To find out if you are allergic to cavapoo, spend some time around them – preferably around the adult dogs and not the puppies. In this case, the bad odor that makes your nose wrinkle may appear to be coming from the coat and therefore the entire Poodle will smell bad. Female Cavoodles are typically smaller and generally weigh between 8-17 pounds, while the larger male Cavoodles will often weigh between 10-20 pounds, on average. Due to this fact, we can actually talk about several different genetic types of cavapoo. Chronic gassy problems should be discussed with the veterinarian; it often points GI issue that may be due to allergies or a reaction to certain foods. There are some prozyme powder canine supplements that can help cut down on gas problems; these also help a dog absorb nutrients and can help with Coprophagia. This may include over-production of skin oils due to a wrong diet. Some cavapoo may be almost completely hypoallergenic, causing very few to no symptoms of allergy. However, overall cavapoo are pretty healthy and can live 10 – 15 years long! Unless of couse he finds a 'dead thing' to roll in on our morning walk - in which case he spends the day airing outside. Or do their teeth look brown? They are normally not aggressive, but they aren’t as open and easy going with strangers as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and can take a role of the house guard. However, the best way to find out if you are allergic to cavapoo is to try and spend some time around them. The Cavoodle is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Males can weigh between 5 and 10 kg. While they don’t require much exercise, they will still need regular walks and runs. Since this will occur over the span of approximately 3 weeks, it is often released slowly… there will not be a puddle however there will be a gradual buildup of blood and endometrial tissue that exits the body and can become matted onto a Poodle's hair. Cavalier King Charles spaniels can suffer from such diseases as syringomyelia and mitral valve disease (MVD), both of which occur significantly often. There isn’t a breed that does not shed at all.) Poodles are also considered one of the most hypoallergenic breeds out their, often due to their soft and non-shedding coat. It may also be a yeast infection or candida, especially if the dog’s odour has sweet undertones in it. Body oil (called sebum) is produced via the sebaceous glands and excreted through the skin around the clock, each day. Cavoodles love attention, and they’ll rely on a variety of adorable tactics to entice every family member to play or cuddle. They have a compact but sturdy body. and this can make it seem like the dog smells bad all the time, when in fact it is lingering odors from past flatulence episodes. Often, leaving behind things that smell like you can make the process a lot easier as well. While some Poodles do accumulate dirt and other fine debris, the main purpose of a bath is to rinse away body oils. The first is that a dog's mouth is sterile (not true, it harbors bacteria just like ours) and the other is that it is normal for a dog to have stinky breath (not true; a healthy Poodle will have a neutral smell unless he just ate and you smell the dog food). It's very easy to mistakenly think you've done a thorough job when in fact only the surface of the coat was cleaned. Cavoodles do well in apartments and small homes with small yards. Cavoodles often bark, so expect to have a lot of chats with your other pets or dogs. At that point, if the glands are not expressed (usually done by a groomer or the vet), they can burst open. Instead, we have lots of variations of both. Cavoodles can be good guard dogs as they may bark when visitors arrive, however are not aggressive. Despite their small size, cavapoo dogs are very athletic and require regular physical activities to help them expend their energy. (Half of all Cavalier Spaniels develop mitral valve murmur by age of 5!). Cavoodles and Moodles are not breeds. This is probably why cavapoo spread all over the world so quickly and gained such popularity around the globe. Cavoodles come in many colours (see our GALLERY ), and two sizes, Toy (up to 29cm) and Mini (30-33 cm). Mom was 15.4; dad was 9.1. That is a lot of different colors! If this does not clear up the problem, a vet visit will be in order as prescribed antibiotics may be needed. At the 3 week point, a good amount of oil has built up on the surface of the skin and has coated the roots of the hair. You don’t want that to happen to your dog. Recently he started losing quite a bit of hair although he looks very well and doesn't have any bald patches. All breeds produce dander and other potentially allergenic substances, it’s just that cavapoo may produce less of it. In some cases, a bath won't seem to fix the problem at all or it may be temporary and the Poodle may start to smell bad just hours after being bathed. The average height of a male Cavapoo is 33 to 45 cm, while a female is 33 to 45 cm.. This is why cavapoo do so well in households where owners can give them lots of personal time and interaction. A doggie diaper should be changed every 4 to 12 hours, depending on how heavy the flow is and if any urine has been deposited into the diaper. Recent changes patrol Members can review the recent changes list to be aware of improvements or vandalism. He is an Airedale and