You bastards! Eve thinks that Carolyn is referring to Carla de Mann but Kenny tells her that it was a Chinese colonel, Zhang Wu, who has been killed. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. KILLING Eve boss confirms if Konstantin murdered Kenny after a brutal showdown with Carolyn. … Credit: Sid Gentle. Season 3 of Killing Eve hit the ground running with the death of Kenny (Sean Delaney), the hacker on Eve Polastri's (Sandra Oh) team. He got scared, he kept stepping back. The Killing Eve season 3 finale finally reveals what happened to our beloved shorts-wearing Kenny Stowton. In the closing scene of the premiere, "Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey," he was tossed off the roof of Bitter Pill, the online publication where he was working. Niko Polastri is Eve's husband. The central mystery of Killing Eve season 3 is who killed Kenny, and the answer is murky and unsatisfying, especially for Carolyn. Earlier in the season, Eve discovered that Kenny was indeed closing in on the Twelve by using his elite hacking skills to uncover more information about Twelve associate Fat Panda. THOSE B*****DS." Will Paul be exposed? Kenny was getting too close to the Twelve. And the more beloved the character, the more it means when they go. Kenny had been a fan-favorite part of Killing Eve since season 1. The only thing left to debate is whether Konstantin really tried to encourage Kenny to join the Twelve and he stumbled off the roof frightened, or whether he tossed him. A heretofore unknown camera recording the night of Kenny's death showed Konstantin arriving in the building. It’s up to the viewer whether or not one chooses to believe Konstantin’s “confession.” It must be said, however, that the description of the events sound quite plausible. Carolyn doesn’t want to believe that Konstantin loves her but by shooting Paul and not Konstanin, she seemingly concedes that he does. ", Meanwhile a fourth couldn't help but make a South Park reference as they wrote: "I went full on South Park last night...OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY. KILLING Eve fans have been left devastated after a beloved character died in the season three premiere - as its show boss explains why it had to happen. For while there is still some room for gray misinterpretation of the event, if certain unreliable parties can be relied upon, we now know what caused Kenny to fall to his death. Killing Eve is a British dark comedy-drama spy thriller television series, produced in the United Kingdom by Sid Gentle Films for BBC America and BBC iPlayer. Fiona Shaw: Killing Eve star details ‘terrifying’ moment; Speaking out on Twitter one fan wrote: “I cant believe Killing Eve really killed my boy Kenny.” Another added: “In loving memory of Kenny Stowton, the only character from Killing Eve who actually had a good heart. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: "We had to think long and hard about it... Those decisions are never easy. Their relationship is further hindered after Niko is targeted by Dasha Duzran. One wrote: "NOPE. After spending all season trying to find out what happened to her son, Carolyn gets her first real break when the Bitter Pill staff invites her to their ransacked office to watch a video they’ve uncovered. ", A third added: "WHO ON EARTH WOULD WANT TO KILL POOR INNOCENT KENNY?? I told him if he wanted to live, he needed to come working for The Twelve. In the episode, Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney) is working as an investigative reporter now and he still lives with his hard-to-please mother Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw). Later, it was revealed that Kenny was actually Carolyn's son, which gave necessary context to his introverted personality. "So we knew there had to be something really personal happen to bring her back in. Carolyn pulls the trigger but kills Paul instead, shocking Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle—and viewers too. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. And if Carolyn believes that, then so should we. Warning: Spoilers for Killing Eve Season 3 follow. Killing Eve killed off longtime fan favorite character Kenny (Sean Delaney) in the final moments of the Killing Eve Season 3 premiere. "But with this story, given everything that had happened to Eve the past two seasons, we really felt we had to honour where she was at. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. [Warning: Spoilers ahead] Did we finally get to find out who actually killed Kenny (Sean Delaney) on the Season 3 finale of Killing Eve?Well, sort of… Kenny’s mother Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) was looking for answers surrounding the death of her son, and was ready to … Keep up with Killing Eve season 3 news and reviews. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. I was trying to save him, I swear. Ultimately it comes down to whether Konstantin really loves Carolyn and her son or not. The hit espionage drama Killing Eve returned for another twisted, hilarious and thrilling second season, this time penned by … It’s also well-established that Paul Bradwell is indeed a part of The Twelve due to him calling Konstantin in this episode and earlier on in the season. Killing Eve: All The Loose Ends The Series 3 Finale Need To Tie Up Will we ever find out who killed Kenny? I am NOT ok with that #kenny. 