His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface. Need I say more? comedy, melodrama, musical, family, music, comedy, melodrama, drama, musical, family. Follow Alexis Ousley @aousley170. Marnie Piper is a witch and a high school student. It's finally revealed that they're twin sisters with magical powers. 109 Tastepoints. Pop star Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) has it all - fame, fortune and a big-budget Hollywood movie awaiting him - but after meeting Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell), a down-to-earth girl from the Midwest, he is faced with following his heart or doing what's best for his career. However, one day, she accidentally submits her journal, instead of an essay for an English assignment. The sheer love that these tracks received is astonishing. See more ideas about starstruck movie, sterling knight, disney channel. She has the coolest boyfriend, the most popular friends, and a brand-new it bag that everyone covets. However, things come to a head when the duo has a big fight during a vacation, and they go their separate ways. Since the film is set in a music camp, songs are an integral part. With Dingdong Dantes, Jennylyn Mercado, Cherie Gil, Jose Manalo. Have you seen any of these films and do you have any opinions of them? Starstruck (stylized StarStruck) is a 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell. Anya Taylor-Joy let out her inner fangirl while working on “The Queen’s Gambit”. Hand-picked similar movies: High School Musical (2006), Radio Rebel (2012), Cadet Kelly (2002), Popstar (2005), A Cinderella Story (2004) If you enjoy movies like Starstruck, you must check out these teen movies. This teen movie is set in a high school where a girl named Ellie and a guy named Jack are students. If you ask me, it's a message many teenagers could use these days. Like I don't want to be alone in a hotel room in Budapest for six weeks. 5 years ago. 1 Like. The film nicely combines great production values with an intriguing love story. Following her passion of being a radio jockey, she makes a name for herself as DJ Radio Rebel. Reluctantly, Dylan lets F-list Josh into her A-list world, and is shocked to realize that sometimes nerds can be pretty cool. A Sydney teen (Jo Kennedy) tries to make it as a rock singer, with help from her odd 14-year-old cousin (Ross O'Donovan). So, a film adaptation of the famous show is the best thing that can ever happen, right? A PG-13 version of It's A Boy Girl Thing, The Swap is a movie about understanding different people. Coached and mentored by his father, it is clear this is the direction his life will take. You don't need to be the star quarterback or the head cheerleader to have a good time in high school, as there's a hidden talent in each one of us, making us special. Created by Rommel Gacho. 0/314 likes in common. Its about a male pop artist who falls in love with a total *****. Set a few years after the series, Zack and Cody are now teenagers who still don't get along with each other. But if you're looking for some variety, Jump In should fit the bill! She builds an imaginative and exciting world from her mundane life. Let It Shine is all about being brave and revealing your true self to the world. My cable channel ran a lot of rom-coms and action films in December! StarStruck TV Movie Hannah Montana: The Movie Drama Family Fantasy. Later, a new version of the song was recorded with saltier lyrics for the movie’s soundtrack. StarStruck is not the best movie I have ever seen, but I was really surprised at how much I liked it. Follow Işınsu Gökdemir İmaret @insugkdemirmaret. Starstruck 2010 Movie ... People who like Monte Carlo (2011 Movie) J. Jenny jenkins @jenny3hunna. A teenage girls life gets turned upside down when a new school friend turns out to be a popstar. Tags: movies like StarStruck (2010) - full list. Watching the two sisters act in sync on screen is a surreal experience. I'd really like to hear from you! Let It Shine is a story of one such rapper. Movies like Starstruck? Fearing ridicule and criticism, Cyrus refrains from following his dream and he regrets it immediately. However, she agrees to join her older sister to find the famous pop star, Christopher Wilde. The movie, directed by Sam Peckinpah, was inspired by country song “Convoy,” by C.W. Things, however, don't go according to the plan. A head chef quits his restaurant job and buys a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family. There seldom are any tragic endings. Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Movie Set: You can watch my video for this chapter or continue below for my step-by-step guide. He then meets Sonny, a "gypsy" trucker, and they decide to try driving as a … Assumed to be fictitious, her journal lands her name and fame. Fascinated by the sport, along with the added advantage of hanging out more with his crush, Izzy devotes all his time here, neglecting his boxing practice. In the booth, she's fierce, fearless, bold, and speaks her mind, making the whole school fall in love with her. There's something fascinating about high school culture which makes us want to revisit it. But when his best friend is mistaken to be the rapper, he decides to go ahead with the charade. The film nicely combines great production values with an intriguing love story. Tags: movies like StarStruck (2010) - full list. […] The real trouble begins when people in her life begin to put two and two together. But, when they discover a diabolical plan that involves them switching personalities, the two brothers unite and fight against the new threat. A love connection clicks for Lila when she moves back to Berlin and meets Christopher -- never realizing that she's fallen for a rock star who's signed a contract to remain single for life. However, owing to her ordinary family background, she has to pretend to be a caterer to enter the camp. Can Dylan win the Woodlands Academy Fall Formal Blossom Queen crown? Movies similar to StarStruck (2010):00:00 Introduction00:13 Single By Contract (2010) / genre: melodrama, comedy00:38 Geek Charming (2011) / genre: drama, me... Movies similar to StarStruck … He soon finds a new passion, thanks to his crush, Mary, who plays jump rope. Lemonade Mouth TV Movie Another Cinderella Story Video Home Movies High School Musical Ich suche Filme wie StarStruck, Girlsclub, Another Cinderella Story oder Prinzessinnen Schutzprogramm. Growing up, they realize that one is a morning lark and the other is a night owl. Music and Lyrics (2007) Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) Troy (Zac Efron), the popular captain of the basketball team, and Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), the brainy and beautiful member of the academic club, break all the rules of East High society when they secretly audition for the leads in the school's musical. 999 Tastepoints. The Suite Life Movie is probably the closest you'll get to finding a movie like Starstruck. The story is pretty simple. Fret not. Fed up with them, she downloads a magical app that controls the actions of all the boys in her life. Later, when Christopher gets the opportunity to cross over into movies, he grows worried that his fame may be having an adverse effect on his personality. No recommendations found We don't have any recommendations for Disney-Starstruck right now. Movies similar to Starstruck. More. it's a truly inspirational tale - one that'll empower many struggling artists. A sweet, endearing drama about a girl stepping out of her shell, Radio Rebel is empowering for a number of reasons. what are some movies like starstruck, where a famous/popular girl/boy falls in love with a regular boy/girl. In the midst of all the magic and chaos, the film also has a beautiful message. The closer two names are, the greater the probability the two movies are similar. Each thinks that the life of the other is easier. Not everyone can croon like a lark; some just like to rap. With Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman. Here, she meets pop sensation Shane, who has been assigned to train all the students at the camp. 0 Dislike. In the hopes of landing a record deal, he submits one of his works in competition. Izzy is a young boxer, who takes on his bully and earns a chance to participate in a big boxing tournament. Lemonade Mouth TV Movie Another Cinderella Story Video Home Movies High School Musical. McCall, originally released three years earlier. 0 Meh. As you watch the film unfold, you will understand why these two were the perfect choice for this role. Add to a new list. On top of melodious tracks, it has Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas as the leads. Zoey is a sixteen-year-old high school student whose family just got considerably bigger. Cinema like. One of the biggest highlights of the film is the soundtrack. This story isn't about singing or dancing, but about jumping rope! Belonging to a magical kingdom called Coventry, the two are brought to Earth as infants and separated at birth. The students are dying to meet this rockstar in real life, and as the pressure increases to reveal her identity, Tara now has to make a choice. Cole and Dylan Sprouse have always been talented as actors and comedians, and it's evident that they've only gotten better with age. I will be honest, I was actually expecting it to not be very good from what I saw of the trailer. Movies like. But when she accidentally tosses her Serge Sanchez