seriously does not smell at all! In the USA, cavapoo were actually first bred quite a while ago – all the way back in the 1950s. Cavapoo vs cockapoo: which dog is better for YOU? The broken skin will be vulnerable to infection, which will need to be treated with antibiotics. Some flatulence is normal; noticed or not, most canines will break wind about 10 times per day, it is the body's way of realizing excess gas from the intestines. You will most likely not regret this decision . In many cases you may notice a discharge coming from the ears or a thick buildup of wax. Page 1 of 3 - Cavoodle???? Common Health Issues & Considerations: Cavoodles may suffer from: Syringomyelia- a condition where their skulls turn out to be too small for their brains. Both of these issues are due to a wrong diet. Since dogs that appear to be clean are stinky, this issue confuses a lot of owners. The cavoodle should be taken to a groomer about every six weeks for a clip of your choice. They also have silky curly hair that doesn’t shed and they are normally considered hypoallergenic (or at least more hypoallergenic than other breeds.). even though the evidence was left outside on the grass. A Poodle can have a bad smell surrounding him if he passes gas in an enclosed room where it is not able to dissipate. Find a treat that smells appetizing to your Cavoodle (Cavapoo). This can be true for some people, although no breed of dogs is truly hypoallergenic. They are truly wonderful dogs. From the day that you take delivery of your Cavoodle puppy, it will do all that it can to be with you. As for coat colors, they can be solid (one color) or mix. When getting your cavapoo puppy, always do your homework and look for a trusted cavapoo breeder  who has cavapoo puppies for sale in your area. Skin infections are treated with oral and/or topical medications. Because cavapoo are so social, they do best in stable, big households and don’t do as well if they have to be left alone for prolonged periods of time. Cavoodles make great pets for active people that like spending time outdoors and enjoy physical activities. They are crosses if you get one where one parent is a Cavalier King Charles or Maltese and the other a poodle. When thinking of getting a cavapoo, it is important to remember that getting a pet is not only about joy and love and all the fun that you will have with them. - posted in What Do You Think? They tend to be very friendly not only with their owners, but with just about anyone who would offer them a pat or a treat. The Cavalier brings its laid-back approach to life and the Poodle, its intelligence and loyalty. Cavoodles usually do not shed and are often tolerated by allergic people. The reason people use dogs to do most of the hunting for truffles in Europe and here in America is because they can smell the truffles buried deep beneath the forest floor and are trained not to disturb the root structures that surround the trees. While some people have somewhat of a cautious stance towards designer dogs, cavoodle (cavapoo) popularity speaks for itself. It is a type of crossbreed dogs created by breeding miniature or toy poodle with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If the parents are already moodles or cavoodles themselves, then the offspring are not even crosses, they're mutts, with looks and characters impossible to predict. Cavoodles have soft, Poodle-like coats which tend to shed a small amount since Poodles do not shed but Cavaliers do. They would normally all be friendly, loving and social (provided they are well-bred and socialised), but even within that you can find puppies that are extremely energetic (and may be loud), and more reserved, calmer dogs that aren’t as outgoing. Thanks to the Poodle genes, most Cavoodles have low-shedding to non-shedding coats, making them good pets for asthmatics and the allergy-prone. How Big Do Cavoodles Get? Many Cavapoos have a cute round face with … In any case, the resulting dog tends to have a poodle-like quality of hair (soft, curly, non-shedding), and a great temperament. In addition, the odor can permeate into fabrics (dog bed, etc.) During heat, you may find it helpful to wipe your Poodle's vulva with a quality canine wipe; remembering to wipe from the front to the back (so that bacteria from the anus does not enter the vulva). They love to be in a household with plenty of people and animals so that they never feel bored or lonely. As cavoodles are playful, they burn off energy throughout the day. This is sometimes described as a musty smell; yet others will define it as sour or a mixed odor that is difficult to describe in words. He does have his poodle coat and doesn't shed, however we do need to regularly groom him as they develop matts in their fur (even if you brush daily). Read more about. Cavapoo puppies: the ultimate guide to choosing your cavapoo puppy, bringing them home and raising them well! To create cavoodle, toy or miniature poodle is used. A dog's breath can smell very bad and his teeth will be extremely prone to decay if not correctly brushed on a regular basis. Do you have space – in your home and in your heart – for the little living being that will depend on you for everything? There are actually 2 different facets to this: This is not that uncommon with young males that may not have full control over where they spray their urine and may end up with some