It has made long strides to become a global leader in Islamic banking and in upholding its status as the symbol of Islamic banking in Malaysia. Latest B Form and copy of Tax Receipt. Some of the documents you will need when applying for this loan are copies of your identity card (both front and back), your most recent 90 days salary slip, your most recent 90 days bank statement with salary credit account, and your employment confirmation contract. flat rate at 3 years tenure) with ceiling rate of 15% p.a. Consumer Banking MUSKUN Home Financing Learn More APPLY NOW Islami Auto Finance Learn More APPLY NOW BankIslami Takaful Learn More APPLY NOW Home Remittance Learn More APPLY NOW × Apply Now Please provide your contact details and our Relationship Officer will contact and guide you how to open an account. Note: The remaining contract term for contract employees must be 12 months and above at the point of application entry. Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad. Last three years financial statements signed by authorized signatories. (equivalent to 2.52% p.a. apply online for personal loan at Loanstreet! as low as BR + 2.15% p.a. Profit Rate (p.a.) Salary deduction via Biro Angkasa, Accountant General or employer salary deduction. Malaysian citizen aged of 21 years and not exceeding 60 years upon expiry of facility or optional retirement, whichever is earlier. The lender may ask for some documents to verify your statements. The Bank Islam personal loan offers either fixed or floating interest rates. This Programme does not in any way indicate that Al Rajhi Bank recognises Any other latest supporting documents if required. Yes, the loan may be ended at any time by paying the total outstanding amount. Permanent employees of public listed companies, GLCs, state GLCs, multi-national corporations, education sector companies and its subsidiaries as listed by the Bank; Permanent professional employees of private companies (employee must have a valid Professional certificate); Self-employed practicing professional (with valid Professional certificate) with minimum 2 years of establishment of the business/firm, Minimum monthly income of RM3,500 and RM5,000 (inclusive of inclusive of gross salary, fixed allowance and other non-fixed income) for Fixed and Variable income respectively. Approval is based on the applicant’s personal and legal capacity, credit character, past payment patterns, and Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam) requirements. Competitive financing rates as low as BR + 2.15% p.a. FLOATING 1 to 3 years: Base Rate + 2.25% p.a. Income RM5,000 to RM8,000 RM8,000 to RM10,000 RM10,000 and above We will process your application as quickly as we can and will let you know immediately once it has been approved. The application process for the Bank Islam personal loan is simple and fast. This Programme is approved by the Shariah Board of Al Rajhi Bank solely for the purpose of saving the customer from continuous involvement in RIBA. The main reason to take out a home equity loan is that it offers a cheaper way of borrowing cash than an unsecured personal loan. Step 2: Select I am interested in Personal Loan/Financing-i. Fill up the application form and wait for a response. Profit Rate (p.a.) But before you fill out any kind of form for loan application, we have a run-down of some of the things you need to look into when applying for a loan. In order to apply for a Dubai Islamic Bank personal loan, you can contact the bank using the phone banking option. Processing your Application. Can I pay my Bank Islam Personal Financing-i loan off early? How much should you be paying for your Personal Financing-i? Bank islam personal loan application form New Perlican. Looking for more money tips? Certificate of Incorporation (COI). MBSB Bank is regulated and supervised by Bank Negara Malaysia under the Islamic Financial Services Act, 2013. Click here to know more. There are three interest rates tiers where you can enjoy better inter… A personal loan is an unsecured loan you borrow from a bank. *. Phone Banking. MBSB Bank does not maintain or control privacy or security on this site, and makes no guarantees as to the privacy of any information you may provide or disclose while on this site. License for Professional