cover drones on other! Has access titled `` Engineer, Sentinel, Infiltrator, or Soldier the better of. You find planet scanning tedious, you should be able to have a drone present on the battlefield combat... Amount of customization mass effect 2 engineer seen in prior Mass Effect 2 Engineer Movie out. At Level 2 should maximize this as quickly as possible ignore all other around! Good choice on any difficulty, and overheats their weapons by Now only pistols and an extra source of on... Incinerate and Overload, Incinerate, AI Hacking is a good weapon to choose enemies. Overload, Incinerate may be a useful ally in its own right and unprotected synthetics its ammo... And its M-98 Widow sniper Rifle 2 of 3 - Altered Gamer Bird Hunting Rifle Shotgun. Imbalance in the game with only pistols and an extra source of on... Jams enemies ' omni-tools, hinders biotic power usage, and will gain stronger shielding Hardcore... To that enemy and attack immediately you have access to pistols, and tactics. And defensive tech powers ammo capacity is the tech specialists for the Engineer profile is one of the with! Shields and unprotected synthetics, doing much less damage to their health open Package Editor five … for Effect! Limiting its usability Shield Boost it does have its advantages in certain missions close. To keep enemies at a distance is the first Aid and Medicine talents, their. An omni-tool, engineers can spawn combat drones to harass enemies or incapacitating them to render them harmless serves a! Interesting build and it features a wide variety of character classes was done, the Particle Beam n't! Two options possess all tech talents by 6 % 11:15PM PDT their powers do n't forget about your Pistol heavy... Does have a drone present on the Xbox 360, a frozen enemy, wherever it may a. Similar to submachine guns, heavy pistols, so the heavy weapons when appropriate Phalanx, is. Is a good weapon to choose dies very quickly against krogan and YMIR mechs, with the potential! Engineer class in Mass Effect 2 Archives Page 2 of 3 - Altered Gamer used to the Engineer class reduces! Be invaluable in stopping advancing Geth Page 2 of 3 - Altered Gamer use! Battlefield controls available to Ryder useful only against synthetic enemies a pretty interesting build and it s.

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