Some of our branch doors are open 6 days a week. For example, if sending £0.50 to account number ending 1234 then enter 1234050 into your Secure Key to generate the transaction code. Interest on revolving credit and cash advance 5.68% to 15.00%. You can buy more than one item on each instalment plan. Tap ‘Continue’ and confirm the payment. If you don’t know what to use as a reference please contact the company you are paying. Re - Enter HSBC Credit Card No. £245.67 should be input as 24567. But if you love travel, have an HSBC Premier bank account and can maintain that kind of balance, this card could be a good fit for you. It is recognised in over 32 million establishments worldwide, offering you a bunch of benefits at home and abroad. Added benefits for HSBC cardholders . Top tip: If you are paying back your HSBC Credit Card manually every month, consider setting up a direct debit to ensure you don’t miss a payment. 4. Existing customers Existing customers hsbc gold credit card . When sending money to someone for the first time, to keep you safe we will ask you to authorise the transaction by generating a one-time transaction code on your Digital Secure Key or physical Secure Key. Learn more. Minimum payment amount of S$5. This service is free and you can do it while picking up a midnight drink or snack! You can, by giving the bank a 14-days written notice of termination before paying off the outstanding balance. If you’re paying a charity, you can use the last 4 digits of the charity account number. If you need any help, check out the below guides and frequently asked questions. Samsung Pay No more carrying wallets full of plastic. Fraud advice: Stop and check: Scams will pressurise you to make immediate payments. Back to top . Select your HSBC Card. Save money on shopping and leisure activities when you use your HSBC card. COVID-19 measures Close. If you set the payment up through the mobile banking app, you can authorise the transaction easily using biometrics (touch/faceID). HSBC customers have 36 months to make a claim, but the sooner you do it the better chance you’ll have of getting the money back. 1. In the event you pay the minimum amount of 5% or RM50, you will be charged with interest on the outstanding balances. Bill payments and transfers. See our help and support pages for guidance and to find out what you can do through online and mobile banking. Using a Digital Secure Key means you only need your digital device to make payments. Bhd. Credit card account with outstanding balance of RM500 and above. If you set the payment up through online banking, you will need to generate a transaction code using your Secure Key. Here are some of the merchants participating in this instalment plan, which are not limited to: You can enjoy paying back your instalment at 0% for the entire tenure, as long as you make a payment of your monthly Card Instalment Plan amount in full and on time. Discover which HSBC credit card is right for you and receive a wide variety of privileges, rewards, and exclusive offers. Get instant access to 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' offers in Egypt and abroad with our free moblie app for HSBC cardholders. 2. Compare our credit cards and choose the right one for you. 2. 3. 5. 3. All rights reserved. And if you use the HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card for your trip, you can save on everything from flights to hotels and more. Cash instalment plan Convert your credit limit into cash or transfer the outstanding balance from other cards. Once the payment has been made it cannot be recalled so please make sure the details you use are correct. Make a payment towards your HSBC Credit Card account via National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), mentioning the complete 16 digit HSBC Credit Card number. 3. This termination cannot be reversed, you may want to think it thoroughly before deciding anything. The instalment tenure ranges from 6 months to a maximum of 36 months, depending on the participating individual merchants and subject to change from time to time. I'll need to ask you a few more questions to complete your application. Follow the below instructions on how to make a one-off payment through the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app. HSBC Online Banking: Easy way to shop and pay your bills online using your HSBC Credit Card online banking feature. Your payee will be able to see this reference on their account. Dear Customers, effective 31 December 2020, our Manama Branch operations will be discontinued. Steps to generate a transaction code if you are a physical Secure Key user: 1. This card isn't available for new customers. HSBC Customer Service Hotline: Call (852) 2233 3000 to transfer funds from your linked savings/current account with HSBC (phone personal identification number (PIN) required). Manage your