When the backup heat droop is set to Comfort, the control algorithm will use backup heat as​ needed to maintain the setpoint within +/- 1 F. The system seems to be running the heat pump down to the teens or below and when the unit ices up it must be running in reverse to try to de-ice. I read this directly from an un-named article on the internet that has a number one position in a search for troubleshooting heat pumps – “check the heat pumps … update I ran the system in cool mode and dropped the house temp 2 degrees and the compressor never locked out. The thermostat shall have a compressor outdoor lockout and backup heat outdoor lockout to turn off the heat pump or backup​ heat based on outdoor temperature. Below we list a dozen causes of high head pressure in an air conditioner or heat pump compressor motor. Should have pin settings for compressor lockout. The user can select either Normally Open or Normally Closed The compressor lockout is to protect the refrigerant compressor from burning up due to short cycling. So I would like to set the heat pump not to run below, say, 20 degrees and just use the aux. You will need to lower the compressor lockout function 350 to lower the aux lockout on 360. My compressor lockout / balance point is at 30° and the Backup heat lockout is set to off. If you feel the temperature in your house is getting higher, it may be because of heat pump fan not spinning, and therefore, heat pump not cooling. However, you can disable the furnace by changing the System Type in the installer menu to one without Aux heat. Heat pump problems can be frustrating (and expensive). The information given below can be helpful for you then. But on the Nest Thermostat itself, the term "Lockout" is not used, instead you see "Use the heat pump compressor when the outdoor temperature is Rheem R-410A Heat Pump Troubleshooting There is a 10 degree dead zone between the aux lockout and compressor lockout. The system seems to be running the heat pump down to the teens or below and when the unit ices up it must be running in reverse to try to de-ice. There is a setting in your "thresholds" section that you can change; most likely it is set to default at the moment which relies on the feedback of your heatpump system and how long it takes to warm up the home. I've had my Nest for 2 years now and generally it does what I want. System in in heat mode. It’s possible that, if the weather is especially cold, your heat pump could run near-constantly without there being an issue. I then put the system back into heat mode and ran the temp back up 3 degrees the compressor did not lock out in the 30 minutes it took to get there. My understanding is that heat pumps of SEER 15 can be more energy efficient than resistive heat down to about 20 degrees F or so, so that's what I was thinking about setting it to. A service tech should be able to set it down to a lower setting no problem. An air source heat pump has two parts, an indoor unit with a coil and a fan to push the air through your home; and an outdoor unit with another coil, another fan and a compressor. If you're not talking F, I'm not sure how the water is freezing. Then raise to temp it can handle the load. It does seem to be kicking in frequently instead of normal heat and got an alert that my "Aux Heat was running for more than 180 minutes". Monday, February 15(Ontario Family Day)9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Now this 'COMP TO AUX DELTA' option is asking for how many degrees the indoor temperature should drop before using the auxiliary heat. Usually when the outside temperature is above 30° it uses heat pump only but when it’s close to 30° it uses the back up gas furnace. Set compressor lock out to 30, or lower, to see at what temp the heat pump really can't handle the load. Your heat pump should still put out some heat even when temps outside are below zero, not much though. Outdoor heat pump coils are usually around 6 circuits. Now I keep on getting alerts that the Aux heat is running. Is a Password Requried? than the heat pump compressor) is referred to as the "Compressor Lockout" setting in the website and app interfaces. However, my system has a pretty long exposed condensate drain which is just freezing solid, after which I get water dripping out of my air handler and pooling on the floor. The Fast setting will determine how fast the second stage or the emergency heat comes on. Need more help? In other words if your aux lockout doesn't go lower than 40 degrees then your compressor lockout is set at 30 degrees. I've had my Nest for 2 years now and generally it does what I want. Jon Held_2 Member Posts: 21. If you have a dual fuel system, a type of system with a heat pump outside and a separate heater installed inside your home, you won't be able to use Heat Pump Balance. No 1. My question is, is there a way around this to actually set the lockout temperature? I would recommend to set a value for these thresholds first and that should eliminate the aux heat turning on sooner than needed.This can be done by going to MENU > SETTINGS > INSTALLATION SETTINGS > THRESHOLDS > COMP TO AUX DELTA. I have seen maybe 3 of those units and one oy my customers elected for the replacement compressor. We have been getting down to 6 degrees F with snow recently, which is when the problem manifested. Yes, I'm talking Fahrenheit. Learn how to diagnose common issues before calling in backup. Not surprising everybody hates heat pumps in this area, the electric bills have got to be insane. July 2018 edited July 2018 in A-C, Heat Pumps & Refrigeration. How it affects price: A two-stage compressor will cost more than a single-stage compressor.

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