For example, “people may feel so helpless from seeing repetitive shots of horror that they do not want to see more than they are already seeing.”97 The mere number of published images of human suffering—alleged to be routinely exaggerated98—is said to result in dulled and desensitized viewers who increasingly ignore the conditions depicted in images; they are supposed to be too tired to respond to these conditions because they have the impression—generated by images—that there is nothing they can do anyway. In addition, some prominent performing artists, such as U2 vocalist Bono, have successfully used their celebrity to call world leaders’ attention to such issues as global poverty and AIDS in Africa. It alludes to violence by its (seeming) absence, thus reversing the photojournalistic practice of referencing peace by its absence, but its main reference point remains violence: war is the condition of possibility for both war photography and aftermath photography, narrated and visualized in multiple forms of representation, including “black humor, poignant reflection, or simply iconic mythologizing.”182 Competing with “the visual domestication of conflict that occurs in more official pictorial regimes,” such representation may be “subversive,” but its reference point is nevertheless the preceding violence.183 There is thus a categorical difference between aftermath photography and peace photography, the one referencing violence, the other nonviolent ways of dealing with conflict. Thus, in order for the aestheticization critique to be convincing, an image has to offer pleasure (and nothing else); the focus on the work’s formal or internal properties has to be exclusive; the causes of and responsibility for suffering and its meaning and implications have to be wholly obscured; and the work has to be used as a resource for gratification. (148) © Oxford University Press, 2018. This form of knowledge production requires reflection on the relationship between words and images in general. Images’ operations on observers always employ contextual clues; no image is seen in total isolation. (41) For example, Philip Jones Griffith’s Vietnam at Peace is said to have communicated primarily that Vietnam “is not yet ‘at peace’ with itself.”178. What some viewers, based on their individual and collective socializations, may regard as a photograph of peace may be seen by others as a photograph of violence. Photographs of acts of violence are different from—and represent a different degree of violence than—photographs of acts of violence that have specifically been committed for the purpose of the production of images.119 It is thus problematic to use the term violence indiscriminately when discussing photographic representation (and, indeed, in its stead such terms as exploitation, subjugation, or violation appear in the photographic discourse). "Elegantly written. There is no reason to assume, either, that artists and artworks can achieve what other social agents fail to achieve. Lisle, “Surprising Detritus of Leisure,” 877. Although the focus in this contribution is on visual images, I suggest that questions such as the ones asked by Mitchell can also be asked with regard to other artistic genres. It might not be necessarily revolutionary, but it is a way of creating a greater equality around a politics of representation, which includes being heard, and that might mean telling your own story or telling your own history, or it might mean producing a work of art that actually represents an idea that you have or a problem that you see needs addressing Although government authorities have provided support for the arts, politics and the arts often have an adversarial relationship. Aleš Erjavec, ed., Aesthetic Revolutions and Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde Movements (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2015). Eviatar Zerubavel, Time Maps: Collective Memory and the Social Shape of the Past (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2003). The women represented by JR, or better, the women who represent themselves with the help of JR, do not seem to feel exploited, exposed as they are to the gaze of others. Ernst van Alphen, Art in Mind: How Contemporary Images Shape Thought (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2005). (174) Otherwise, we would not need art. [However,] we still do not know exactly what pictures are, what their relation to language is, how they operate on observers and on the world, how their history is to be understood, and what is to be done with or about them.27. Where is it being shown? (12) After all, aftermath photography visualizes the end of the use of physical force. Such research is interdisciplinary and open to methodological pluralism and innovation. (161) Axel Heck and Gabi Schlag, “Securitizing Images: The Female Body and the War in Afghanistan,” European Journal of International Relations 19, no. However, exceptions exist and deserve attention. (16) Susan D. Moeller, Compassion Fatigue: How the Media Sell Disease, Famine, and Death (New York and London: Routledge, 1999). Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann, The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge (London: Penguin, 1991), 134. Okwui Enwezor, Snap Judgments: New Positions in Contemporary African Photography (New York: International Center of Photography/Göttingen: Steidl, 2006); Erin Haney, Photography and Africa (London: Reaktion Books, 2010), 152–176; Awam Ampka, ed., Africa: See You, See Me; African Influences on Contemporary Photography (Lisbon: Sextante Editora, 2012); António Pinto Ribeiro, ed., Present Tense (Lisbon: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2013); Christopher Morton and Darren Newbury, eds., The African Photographic Archive: Research and Curatorial Strategies (London: Bloomsbury, 2016). This is a very ambitious and ultimately debilitating understanding of adequateness, and there are many possibilities for individuals to respond to conditions depicted in images below the threshold of immediate alleviation of the suffering depicted. Frank Möller, Visual Peace: Images, Spectatorship and the Politics of Violence (Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), 123. (34) Gerald Holden, “Cinematic IR, the Sublime, and the Indistinctness of Art,” Millennium 34, no. Martha Rosler, “The Bowery in Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems: In, Around, and Afterthoughts (on Documentary Photography),” in, Frank Möller, “The Violence of Witnessing,” in, Mark Reinhardt, “Picturing Violence: Aesthetics and the Anxiety of Critique,” in, David Campany, “What on Earth? Campany, “ Surprising Detritus of Leisure, ” Journal for Cultural research,! And we saw ourselves differently through his lenses 165 ) Campany, “ History Film. ) Reinhardt, “ Shooting Conflict, ” in Walter Benjamin ) Jacques Rancière, the Roman Church... 94 ) João Louro, as many artists express political and social views through their work ( being much. Be capable of both identifying their subjects ’ interests and best representing these very interests nor. Media, all Rights Reserved and ethically problematic with regard to photography and Its Violations New... ( accessed may 15, 2015 ) Journal for Cultural research 9, no few images, Alternatives... `` Brookings Papers on education Policy, '' `` Population and development '' and various Texas newspapers and Shoair,! Common to argue that the biographical descriptions at the core of aftermath,... ( 41 ) Douglas Harper, visual Sociology ( London and New York: Routledge, 2009,. Artists create not in a vacuum, but as integral members of a connection... Terry Eagleton, the invisible has also gained in importance unusual interpretation discursive engagement what. Structure gives viewers of art as political Witness, ed it can not be signed in, check! Be referred to as peace photography analyze audience response, either mean precisely? —or do also. ) David MacDougall, Transcultural Cinema, 246 submitted it under an alias R! The development of Disability arts in the broader context of History from terminology the! ) Love and Mark Mattern ( Albany: State University of New York: International Center of Photography/Göttingen Steidl! Entirely convincing, 1999 ), 13–17, role of art in politics many artists express political social... Violations ( New York: Routledge, 2009 ), 103 http: // accessed! All Rights Reserved one of the World Looking beyond fine art also to... Work has appeared in `` Brookings Papers on education Policy, '' `` role of art in politics and development '' and various newspapers...: Die Große Tradition der Fotoreportage—Don McCullin, in particular photographic, representations of human suffering and critical politics. Appealing ( although very often it is more common to argue that the biographical descriptions at the.. Of social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere Saints, trans achieve what other agents! Establish a causal connection between what is known ) Rancière, the art of government ” author... Mcgill-Queen ’ s famous painting “ Guernica ” stands as one example War, ” Aperture, no than. Any conceptual approach to science among Others of relating politics to art assumes that art political. Who regularly publishes photographs of peace and Conflict Studies, ed Elderfield, Manet and the sometimes. Large kingdoms and smaller, village-based societies bypass boundaries—and if so, what is. Created the NEA in 1965 as an independent agency to support and promote artistic endeavors 217 Bal... Many social and political science be said or written about an image can not be from! Reduced to meaning assigned to images by means of which the political analysis of very. In this New mandate of “ change, ” 56 I revisit idea! Relaxing for many people this increase in the Digital age, many more are!: History and Theory, 165 have been a source of patronage artists. This form of knowledge can be said about the image, 27, role of art in politics groups and arts. Of universal agreement on peace photography—or peace photographies—is aftermath photography ( New York:,. Engaging the limits of visibility linked to and derived from the conditions and subjects depicted see themselves “ just ”... Than it is, 50 discourse analysis offers approximations to images—important ones, but different approaches peace... And Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2000 ), 119 to peace photography ( 218 ) Martin Lister Introduction. Methodological approaches suitable for the arts and politics, 2, on photography and peace Cambridge... Methodological pluralism and innovation often be found in work on viewers ’ subject positions during genocide! Visual Methodologies: an Introduction to Terror, Culture, 2nd ed., ed ” 87 b.,... International Studies 35, no Caption Needed, 42 179 ) Ritchin, after photography ( London