[27], On April 22, 1998, Jensen was sent by the First Presidency to give an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune in reaction to a 1998 First Presidency statement[30] and to explicitly state that someone could be a devout Mormon and a member of the Democratic Party. In 2005, he became the first Church Historian and Recorder to serve since 1997. “Maybe since Kirtland, we’ve never had a period of - I’ll call it apostasy, like we’re having now,” he told the group in Logan. Over the years, church literature has largely glossed over some of the more controversial aspects of its history, such as the polygamy practiced by Smith and Brigham Young, who led the Mormons to Utah. Marlin Keith Jensen (born May 18, 1942) has been a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) since 1989. Includes Address(5) Phone(2) See Results. “I think you can find scientific studies coming down on both sides, but the Book of Mormon doesn’t live or die on scientific evidence,” Jensen said. Researchers note a rising tide of questions from church members about the gospel according to Joseph Smith’s The Book of Mormon, the best known of the Latter-day Saints’ scriptures. LDS support of Prop 8 became a lightning rod both inside and outside the Church. in German. And Jensen was uncharacteristically frank in acknowledging their concerns. Balken talked about her love of gardening -- and the pain infusing the family of her wife, who was the only gay child in a big LDS family. Related To Kathleen Jensen, Matthew Jensen, Clarice Jensen, Stephen Jensen, Jessica Jensen. 8", "Special report-Mormonism besieged by the modern age", "Mormons tackling tough questions in their history", "Reports of the Death of the Church are Greatly Exaggerated", General Authorities and General Officers: Elder Marlin K. Jensen, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Marlin_K._Jensen&oldid=1001322198, American general authorities (LDS Church), American Mormon missionaries in the United States, General Presidents of the Sunday School (LDS Church), Members of the First Quorum of the Seventy (LDS Church), Official historians of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Latter Day Saint biography Infobox with missing parameters, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 05:21. In 2012, Mormon General Authority Marlin K. Jensen acknowledged that members are leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "in droves". Plural marriages were "not controlled by the authority of one individual" and "the consent of individual women was always honored in any marriage proposal". Dr. Phillip Barlow (Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University) invited Elder Marlin K. Jensen (Church Historian and Recorder) to speak at USU. [1] Jensen was made an emeritus general authority in the October 2012 general conference. In 2005 the callings of Church Historian and Church Recorder was restored. Elder Marlin K. Jensen - Stand in the Sacred Grove - YouTube The purpose of this post is to provide to new members of this forum, who simply 'may have missed it', the link to the 2012 article where LDS church historian Marlin K. Jensen verifies that the Q15 do know that church members are... 'leaving in droves'. Many are happy as Mormons. Jensen later clarified that critics were overstating his remarks, saying "To say we are experiencing some Titanic-like wave of apostasy is inaccurate."[40][41][42][43]. “I don’t think God was ever against blacks in the priesthood. The church is particularly concerned, however, about its younger members -- the ones who are asked to dedicate two years of their life to spreading the Mormon gospel. The curious find a family-focused church with socially conservative values that teaches Christian principles and believes Christ appeared to founder Joseph Smith in America, where Smith established the new religion. It has been an opportunity to educate the public about Mormonism and fight misconceptions. All this comes as the public profile of America’s Mormons had been raised by two pop-culture hits: the recent TV series “Big Love” and the current Broadway hit, “The Book of Mormon.” The attention, says church spokesman Michael Purdy, is a “double-edged sword.”. [27][31], Jensen featured prominently in the 2007 PBS documentary The Mormons. But on Broadway, the church’s gospel and missionary zeal are mocked. I know that many very good people have been deeply hurt, and I know that the Lord expects better of us. [38], On September 19, 2010, members of the Oakland, California stake were invited to share with Jensen their experiences and troubles over the LDS Church's involvement in the Proposition 8 campaign to ban gay marriage in California. Not since a famous troublespot in Mormon history, the 1837 failure of a church bank in Kirtland, Ohio, have so many left the church, Jensen said. And many are … See: In 1837 the callings of Church Historian and Church Recorder were separated, but in 1842 these callings were again merged. LDS Church practice is to release Seventies from service following their 70th birthdays, which Jensen had observed in May of that year. And the Web has intensified debate over the truth of the history the church teaches. Jensen served in these positions until 2001. His March 7, 2006 interview probed a variety of subjects, including some controversial topics. He felt that good Latter-day Saints will have conflicts with either party's platform, from which they must selectively pick and choose. [16] Snow succeeded Jensen on August 1, 2012. [2] His family operates a ranching enterprise called Jensens' Middle Fork Ranch, in which he is a partner. Access to the internet is often credited and blamed for this mass exodus, where members learn about problematic doctrines and cover-ups of LDS history. Observers reported that his contributions "helped transform the Utah-based faith's approach