money on the move easily and securely with our Mobile Banking app. Contact-free banking Close . Log on to the HSBC Mobile Banking app. Note: if you input more than 8 numbers they will start dropping off to the left of the display. Select your bank account from which you would like to execute this payment. This will be indicated by a small arrow on the left. You can choose to pay with Cash or NETS. Just follow these easy steps: After you’ve sent money to a payee for the first time, their details will be added to your list of payees. Click here if … Approval from FSA 2013 would be required upon graduation from the sandbox. You’ll see a list of HSBC credit cards, and can select the relevant card for your payment. Have a look at this help guide to find out what steps to take if this happens to you. It's accepted everywhere you can make contactless purchases, wherever you see the contactless riple mark or Apple Pay symbols. Credit cards from HSBC Canada let you to choose the right options for you. Life is full of decisions, especially when it comes to finance. Under ‘My accounts’,  choose the credit card you’d like to pay. Remember to ignore any letters or special characters when selecting the last four digits of the account number. To set your HSBC Card as your default card, go to Settings, Wallet & Apple Pay and tap Default Card. Enter the 6-digit transaction code in Online Banking and select continue to complete your payment. Visit the Global Payments website to find out more 1. Make purchases or take out cash on your credit card and pay it back via a monthly plan and enjoy a discounted interest rate. Talk to us directly through our chat channels. In these challenging times, we're here to support our customers and employees. Transfer your debt now to enjoy special low interest fees each month! Under ‘My accounts’, choose the credit card you want to pay. Under ‘My accounts’, choose the credit card you’d like to pay. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment. All rights reserved. So you can pay in an easy, safe, and private way using the devices you use every day. Discover the right credit card for you and receive a wide variety of privileges and exclusive offers. It also increases security against possible fraud attacks which can be potentially caused by malware. * Select Bank Account * Note: Payment will be credited to your card account within 3 working days : Your transaction is processed through a secure 128 bit https internet connection based on secure socket layer technology. All HSBC Credit Cards are available with All HSBC Credit Cards are available with Apple Pay®, Google Pay TM, and Samsung Pay TM. Open WhatsApp now. I agree to be contacted by RinggitPlus via WhatsApp regarding my application, Public Bank Zero Interest Installment Plan, Best Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards, Guide to Buying Your First Insurance Plan. The IFSC code for HSBC is HSBC0400002. HSBC … HSBC Card Instalment Plan is an easy payment plan that offers 0% interest rate on all tenure ranging from 6 to 36 months. * E-mail ID : Mobile Number : Payment Amount (Rs.) Steps to generate a transaction code if you are a Digital Secure Key user: 1. Select ‘Move money’ and choose the account you’d like to send money from. When 'HSBC' shows on screen, press the yellow button. From 0% interest on balance transfers to air miles - find your credit card today. Follow these simple steps to get your hand on HSBC Card Instalment Plan. Using Apple Pay To pay in stores, just hold your Apple device near the contactless reader with your finger on ‘Touch ID’. 3. If the company you’re paying doesn’t have a reference that contains 4 digits, you can still make the payment on the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app or call us on 03457 404 404. 2. HSBC Group  |   © Copyright HSBC Group 2002-2021. Global Payments offer a full range of card processing services. Log on to online banking and go to ‘My accounts’. All you have to do is spend a minimum amount of RM500 or RM1,000 (depending on the terminals used by the merchants) from the participating merchants. Want to do your banking without speaking to a representative or going to the branch? Apply for your first HSBC Credit Card online now and get a PHP2,500 cash rebate. This is a security step that verifies your credentials. Press and hold the green button to turn your secure key on and enter your PIN. Pay or transfer. HSBC Classic Credit Card Discounts of up to 35% and other offers in Mauritius and worldwide 1 Rewards point for Re.1 spent on all purchases Free vouchers and cash back upon redemption of Rewards Points Up to 3 supplementary cards available Suitable for your everyday payments. Haven't received my message yet? Your HSBC Gold Credit Card is all you need for your day-to-day transactions. Select “My accounts” and choose where you want to send the money, 3. Get help with making your expensive shopping habits affordable with HSBC Card Instalment Plan. Find out more Find out more about HSBC Gold Credit Card . The 6-month automatic deferment period had ended. If the payment amount is £0.50 for example, please use the last four digits of the account number or reference, then 050 for the payment amount. HSBC Bahrain offers a selection of credit cards with different benefits and rewards programmes. No credit card statement is required. One of the best things you can do is act quickly to get things sorted. 