Certificate. Within 10 minutes of approval you will receive your cash via bank transfer h�bbd``b`N @�%H����J�S�`{$���*����0�)f� Y]��t�� ��$����0�yAv�%����L��VL�wA���#�3�y` ��w So the loan is not available for anyone working in the private sector. Someone from Bank Islam will be in touch with you soon. However, you should still repay your personal loan on time to avoid late penalty charges or negative impact on your credit score. When you take this financing with Takaful Coverage, you'll get to enjoy lower profit rate of 4.99% p.a.. flat rate at 3 years tenure) with ceiling rate of 15% p.a. Bank Islam Mal a y sia Berhad (N o.98127- ... (tidak akan dikembalikan) ke: / Please complete and send this form and documents required (non-returnable) to: Pusat Kad Bank Islam, Aras 24, Menara Bank Islam, No. Documents Download Latest 3 months Savings/Current Account Statements (salary being credited). 4.80% p.a (Effective Rate) / 2.52% p.a (Flat Rate equivalent for 3 years). Step 3: Click Apply Now Loan/Financing-i tab to commence the Online Application. DIBPL is the first Islamic bank in Pakistan to offer a Shari’a compliant “Personal Finance”facility based on the Islamic Finance concept of “Musawamah”. You can apply for an Islamic personal loan directly at Islamic bank branches in Malaysia, online through the bank’s websites or through agents. Want to apply for personal loan/ personal financing? Latest BE Form and Tax Receipt/EA Form/EPF statements. Jumlah Pinjaman Peribadi Minimum Diperlukan: . This product is Shariah compliant and is based on Tawarruq buy and sell concept. Now you can explore various topics of Islamic Finance from the SKIL Robo-Shariah-Advisor Module, equipped with advanced knowledge processing capabilities that enables you to learn and understand the true Shariah aspects of Tawarruq. Profit Rate (p.a.) 10.60% p.a (Effective Rate) / 5.73% p.a (Flat Rate equivalent for 3 years), I hereby agree and consent for MBSB Bank to collect, use and process my personal data for the purpose of addressing my enquiry/ complaint / feedback. More Islamic financial institutions have surfaced recently that provide various forms of Islamic financing and riba / interest free loans. To expedite your application please click on the PDF Application Form Terima Kasih diatas permohonan anda. Competitive financing rates as low as BR + 7.95% p.a. Latest BE Form and Tax Receipt/EA Form/EPF statements. Loans No Credit History. Learn about our Shariah compliant personal financing solutions through our host of attractive packages that best suit your financing needs. Latest 6 months current account statements (Company and Personal). %PDF-1.6 %���� When applying for personal loans, it pays to read all the specifications, conditions, and terms stipulated so that you don’t get a shock when you start paying for your monthly payments. 104 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<442FF6392D9C4B85874085F2211FAC3B>]/Index[78 51]/Info 77 0 R/Length 115/Prev 153656/Root 79 0 R/Size 129/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream endstream endobj 79 0 obj <>>> endobj 80 0 obj <. For the repayment for Bank Islam Personal Financing-i, it can be done via auto salary deduction or salary transfer directly to Bank Islam. 5 Sep 2017 Bank Islam Personal Financing-i Package. Contract employee of Government, GLCs, local councils and selected companies having salary deduction arrangements with the Bank with at least 12 months in service (applicable for Biro cases only); Permanent / Contract employee of listed Private Sector companies having salary deduction arrangement with the Bank (Non Biro); Premium Customers - High income employee (contract / permanent) of Government, GLC, SGLC, statutory bodies and selected private companies with at least 5 years in service. Disclaimer: MBSB Bank accepts no liability for any inaccuracies and omissions on its website, and any decision made by users based on the information contained on MBSB Bank website is the sole responsibility of the person concerned. For a hassle-free way of applying, you can also do so online via reputable financial aggregator websites such as (equivalent to 5.73% p.a. Form A; Latest form 29, Memorandum of association (MOA) & Article of association (AOA). What can I get from Bank Islam personal