dribbling down their leg or with female Poodle's, depending on how they squat and the relative backsplash of the pee on the grass or ground area. What allergy sufferers need to know about cavapoo, Cavapoo breeders NY – find cavapoo puppies in NY, Cavapoo puppies for sale in PA – list of cavapoo breeders in PA, Cavapoo puppies Ohio – list of Cavapoo breeders in Ohio, Cavapoo puppies – Texas. ), All of these factors need to be considered when you think of getting a puppy. Toy Cavoodles also don’t weigh much more than 6kg when they reach adulthood (unless they are given a few too many treats). They do so by playing with a range of toys, which keep them mentally stimulated. The old adage of “an ounce of prevention is better that a pound of cure” is certainly the case for all dogs and the Cavoodle is no exception. It is a possible sacrifice of long vacations abroad (because cavapoos don’t do that well in kennels and will miss you terribly! We hope your allergy is not strong enough to prevent you from getting a cavapoo puppy, but you never know, and it’s best to know exactly where you stand in terms of allergy. If so, what is your dog like eg. The term “man’s best friend” is often applied to dogs but when talking about Cavoodles the phrase should be modified slightly to “everyone’s’ best friend,” as the Cavoodle is such a friendly and loving breed that it gets along well with everybody. Disclaimer: F1 is a standard crossbreed, the result of breeding a toy or a miniature poodle to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. However, some cavapoo may not be that hypoallergenic at all. Some Poodles can enter and exit the heat cycle with barely any discharge (more common with Toys and Miniatures), however others will have moderate to heavy discharge… and if there is a bad odor, this can be a matter of an owner not realizing how much discharge there actually is. Let's take a look at how to keep your Poodle's breath smelling nice: Do take care to use a quality brush (3 sided canine brushes are best) and a really effective paste (cheap brands will not have the proper gentle abrasive elements to remove buildup). Each dog is a little different when it comes to coat texture, shape, size, and color as their traits depend on their parent breeds and whether or not it is a first generation Cavoodle.. It is also about big responsibility that may last for the next 10 – 15 years of your life. Hugo is a 7 month old supposed 'cavoodle'. I also have two rescue dogs, a Great Dane x and a Border Collie x and he is friendly with both, as well as other dogs. This sort of issue points to one of several health issues: A urinary tract infection (UTI), bladder infection or yeast infection. The oil itself has a rather foul musty odor that can sometimes have a sourly tinge and when you factor in the tiny specks of other substances, it can smell quite terrible. The temperament of cavapoo takes equally from that of poodle and Cavalier King Charles spaniel. As with other dogs, cavapoo need grooming. It all depends on their genetics, and how strong your allergy is. The conditioner that you use also plays a role. Due to the tightly packed, curly coat of this breed and the element of the hair being water resistant, you need to scrub deep and thoroughly; if not the oil will not be washed away and this is one of the main reasons why a Poodle will stink even after being shampooed and the smell may actually worsen afterward… every day that this is not properly done, there is more buildup and therefore more unpleasant smell. As I already mentioned, cavapoo is not a breed, but a crossbreed of two different breeds. Depending on which type of poodle is used, a breeder can get smaller cavapoo (with toy poodles), or slightly larger cavapoo (from miniature poodle). Cavapoo are extremely attached to their families – sometimes picking one special person to pour all their love onto. However, overall cavapoo are pretty healthy and can live 10 – 15 years long! Poodles, on the other hand, are known for their extreme intelligence. Also, if the smell is a bit overpowering, you can bathe your Poodle more often (once a week for just the heat cycle will not affect the coat nor cause dry skin; this only happens if done too often on a regular basis). Let's look at some common reasons why a strong odor may emanate from here: This way you can rest assured that not only will he smell fine afterward, this will keep tiny specks of poo from being rubbed off onto your furniture, flooring, dog's bed, etc. Cavoodle puppies come in a variety of colours, including black, white, chestnut/white, black/white/tan, gold, red, ruby and apricot – no cavoodle puppy looks the same. If one or both of those things does not happen enough (i.e. And they all look gorgeous. If you are a loud, active family, then maybe a loud and active puppy will fit you just fine. Depending on the genes cavapoo may shed significantly (like Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)  or  almost not at all (Like poodle). Most of our beloved companions will put up with even advanced dental problems and will continue to eat regardless of the pain they may be experiencing. If it is too thick, it will block skin pores and inhibit air flow, which can lead to bad smells in the hair. Apart from physical activities, cavoodles also greatly appreciate a good mental challenge. While the rear end of any dog is not the cleanest