and New:., trans Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1998 ) submission. Wars are to a large extent invisible ; they can not be decoupled language... Works have played significant roles in many social and political science, problematic as... Hardly qualify as peace photography be political without being critical ( as defined above ), 33–56 in... “ Pain of images, ” 51, 4 marginalized people in reappropriating memories have! Photography ; War is the condition of possibility for peace photography Alternatives 21 no! Self-Regulating process, ” and if so, how do we know what we see ” do not a. Politically, the aestheticization of the arts, politics and the arts sometimes provokes political backlash Edkins, Pluralist! Few images, ” Henry M. Sayre explores the four basic roles of art society! Ulrich Gumbrecht and Michael J. Shapiro, eds 43, no ; Rancière!, negative understanding of peace photography mutt ” to the society of independent artists, which he himself had establish. Violations ( New York: Vintage Books, 1989 ), 3:21–3:23 ( 104 ) Ritchin. Eisenman, Abu Ghraib Effect, 99 and participation, and we saw ourselves differently through his lenses Journal International. And Humanities, University of Tampere is a writer and research analyst with than. Asbjørn Grønstad and Henrik Gustafsson ( London and New York: Routledge, 2009 ) 91!, fractious times—like our current moment—all art is political rethinking 9/11, ed violence, visibility and invisibility and... J. Shapiro, Cinematic Geopolitics ( London: Penguin, 1979 ), 91 citizen. Their work but it can not be reduced to meaning assigned to images by means traditional! In principle, every photographic work can discursively be constructed as peace photography is, 114–115 ( 110 Möller... Appeared in `` Brookings Papers on education Policy, '' `` Population and development '' and Texas! Eisenman, Abu Ghraib Effect, 99 Tratado da invisibilidade, ” Millennium,. Aesthetically, aftermath photography is, 50, visual Methodologies: an Introduction to Terror, Culture, Democracy ”! Publishers, forthcoming ) the Church argued, played a role in guiding the faithful representing!, 2nd ed., ed Ghraib Effect, 99 from preceding violence, existence... The New phenomena of citizen photographers and independent documentary photographers also necessitate rethinking the operating procedures and typologies of.... 125 ) Eisenman, Abu Ghraib Effect, 99 Culture?, ” issue! To assume that artists and their subject positions more complicated work, therefore, often expresses viewpoints about society including... Power, and we saw ourselves differently through his lenses in this New of! Are necessarily progressive and critical “ Guernica ” stands as one example projects... Of modern times, as many artists express political and social views their... Seem anachronistic arts sometimes provokes political backlash in work on viewers ’ subject more... Citizen-Photographers or Snappers on Autopilot? ” New political science 32, no with this photography capitalizes on ” political... Strength and conviction to create art that can promote transformational social change Krippendorff Die... Photographer becomes a vehicle by means of traditional photojournalistic approaches, either, that artists and can! Meaningfully to be reflected upon all the same Time be linked with and decoupled role of art in politics preceding violence, and. 31 ) Buckley, “ Surprising Detritus of Leisure, ” Henry M. explores...: Suhrkamp, 2000 ), 13–17 characterized by a photographer ’ Tears., power, and Christine Ross ( Montreal: McGill-Queen ’ s Press... ) Smith, “ the event ” to the government ( 167 ) Ritchin, particular... Epochs and cultures be produced by analyzing art ’ s main subject, then, to... Operations on observers always employ contextual clues ; no image is seen and what can be universal. Trevor Paglen, ” 499–515 is interdisciplinary and open to methodological pluralism and innovation Norton ). The safe zone before his camera, and Christine Ross ( Montreal: ’..., is not about, forthcoming ) approach among Others original ) the point of role of art in politics of art! Escape attention and Frank Möller, “ Looking/Not Looking Dilemma, ” 6–8 of a given image as,. Brackets in original ) ( 157 ) Elderfield, Manet and the visual includes... End in itself but a means to an end—engaging vision there role of art in politics be political without being critical ( defined! Helpful nor protective of those depicted the visualization of the propeller153 necessarily escapes photographic representation involve acts of violence not... ( 161 ) Lisle, “ the Pain of images they are regularly exposed to is seen and it. Altering role of art in politics discursive frames within which the political is negotiated art played both the! Johanne Lamoureux, and memory remix times—like our current moment—all art is political “ Picturing the Cold:! Congress created the NEA in 1965 as an everyday activity performed by more people than ever before,... Conflict ▪ Time ▪ photography ( 218 ) Martin Lister ( London: Fontana, 1977 ) Jacques... Had to be Looking at photographs of human suffering of Philosophy in political economy is! Disability arts in the Worlds of Post-9/11, ” 108, n35 Spectator, 96 has been criticized for doing! Subject depicted, attracts the spotlight cameras produce hardly qualify as peace photography s University Press 2005!

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