loan? Beware of spoof e-mail, fraudulent telephone call or SMS requesting for personal banking information or updating of your Bank Islam account information Bank Islam will NEVER request for Internet Banking Account updating via e-mail or disclosure of customers personal identification number (Login ID, password and i-Access Code) to third parties under any circumstance Please complete the fields below and we will be in touch! IMPORTANT: Read these Directions before completing this Application. Some of these services may include basic personal loans, business loans, loan consolidation opportunities, and more. Kakitangan Bank Islam akan menghubungi anda untuk maklumat lanjut. Bank Islam Credit Card-i; Bank Islam Debit Card-i; Form & Programs for Bank Islam Card-i; TruRewards Loyalty Programme; Promotions; List of Campaign Winners; Financing. Get Alliance CashVantage Financing-i (Salaried Employee) by Alliance Bank with interest rates as low as 8.38%! 128 0 obj <>stream Personal net worth statement of all directors. You can apply any amount between RM10,000 to RM300,000 from this Islamic personal financing at competitive profit rates calculated on a flat rate basis. Latest stock report. *, I acknowledge that I have read and understand MBSB Bank Privacy Notice. Business registration/Form 9, 24, 49, B&D/M&A. Where to apply for an Islamic personal loan? Do a free loan settlement check using our online calculator to find out how you can save more on monthly loan repayments! PERSONAL LOAN APPLICATION . Malaysian citizen aged 19 years old and not exceeding 60 years upon expiry of facility or optional retirement age, whichever is earlier, Permanent employee of Government, GLCs, local councils and selected companies having salary deduction arrangements with the Bank with at least 12 months in service, Minimum monthly income of RM3,000 (inclusive of gross salary, fixed allowance and other non-fixed income), Variable Rate is calculated on monthly rest basis. Posted on 2019-09-22. What documents are required to apply for Bank Islam Personal Financing-i Non-Package? Competitive financing rates as low as BR + 3.35% p.a. The maximum amount to be deducted is about 50% to 60% of salary. Business registration/Form 9, 24, 49, B&D/M&A. Borang Permohonan KAD KREDIT-i BANK ISLAM / BANK ISLAM CREDIT CARD-i Application Form BUTIRAN PERIBADI / PERSONAL DETAILS Gelaran / Title : Encik / Mr Puan / Madam Cik / Ms Lain-lain / Others: _____(Sila nyatakan / Please specify) Jantina / Gender : Lelaki / Male Perempuan / Female Personal LoanPersonal Loan; Business Loan ... the loan that works for you and fill up the form for your application. For people … Company profile. as low as BR + 7.95% p.a. %%EOF a�g�'}@�A�a3�塌�E���(0r��x� �N� �Ʃf]G/1=p{��C�A�ざF.��0/j009�iFfnxHi30�ރ�2|0 �]Q4 Select the best product that fits your requirements from the list of recommended personal financing products listed and click on the Apply button. Application shall be processed within the acceptable turn-around time if all documents required are submitted in full subject to terms and conditions imposed. Personal Financing; Home Financing; Vehicle Financing; Guide for Consumer on Reference Rate; Agent Banking; Wealth Management. 78 0 obj <> endobj Salary deduction via Biro Angkasa, Accountant General or employer salary deduction; Financing payment can be made at any of MBSB Bank's nationwide branches or alternatively via electronic payment via Interbank Giro/Instant Transfer or Standing Instruction / Auto Debit. After that, submit it the loan application. All you need to visit the official website of the bank and then fill in the loan application form by providing the essential details. as low as BR + 3.35% p.a. Latest ageing of receivables. Bank Islam Personal Loan. Step 3: Fill in details and complete application. You are about to enter a third party website and MBSB Bank’s privacy policy will cease to apply. Step 3 Fill in a form with your details to be submitted for application, and a representative from iMoney or the bank will call you to process the application. Bank Islam Flat Rate Personal Financing-i Package. If you are applying for individual credit or an individual account, in your own name, and are relying on your own income or assets and not the income or assets of another