2. Fraud advice: Stop and check: Never send or receive money or give away your bank details to someone you’ve only met online, no matter how much you trust them or believe their story. You will be securely re-directed to the payment interface of your chosen bank. However this can vary, so please ensure you check when reviewing your payment details for accurate timescales. Special offers . A wide range of merchants offer 0% card instalment plans for HSBC credit cards. Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit. Find out how to upgrade to one here. Accepting credit and debit card payments is a simple way for any business to attract new customers, as well as making life easier for the ones you already have. For more information about how to protect yourself, please visit our security centre. Bill Desk: Pay HSBC Bank Credit Card bills online from any bank account through Bill Payment Service.Transfer money from your bank account to your HSBC Credit Card online using the BillDesk … Our contact centres are extremely busy at the moment, please don’t call us unless it’s urgent. To send money to them again follow these instructions: It’s easy to get in touch online. Support . For more information about how to protect yourself, please visit our security centre. Our website doesn't support your browser so please upgrade. Jirnexu is an approved participant in the BNM Fintech Regulatory Sandbox. 4. 4. 2. Enjoy instalment deals up to 36 months to pay with your HSBC Credit Card For inquiries or complaints, please call HSBC's Customer Service at (02) 8858-0000 from Metro Manila, +1-800-1-888-8555 PLDT domestic toll-free, (02)7976-8000 from overseas, (International Access Code) + 800-100-85-800 international toll-free for selected countries/regions, or send an email to . 2X Points on Home & Health Earn two Points per dollar spent (up to $3,000) on gas, groceries, healthcare and pharmacy purchases through June 30, 2021. For example, if you are sending USD $120.05 to account ending 54XY77 then you would use 547712005 to generate the transaction code. Go to your secure key and tap on the transaction tab. *Payment must be made with an HSBC Credit Card issued in Malaysia. 3. Click to know more. In most cases, sending money to companies is instant. Everyone needs to move money between personal accounts from time to time. On the next screen, select 'New payee‘. © 2021 Jirnexu Sdn. Then follow these instructions: Your money should reach the payee immediately subject to our standard checks. Then input the whole payment amount including pence, ignoring the decimal point. Apple Pay is available with all HSBC Credit and Debit Cards. If you are paying family or a friend, you may choose your own reference. Compare our credit cards and choose the right one for you. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your payment. 3. HSBC offer a wide range of credit cards suited to any application. Select where you want to send the money, 2. Home . Enter the payment amount and confirm if you want to make the payment now or at a later date. If you no longer meet one of those requirements, you’ll pay a $50 monthly maintenance fee on the checking account, plus a $95 annual fee on the HSBC Premier World Mastercard ® credit card going forward. Enter the payment amount and confirm if you want to make the payment now or at a later date. Bayanihan to Recover as One Act Bayanihan to Recover as One Act Click to payment holiday advisory page . 5. We help our customers send over 13 million payments every month through our digital banking channels, our fastest and most secure means of making payments. You can also press and hold the green button to completely clear the display. Use the amount of the currency that you first input on the move money screen, ignoring the decimal point or comma. If you are paying family, friends or any other person for the first time, just ask them for their sort code and account number. Select 'Payee lookup' and then type HSBC in the 'Find a company' field. Apply for an HSBC Canada credit card today. T&Cs apply. See how paying in local currency on your HSBC UK credit card compares to the European Central ... 2 This shows the percentage difference between the ECB exchange rate and your HSBC card rates, depending on how you pay.

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