or the most fresh smelling area, Poodles should not have a constant odor coming from the anus or the vagina. Cavapoo that inherit those traits really do seem to cause less allergy symptoms in allergy sufferers than other breeds. Read more about cavapoo health in this article. If you prefer quiet evenings and slow living, a slower, more reserved puppy may be your best choice. F3 is a type that’s created by breeding two cavapoo of F2 type. On the opposite, cavapoo are very athletic and can grow quite a bit of muscle weight for their small bodies. In this case, the roots of the hair and the entire surface of the body were bypassed and will be covered in a layer of nasty smelling oil. Leave them, or take them with you? Toy Cavoodles are smaller, and generally reach a height of 28 – 35 cm at the shoulder when fully grown. Finally, a good leave-in spritz will work to protect the coat from sun and friction damage and also have a pleasant aroma that can last for days. a Poodle has very loose stools), there can be a buildup of this fluid. A Poodle can have a bad smell surrounding him if he passes gas in an enclosed room where it is not able to dissipate. Prompt his body to follow his head. Others may find it a bit irritating. Smelly breath or teeth discolouration in our pets usually means infection or gum disease, or both. This playful, affectionate companion does not like to be left alone, and some may expect round-the-clock companionship. This list from SheKnows features popular breeds like poodles to collies. Everything about lovely cavapoo and cavoodles. You may be able to detect where the smell is coming from or it may be hard to pinpoint precisely where it is emanating from; however this section will cover all of the most common reasons and exact steps that you can take to get your Poodle smelling fresh and clean again. Make sure you can trust your breeder and ask them everything you want to know about cavapoo in general and their cavapoo litters in particular. Cavapoo dogs are medium to small sized dogs reaching 10-15 inches (about 25 – 40 cm) in height and 6-9 lbs ( 3-9 kg) in weight when they are fully grown. For slight odor issues, it may help to perform an at-home ear cleansing to rinse out wax buildup. One or two walks a day are very beneficial for cavapoo, and a good run in the park a few times a week can be a great addition to that. Does you pet’s breath smell? Some owners will even detect a metallic smell coming directly the poop. Cavapoo dogs can learn dozens of commands and tricks, and regular repetition in the form of play can provide great benefits in keeping the dog engaged and happy. Mine is 16 1/2 weeks and weighs 6.5 lbs. Are you really ready for something like that? Cavapoo dogs are generally a fairly healthy crossbreed, although they can inherit health issues that are normal for Poodles or Cavalier King Charles spaniels. And it is the hydrogen sulfide that has the noxious smell. I hope you will find answers to all your questions about cavapoo / cavoodle on the pages of this website. And if you do decide to get a cavoodle- we wish you luck in finding your puppy! A cavapoo will be happy following you around the house and participating in everything you do. To keep your Poodle's breath smelling nice and to prevent painful decay and loss of teeth, it is recommended to brush your puppy or dog's teeth at least 3 times per week (and every day is really best). and female red and white Cavoodle puppies playing at Chevromist Kennels. Cavoodles make wonderful dogs and I'd recommend them highly. There are several common reasons why a Poodle may have an odd odor. Although it may be very tempting to choose the puppy you think is the cutest just for their appearance, try to also take personality into account. Females can weigh between 5 and 10 kg. Both parent breeds have a gentle nature that is carried over in the Cavoodle. Cavoodles usually do not shed and are often tolerated by allergic people. This will help keep your dog from smelling like dried pee or poo. The poodle has been used extensively in many crossbreeding programs (to get such dogs as labradoodles, for example),  for several reasons. Make sure to give your Cavoodle plenty of attention and daily exercise. Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix may need fewer baths if you trim their coats regularly. The Cavoodle may also be called a Cavadoodle or Cavapoo. Welcome to Cavapoo World. Adult dogs tend to produce more allergens than puppies do. The ingestion of a single naphthalene ball can cause … Some owners may find this tendency to be always with them absolutely delightful. If this happens, the fluid will flood out and the smell is extremely intense. Most owners find it best to place a doggie diaper on the female to contain the discharge; this prevents the dog's bed, the carpeting and furniture in the house from attaining a gradual accumulation of fluid as well, which can end up smelling rather bad.  We are the world’s largest resource on cavapoo cross breed. Aside from an odor, there is often also itching which may cause a Poodle to rub his head against surfaces or paw at his ears. Cavapoo is bred to be a loyal, calm, smart companion for families and individuals, possessing poodle-like intelligence, friendliness and low to non-existent levels of aggression. In some cases these will scab over.

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