Calculate your housing loan EMI now! Loan Amount (₹) ₹ 1,00,000. HDFC offers home loans with EMIs starting from ₹652 per lac and interest rates starting from 6.80%* p.a. In how many installments can you disburse the loan to me? Given the high price of real estate in India, purchasing a house can be a challenging task without an external source of finance. What is part/subsequent disbursement of a home loan? Apply online and receive an instant e-approval on your housing loan. Personal Login Business Login. Your co-operation will help us in serving you better. If the tenure is increased to 30 years, the EMI would be Rs 13633 and Rs 15025. Depending on fulfilment of home loan eligibility criteria, income of the borrower and LTV ratio, the banks decide the maximum loan amount. Interest Rate Range for the past quarter for advances granted to individual borrowers, Individual Housing: (July 2020 - Sept 2020 Quarter), Individual Non-Housing: (July 2020 - Sept 2020 Quarter). Estimate EMIs of your housing loan by using our feature rich EMI calculator, now! Calculate the EMI that you will be required to pay for your home loan with our easy to understand home loan EMI calculator. Other important factors include your age, qualification, number of dependants, your spouse's income (if any), assets & liabilities, savings history and the stability & continuity of occupation. With our reasonable EMIs, HDFC Home loan is lighter on your pocket. Home Loan EMI calculator is a basic calculator that helps you to calculate the EMI, monthly interest and monthly reducing balance on the basis of principal amount, loan tenure and interest rate. Enter your loan details, such as loan principal, tenure and rate of interest to determine your EMIs and other pertinent details. Home Improvement Loan: It is a loan for renovating(without altering the structure/carpet area) your home in many ways such as tiling ,flooring, internal / external plaster and painting etc. Quickly calculate Housing Loan EMIs based on Tenure, Interest Rate, Loan Amount. Before July 2019, the banks were charging interest rate on its retail lending products based on the, When the interest rate is expected to fall, then it’s better to opt for a floating rate loan. The remaining amount has to be paid by the borrower as loan margin. Please visit and post Login click on Requests > Conversion Enquiry tab for any further details in this regards. Top Up Loans: Loans that can be availed for personal and professional needs(other than for speculative purposes) like marriage, Child's education, business expansion, debt consolidation etc. With a low-interest rate and long repayment tenure, HDFC ensures a comfortable home loan EMI for you. Visit to apply now!. If done inaccurately, they can lead to erroneous results. * These rates are as on today, Tuesday 19 Jan 2021, 7:41 PM IST, Or, please fill in your details to get the detailed quote, "Appreciate the quick service and understanding at HDFC Housing Finance", For inquiries/suggestions or any queries pertaining to HDFC Bank Click Here. Yes, the EMI Calculator available on MyMoneyMantra provides accurate results depending on the information entered by you. Please read the guidelines carefully before visiting us. Home Loan EMI Calculator. To use INDmoney EMI calculator, Visit Now Every installment disbursed is know as a 'part' or a 'subsequent' disbursement. What is the maximum home loan that I can obtain? = You can apply for a pre approved home loan which is an in-principal approval for a loan given on the basis of your income, creditworthiness and financial position. Using our Home Loan EMI Calculator, you can calculate how much monthly and total expenditure you really incur by purchasing a home using your bank home loan. Generally, pre-approved loans are taken prior to property selection and are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of sanction of the loan. Get Information on Home Loan EMI calculator, Home Loan Eligibility, Housing Loan documentations, Home Loan Fee & Charges at

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