Watch Kickin' It - Season 1, Episode 5 - Swords & Magic: Milton is disappointed when his friends don't show up to his LARPing session. Milton's nerd friends abandon him before a big role-play battle. Synopsis:Milton prepares for a live-action role-playing battle, but his teammates abandon him to take part in other activities. Rudy and Lonnie fight over a storage space in the basement. Swords and Magic S1 E5 19 Jun 2011. Watch Kickin' It Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. On November 5th, 2012, Kickin' It was officially renewed for a third season. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Kickin' It - S 1 E 9 - Wax On Wax Off. A once-in-a-generation young karate fighter named Jack joins the Wasabi warriors. Milton's life is saved by the school's janitor, who turns out to be a former sumo champion. Rudy flips a pro wrestler and goes viral, which makes Jack think it's acceptable to fight people at school, which lands him in detention. Copyright © Fandango. Find TV episode dates, watchlists, and tracking information to watch Kickin' It online on SideReel - The Grandmaster, You Don't Know Jack, Bringing Down the House, Kickin' It In 'The Office', Seaford Hustle, Martinez & Malone: Mall Cops!, Full Metal Jack, Tightroping the Shark, Fight at the Museum,… Kickin' It. The gang participate in Bobby's new game show, but it tears them apart and tests their loyalty to each other. What time does Kickin' It come on? Kickin' It, Season 1 Episode 5, is available to watch and stream on Disney XD. Jerry signs the gang up for a dance competition, except they can't dance. Milton prepares for a live-action role-playing battle, but his teammates abandon him to take part in other activities. Here are the latest details on the new season, including premiere date, time and channel info. ... 27:42. Kickin' It. Milton's regular LARPing troop abandons him. Rudy is fired, but when the robot starts pushing them too hard, they try to get Rudy back. The gang must find a way to break him out, so he can compete in a karate tournament that his family have come to see. Created by Jim O'Doherty. Directed by Neal Israel. Kickin' It is an American comedy television series created by Jim O'Doherty that aired on Disney XD from June 13, 2011 to March 25, 2015. Kickin' It S01E07 All the Wrong Moves. When his new dance troupe betray him, he must quickly teach the group to dance. Rudy, Milton, Jerry and Eddie form a boyband called "Black Belt Boyz". Jump to navigation Jump to search. Rudy meets a mysterious woman. After Milton accidentally stops a robbery at the mall, he becomes an honorary mall cop, but this causes trouble when he starts to betray his friends. Jerry signs the gang up for a dance competition, except they can't dance. 23:37. But the place where it is going to built is the home of a rare rodent. Milton pulls a prank at school, but Jerry takes the blaim, landing him in high security detention. Production started August 2010. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. Season 1, Episode 5 of the series Kickin' It - Milton prepares for a live-action role-playing battle (L.A.R.P.) theres an old friend back in the dojo this causes jack to be in a love triangle but who will he chosse that will be in season 2! The series will follow the crew of lovable misfits- Jack, Jerry, Milton and Kim - and their Sensei Rudy - at Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy as they face bigger opponents, embark on adventures outside the dojo, and set their sights higher than ever before as … Overall 84 episodes of Kickin' It have been aired In 4 seasons. Milton's regular LARPing troop abandons him. All is well until they notice Rudy's prized katana sword is missing. ( after Kim doubt that Jack would like her , she decided to wait till she got the answer ) Kim : Jake !

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