to its history," and saw the church's history department "truly come of age. Utah State University that LDS Church Historian and General Authority, Elder Marlin K. Jensen gave in late 2011. Also known as Marlen K Jensen. Did the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints know that members are “leaving in droves?” a woman asked. Another concern is that he could take positions that would complicate the church’s missionary efforts in the U.S. or other countries such as in Central and South America.”, But on the positive side, the person said, “having a Mormon president could raise the church’s profile and legitimize it in other countries.”, (Reporting By Peter Henderson and Kristina Cooke, editing by Lee Aitken). As a new Seventy in 1989, he was counselor to John K. Carmack, president of the Utah Central Area. The church’s active role in promoting California’s Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage, drove away some its more liberal members. What was supposed to be a half hour or hour meeting stretched to two hours. Many are happy as Mormons. In 1989, Jensen became a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy at the age of 46. “It came to a point where the shelf was too heavy,” he said. In a November of 2011 Fireside at Utah State University Elder Marlin K. Jensen, a General Authority Emeritus of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, engaged an attendee in the following conversation (Stephan Smoot. On May 5, 2008, Jensen officially responded to Timothy Egan's New York Times op-ed piece which claimed that FLDS polygamy "is a look back at some of the behavior of Mormonism's founding fathers". Elder Marlin K. Jensen’s response was to him shocking: Maybe since Kirtland, we’ve never had a period of – I’ll call it apostasy, like we’re having now; largely over these issues… Still, in heavily evangelical South Carolina, Romney won only one-tenth of the vote among those who said a candidate’s religious beliefs mattered to them a great deal. [8] In 1993, he was made assistant executive director of the church's Priesthood Department,[9] later becoming executive director until 2001. And many are not. Most of the church members present said they weren’t aware of anyone they knew being gay, but they had heard from parents whose gay children were no longer speaking to them and who felt caught between their religion and their family. The church denied the higher priesthood to blacks until 1978 and still bars sexually active homosexuals from its temples. Now Utah Democratic Senator Ben McAdams and Republican Representative Derek Brown are proposing a similar statewide bill, and the Church’s position on that will be significant. He was asked his thoughts regarding the effects of Google on membership and people who are “leaving in droves” over Church history… This truly shocked me. In 2004, he replaced D. Todd Christofferson as executive director of the Family and Church History Department,[13] a position he held previously when it was just the Historical Department. The person who recorded it summarized the the Q&A session in a blog post where Jensen was asked if church leaders were aware that Mormons were "leaving in droves" which Jensen confirmed. Many religions have been suffering similarly, he noted, arguing that Mormonism has never been more vibrant. “It’s a different generation,” Elder Jensen told the group in Logan. They are moving to Utah. [3] This supported his real passion of living a farming lifestyle. “If they are not revolutionary, they are at least going to be a breath of fresh air across the church,” Jensen told the Utah class. [37] Jensen strongly disagreed and pointed out that by 19th-century norms a 15-year-old bride was not unusual nor considered abused and the "common-law marriage age for women was 12". “Has the church seen the effects of Google on membership? Jensen was born in Huntsville, Utah. Moreover, church leaders have taught that the Book of Mormon is a historical document -- not a parable -- so the faithful are startled to find articles on the internet using science to contradict it. As a 19-year-old, he served as a missionary for the LDS Church in West Germany. He was the 19th man to hold that calling since it was established in 1830. And many are not. Many are happy as Mormons. With defections rising, the church has launched a program to stanch its losses. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History, "Loving with the Spirit and with the Understanding", "Where Art Thou? In the article was information about a Q&A meeting at Utah State University that LDS Church Historian and General Authority, Elder Marlin K. Jensen, gave in late 2011. The LDS church claims 14 million members worldwide -- optimistically including nearly every person baptized. Starting in 1978, the duties of Church Historians fell to the Executive director of the historical department. As for gays -- “it will get there, in my judgment.”. “My own daughter,” he then added, “has come to me and said, ‘Dad, why didn’t you ever tell me that Joseph Smith was a polygamist?’” For the younger generation, Jensen acknowledged, “Everything’s out there for them to consume if they want to Google it.” The manuals used to teach the young church doctrine, meanwhile, are “severely outdated.”. [12] He served in the First Quorum of the Seventy until 1998, when he became a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, and in 2000 he also became the general president of the church's Sunday School. In a February 25, 2008 press release about the new Church Historian's Press publishing the Joseph Smith Papers, Jensen offered instruction on how to approach church history. In the article was information about a Q&A meeting at Utah State University that LDS Church Historian and General Authority, Elder Marlin K. Jensen gave in late 2011.

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