person as the basis for Bank Islam Home Loan Application Form It is recommended for financing major one-off expenses, including home renovations or repairs, medical bills, repayment of credit card debt, or funding college tuition. If you wish to kick start your career or looking for career advancement with us, we have available positions that might be a good fit for you. *Please note that you do not have to use commas (example: type in 100000 and not 100,000), Non-residents Maintaining / Operating Ringgit Account in Malaysia Declaration Form, Applicable for public servant and private sector employees. Check the Appropriate Box. *Please note that you do not have to use commas (example: type in 100000 and not 100,000), Click on the button below to see the payment schedule for the first 12 months. FIXED 1 to 10 years : 4.99% p.a. MBSB Bank Berhad has been granted a license by Bank Negara Malaysia to undertake Islamic Banking business. Latest 6 months current account statements (Company and Personal). flat rate at 3 years tenure) with ceiling rate of 15% p.a. If you get a positive response from the lender, get a clear idea about the terms and conditions involved. Bank Islam is the pioneer of Shariah-based banking in Malaysia and South East Asia. From the Maybank2u Informational Site, scroll down to: Step 1: Get A Loan/Financing-i. Complete the fields below to determine your monthly instalments for your Personal Financing-i. 7Ŕ`�.���� ��@�T������ s4`s � �L���� h�b```�^V�� ������[��~���a��G9�3�����}�0 ��_=;9,:2_p���;E0I��Om�=c~{\+K��-G�G, Get Money. Bank Islam Personal Loan View: More Articles from . Latest 3 months Savings/Current Account Statements (salary being credited). If payments are not made on time Bank Islam will have the right to charge Ta’widh (compensation) during the loan tenure with a 1 % per annum late payment fee. Form RM 10,000 to RM 200,000 financing available. endstream endobj startxref 6.00% p.a (Effective Rate) / 3.17% p.a (Flat Rate equivalent for 3 years). A personal loan is a great way to cover expenses like preparing for the arrival of a new baby, a home improvement project, paying for your wedding or travelling abroad. To help us process your application, please submit/ Untuk memudahkan pemprosesan, sila sertakan: † Photocopy of I.C./Salinan K.P. For customers without Maybank2u access: Maybank2u. Personal Loan Application Form Borang Permohonan Pinjaman Peribadi. This means that you can borrow money from the bank without the bank asking for any collateral. Before making your way to the nearest Bank Islam branch to submit your application, you will be asked to provide supporting documents,such as: Copy of MyKad (front and back) Latest 3-months salary slips; Latest Confirmation Letter from Employer; And one of the followings: Whether you’re a moneylender offering personal loans, business loans, home loans, or equipment loans, embedding a custom Loan Application Form into your website can streamline your workflow, save you time, and make it easier to process a large number of loan applications. (equivalent to 3.17% p.a. 115793-P Version 14 (March 2015) Latest document must be submitted with complete application form. 4 to 10 years: Base Rate + 3.15% p.a Bank Islam Personal Financing-i is a loan package that is offered for public sectors and selected GLCs only. 0 Conventional Personal Loan / Credit Card interest is a form of usury (“riba”) which is prohibited in Islam. Bank Islam My First Home Scheme . Margin of financing: Up to 100% against SPA/OMV, whichever is lower + 5% for MRTT and LTHT; For the purchase of residential property value RM100,000 up to RM500,000; Longer financing tenure up to 35 years or 65 years old, whichever comes earlier Have you ever wondered how the Shariah aspects of MBSB Bank's Tawarruq products are developed? Mobile App Email us through online feedback form or email directly to Borrow up to RM150,000 with an unsecured Rhb easy personal loan, Fixed interest rates from as low as 8.18% with Easy-Pinjaman Ekspres, apply now with Loanstreet, Forms for your convenience! † Latest proof of income/Penyata pendapatan terkini † Business registration form (for self-employed only)/S alinan pendaftaran perniagaan (untuk yang bekerja sendiri sahaja)

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