'Killing Eve' Season 3 Episode 2 Preview: Who killed Kenny and how will Carolyn react to her son's death? Killing Eve excels in capturing twisted, idiosyncratic dynamics between women not seen anywhere else on TV. This week’s big question: who killed Kenny? Kenny was presumably murdered when he fell to his death from the roof of his workplace, the building that housed the investigative website Bitter Pill. By season’s end, Carolyn is resigned to the fact that her son’s death was a tragic accident brought along by an equally tragic misunderstanding. Of course, Eve didn't succumb to the wounds from her shooting (the show is called Killing Eve, not Eve Was Killed), and in the Season 3 premiere, Eve is keeping a low profile by working in a Korean restaurant in London. I was trying to save him. In the very first episode, a major character is dead and fans can't believe it. The name the assassin gave to the receptionist was "Eve Polastri". season  finale, titled “Are You Leading Or Am I?”, Killing Eve Season 3 Star Discusses That Shocking Death, Killing Eve Season 3: The Twelve Explained, Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Beautiful Monster, Killing Eve Season 3: Niko’s Fate Explained, How Killing Eve Season 3 Reveals Villanelle’s Past, Killing Eve Season 3: Harriet Walter on the 'Pretty Unusual' Dasha, Introducing A Brand New FREE Quarterly Magazine From Den of Geek, How EVE Online Is Changing Players' Lives for the Better. The final moments of Killing Eve 's season three premiere had us all thinking the same thing: 'Oh my God, they killed Kenny!'. The hit BBC drama returned on BBC America on Sunday night in the US, before UK fans were able to get their hands on the first episode on iPlayer this morning. 'Killing Eve' is back with its first episode of Season 3, titled 'Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey', and things have gone for a toss. ", Trump PARDONS Lil Wayne, Kodak Black and Bannon with 140 more in last-minute blitz, Blair's son Euan worth £73M - more than his dad - after start-up success, Covid vaccine free-for-all as rogue councils offer jab to staff before over-70s, Christine McGuinness displays curves in plunging bra & lacy thong, Motorists could be hit with £70 fines for 20 minor driving errors under new plans, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Their marriage suffered from her obsession with Villanelle, causing them to separate, and ultimately collapsed entirely when Villanelle murdered Gemma. Kenny has been one of the show's steadying presences in Eve's life since Season 1, when her … #KillingEve.” The shocking death of Kenny at the end of episode one is an indicator of things to come in the rest of the season. I tried to stop him but he fell before I could do anything. Killing Eve season three has landed on screens earlier than planned and fans are already obsessed with the new series. But they were in for a shock after Kenny Stowton was killed by a mystery assailant as he continued to investigate The Twelve. After the major cliffhanger, fans can't stop wondering who killed him and how his mother Carolyn will react to the news By Jyotsna Basotia Updated On : 19:59 PST, Apr 12, 2020. But seconds later, a body flew past the window from above, and when Eve raced outside, she found Kenny dead on the ground. He was the socially-awkward tech whiz of the original MI6 team that Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) invited Eve to join. THOSE B*****DS.". Based in Cleveland, Ohio. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. When Eve and Bill arrive at the office, Carolyn is waiting with Elena and Kenny to let them know that there has been another assassination. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Viewers were horrified by his death, and took to Twitter immediately. Dasha and Villanelle's decades-long relationship shares DNA with Dance Moms , sibling rivalries, kung-fu movies, gymnastics memoirs, the fading stardom of Sunset Boulevard , and the bittersweetness at time passing found in the Fiddler song, "Sunrise, Sunset." His death was even cause enough to reconcile Eve Polastri and Carolyn Martens, Kenny… Eventually, Eve decides to get back in the game and track down hacker Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney) at his new job. Those bastards! READ MORE: What happened to Niko in Killing Eve? Carolyn’s concept was confirmed — her superior Paul was truly working for the Twelve, which positioned him on the rooftop the place Kenny fell to his demise. While fans are gutted over Kenny's death, show boss Suzanne Heathcote explained why it was essential to the season three plot. Spoiler warning for Killing Eve season 2. THEY KILLED KENNY. Kenny's death is declared a suicide, but Eve and Carolyn think differently. Killing Eve fans have been left devastated after Kenny was dramatically killed off in series three’s cliffhanger ending. Poor old Kenny. Killing Eve season 3 opens with about as bold a declaration of intent as possible. It was just too much water under the bridge for her, emotionally. Episode 1 “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey” did the unthinkable and killed off Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney), former MI6 agent, son of Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), Tottenham Hotspur fan, and irrepressible lover of bare legs. And many people drew a comparison with South Park, sharing images of the orange-hooded Kenny who is famously killed off. As the chase progresses, the two develop a mutual obsession. While fans are gutted over Kenny… ", Another tweeted: "I AM F***ING CRYING YOU B****ES BETTER STOP PLAYING AND GET MY KENNY BACK. I wouldn’t do that to someone I once…”. Killing Eve season 3 opens with about as bold a declaration of intent as possible. The drama ended with a … And will The Twelve ever be unmasked? For other inquiries, Contact Us. *The second episode of Killing Eve … After retiring from MI-6, Kenny … The show’s executive producer Sally Woodward … One of the main themes that this season of Killing Eve has been exploring is the complicated relationships between family members. It was a tragic moment for Killing Eve and one that set up the entire season to come. The following contains spoilers for Killing Eve season 3 episode 8. The series follows Eve Polastri , a British intelligence investigator tasked with capturing psychopathic assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer). And in the season  finale, titled “Are You Leading Or Am I?” Killing Eve does answer that question…kind of. We get the answer due to the dogged determination of Kenny’s mother, Carolyn. *Major spoilers for the first episode of Killing Eve season three ahead*. Right from the start, Killing Eve season three was all about solving Kenny’s murder. SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading f you have not watched the Season 3 premiere of “Killing Eve.” Oh my God, they killed Kenny! This revelation causes Carolyn to take her new boss, and suspected Twelve member, Paul Bradwell (Steve Pemberton) hostage and convince him to invite Konstantin to his home to discuss important Twelve-related business. But Dasha is just one part of Killing Eve's expanded universe. Kenny Stowton is dead, and it's just one episode down for 'Killing Eve' Season 3. Eve is lured back to Kenny's old office by his boss, Jamie, and he offers to unlock the phone in exchange for her cooperation in investigating Kenny's murder. Kenny checks in on Eve, who's barely keeping it together, and later extends an invite for her to join him and his workers for drinks. As Eve (Sandra Oh) arrived to meet her friend (played by Sean Delaney) at his office, she found his phone but no sign of Kenny. So, who killed Kenny on ‘Killing Eve’? "And nothing was going to bring her back into investigating the Twelve for a professional reason. Gummy candy enthusiast Bear (Turlough Convery) set up a camera in the office to catch Kenny stealing said gummy candy. Konstantin arrives with both Eve and Villanelle in tow and Carolyn demands to know what really happened to her son. The end of the Killing Eve season 3 premiere sees the death of a character who has been around from the very beginning. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Killing Eve fans have been left devastated after a beloved character died in the season three premiere - as its show boss explains why it had to happen, Credit: WARNING: Use of this image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digital Picture, Viewers were left devastted when Kenny Stowton was killed by a mystery assailant as he continued to investigate The Twelve, Eve found her friend dead on the ground after someone pushed him off a roof, The show's boss said it was a tough decision to kill Kenny but essential to the plot, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Carolyn also approaches Eve with her hands tied; she cannot investigate Kenny's death as she has been put on bereavement leave. Kenny had just stepped back in fear and accidentally fell off the roof. It also led to this truly charming photo of Sean Delaney admiring his own casket: But that’s neither here nor there. Instead of uncovering sugary larceny, however, the camera reveals that Twelve-associate and one-time Carolyn paramour Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) paid a visit to the Bitter Pill offices before Kenny fell off (or was flung off) the roof. What’s important is that Killing Eve season 3 was duty-bound to answer the question of “Who killed Kenny?” before season’s end. Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge will not be revealing who murdered Kenny until later on in the series. Konstantin provides the following answer: “Because of Paul. TV Editor at Den of Geek and Television Critics Association member. Kenny's death also results in the introduction of Carolyn's other child, Geraldine, played by Game of Thrones' Gemma Whelan. RELATED: Killing Eve Theory: Who Killed [SPOILER] In The Season 3 Premiere. Copy to Clipboard. That’s right: they killed Kenny! View our online Press Pack. HE WAS BEING A GOOD FRIEND TO EVE AND FINALLY STOOF UP TO HIS MOM AND FOR WHATTT. Sean Delaney as Kenny in ‘Killing Eve’. May he rest in peace. Very upset about various sporting events.

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