These rights and obligations outline what someone can and can't do with the material. All music is the intellectual property of its creator(s) and is protected under Australian copyright laws. As a rule of thumb, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner to use any copyrighted material, even when working on strictly non-commercial projects. When someone creates a piece of music (or a piece of text, a graphic, a photo, a film or anything else that is protected under copyright laws), a whole system of legal rights and obligations comes into play. Just press the play button! So, should you play music in your establishment? It will help you boost your business sales by teaching you how to pick and play the right music for your specific business, and help you understand what your customers might want (and need) to listen to. Playing music or showing TV in any business may be costly, however, attempting to get away without a license could end up costly exponentially more. With the world’s largest commercial catalog—51 million songs—you can play the music you want, not what someone tells you to play. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service via streaming. In this article, we’ll outline the legal requirements around playing music in your cafe. If your business is a club, music venue or anywhere where commercial music is played on a day-to-day basis, then, without a doubt, you need the license. In the past, business owners were unable to legally use music in-store (even when purchased) without violating copyright laws. Having music play in the background of your business can be uplifting and a mood-setter. Obviously, the paid options give you more control when it comes to fitting the music to your brand. Either if you make marketing videos for your own small business or create content for your clients, you will eventually find yourself in need of legal background music. How to Legally Play Music at Your Business. Choosing music for your business can be time consuming, but it’s worth taking the time to get right. A huge amount of royalty-free songs, organized by musical genres and mood, so you can pick the ones that best suit your business. Choices to license music. However, since 1st July 2019, you are now able to use tracks that you’ve bought on CD or via iTunes. If you want to play music at your business, you'll need to apply for the appropriate copyright licences. The music system you hear at your favorite restaurant is designed differently than the audio system you have at home. Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to foster an open dialogue and not to establish firm policies or best practices. But when you stream music publicly (at a public event, for example) and in a place of business, it isn’t legal to stream from Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube, because these services don't. For a more in-depth look at company legal structures, check out Richard Stim's Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business. Luckily for business owners, Custom Channels has partnered with Sonos to offer a seamless, reliable integration for licensed, legal music in your business on the Sonos app. You’re not alone if you like to play music in store. Solution: Music License. Confusingly, businesses will often require two licenses, one for the actual song (the composition and lyrics) and another for the recording of that song. TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS allows you to legally play music for employees or customers in your business through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances. The ASCAP Music License is the most efficient and affordable way to ensure your business, venue, event, radio or television station uses ASCAP music legally. But the wrong music can actually have negative effects in the same order of magnitude. It can be good for team morale, and helps keep your customers in a shop-happy mood. While it can seem like a hassle to pay for licensing when you could just hook up your iPad and play whatever’s on Pandora, it’s a hassle that’s worth the time. Thankfully, there are legal options out there for playing music at your business, both free and paid. Using any paid music streaming service doesn’t automatically guarantee that what is being played in a store is legal. The next step is figuring out which licensing option is right for you. I work for a major retail store and in an effort to get customers in the building am thinking about having a movie night in our event space. You can read more about music licensing and SOCAN or visit for more information on background music licenses. OneMusic Australia combines all rights into the one licence, and the amount you pay for the licence will depend on: the nature and size of your business how you intend to use the music. But fear not—there are legal ways to play the top hits in your business without getting into any legal trouble. In a commercial business, consumer solutions for streaming such as Apple music, Spotify, Deezer & … There are some exceptions, Strand notes, but in the majority of cases, a license is required to play music in your business. Not only is this illegal, it is also hurting the artists involved as they are not being compensated for their work. Needless to say, this is not a substitute for legal advice. Gym music licensing in the U.S. Whether it’s cafe music or music with a more upbeat tone, it’s important to also ensure you’re not infringing copyright. Music can be used in many formats, such as background music, live performances, karaoke and even music on your website. You also need a license if you play music videos on a screen in your business, or the radio as telephone hold music. Allow commercial use Gain permission to use music from hundreds of thousands of songwriters and composers from every genre imaginable. To be able to play music in your business without breaking the law, purchase a music … Each PRO represents a different catalogue of composers and writers and in theory, you do not have to pay all four PROs - but you can't ever be sure that all songs you are playing have rights represented by just one of those. But making sure that your business is fully licensed to play music is not something business owners always have at the top of their minds. This is something distinctly different than setting the mood in a business though. If you want to increase your business through the appeal of music and television, it is worth it to make sure you are legally covered. Using music to give your business a certain image and vibe is called atmospherics, and it’s critical because guests pick up on every detail, especially sound. You Might Need a License to Play Music in Your Small Business Date: September 16, 2011 We recently heard from an NFIB member who’d been threatened with a lawsuit and exorbitant penalties after a music-licensing organization found that she’d been playing music at her business without a … It'll also help you stay on the legal … Is it legal to require a purchase of a specific item to admit entrance? The ambience created by music is part of attracting people to your business – so it’s worth it for most businesses to bite the bullet and pay fees. Pay Then Play. Some have been fined $750 for a single violation and up to $150,000 if courts find the business willingly flouted the law. Curating music for use instore, requires a completely different skillset and expertise. In short, there is a difference in paid services that are meant for B2B (Business to Business) and those that are B2C (Business to Consumer). Ultimately, as the business owner it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re informed about what licenses you need to play music for the public at your place of business, and there are fines for non-compliance. It’s never been easier or more fun to get the perfect music playing in your business, whether you’ve never made a playlist or you’re a serious music fan. Consider whether you can safely play without a license by determining your business size and customer outpouring. Companies face big consequences if they knowingly fail to seek legal permission. And it’s all licensed and legal. Previously, businesses and organisations had to obtain separate music licences from PPL and PRS for Music . To play legal music in your business you need both rights: Commercial streaming rights. You have two main options: Pay the PROs directly. If that sounds like you, this guide will help you get smart about music. This short video explains the differences, and shows why if you want TV audio and music at your place of business, a well-designed commercial audio system is the way to go. – Rightsify Music Drive: Our Rightsify Music Drive is a USB Flash Drive compatible with PC/Mac and most modern audio players. This is an ideal option if you wish to play the music offline and don’t want to use your businesses bandwidth/network on streaming. Legally Playing Music At Your Business. There are fours PROs (Performance Rights Organizations) for licensing in the U.S.: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR. Like to play music? However, keep in mind that the performance of music can be subject to the payment of license fees. When you listen to music at home, in your car or on your headphones, this is where a consumer streaming service is supposed to be used. Is it legal to play a major movie in a business event space for customers? In many cases, you may be faced with paying a licensing fee to comply when playing music; however, there are some exemptions: If the music comes from TV, radio or cable/satellite and you are not charging to hear the music, then no licensing is required. The right music can boost sales by several percents, that much you probably knew. Customers are more attracted to your business if music is playing in the background than if they are greeted by silence. Nielsen Music has just published the largest ever study on background music, and the findings show that 83% of businesses use a personal streaming service to play music in their business (Rolling Stone). So, here’s your three options to avoid the landmine of legal fees and still enjoy great music: Create your own original music; Listen privately or … However, before you buy Sonos equipment here are a few things you should consider to make sure that Sonos is the right audio solution for your business. Music is an important piece of your business—it sets the mood! Playing Music At Your Function. ; Forget about making the selection of songs, because they have ‘radios’ in which no song is repeated. A small investment in a paid service can set you up with a great music solution for your bar without a lot of effort. What’s copyright? However, when you have to get a music license, the same thing can turn complicated.

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