bag into a fountain, this princess comes face-to-face with her own personal frog, self-professed film geek Josh Rosen. If possible something I can watch on youtube : ) There aren't a lot of twist and turns, but it conveys the message of not succumbing to social pressure quite conveniently. Jump In! Follow S. Sally Gail @sgha244. Her mom remarries a basketball coach and now she has three stepbrothers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pentius PFB66301 UltraFLOW Fuel Filter for FORD Truck 6.4L(08-10) at Amazon.com. Will Mitchie succeed in fulfilling her dreams? Although fun and comical on the surface, The Swap is a great lesson on empathy and how to be content with your own life. Single By Contract (2010) Mark: 9 (imdb: 6.5) Genre: comedy, melodrama: Country: Germany: Duration: 01:43: A love connection clicks for Lila when she moves back to Berlin and meets Christopher -- never realizing that she's fallen for a rock star who's signed a contract to remain single for life. Following the life of a pop star named Christopher Wilde, the film deals with the negative effects of stardom, namely the lack of privacy. The former has gained some popularity over the years. Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. After he manages to get the truck stopped, he drives to a truck stop and calls the company to quit his job. No seriously. 1. For decades, the studio has produced a multitude of teen movies like Starstruck and High School Musical. Find books like Starstruck from the world’s largest community of readers. Let me know in the comments section. A lot of us have grown up watching the famous Disney show - The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I actual... ly went to the cinema in December AND watched a lot of stuff at the house. Can Marnie save her students from these fanatics? Cyrus is a shy high school student who has a hidden talent; he can write some really good raps and has great flow and rhythm. Halt irgendein Liebesding mit … 24 Tastepoints . has a lot of inspiring elements such as standing up to your bullies, staying true to your dreams, and to not be embarrassed if your passion doesn't match the status quo. Starring real-life twins, Tia and Tamara Mowry, the story follows the tale of two twin sisters, Alex and Caryn. Add to list See details. But when Dylan's so-called prince charming of a boyfriend dumps her flat, her life and her social status comes to a crashing halt. Plot. Directed by Michael Grossman. After much convincing, the Halloweentown council grants her wish. When Mitchie gets a chance to attend Camp Rock, her life takes an unpredictable twist, and she learns just how important it is to be true to yourself. Following the shenanigans of two twin brothers who live with their mother in a hotel, a lot of fond memories are attached to it. Ellie will now play sports and Jack will learn ribbon dancing, leading them to understand each other thoroughly. Dylan Schoenfield is the pink princess of the upscale Los Angeles Woodlands Academy. Top 30 Epic Trucking movie's/ tv show's by bluemule74 | created - 09 Apr 2013 | updated - 20 Apr 2015 | Public put that Black 1977/1980 Pontic Trans Am away or forget that Orange 1969 Dodge Charger, we're going on the 1973 Kenworth W-900/1980 GMC General side or that Big Black Mack with a … Movies like Disney Starstruck Movie. Directed by Jon Favreau. They're messy, mean, and they annoy the hell out of Zoey for one reason or another. Knights of the Iron Dagger, a fanatic cult, despise all things magic and wish its destruction. While most problems in the series were simple, the sci-fi angle is what makes them enjoyable. Let the nostalgia hit you. Other than animation flicks, they have also built a niche genre of teen movies. One of the earliest films in her career was Read It And Weep. As they often say, the grass is greener on the other side, and the film only substantiates this proverb. Through Zoey, it makes us realize that sometimes, letting people be who they are is the best course of action. Whether her secret will ever come out and will she ever get along with her new family makes up for the rest of the tale. Can Dylan, with Josh's help, pull the pieces together to create her own happily-ever-after? Starstruck A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song Geek Charming Bandslam Prom Be Somebody Camp Rock Charlie St. Although timid in real life, she's a whole different person on her podcast. Movies Similar to Satarstruck. One great thing about Disney and their never-ending list of teen movies is that they have films for every demographic. 0/20 likes in common. 0 Save. Jessica Olsen was expecting a normal trip to California with her family to visit her grandma. Christopher Wilde is a famous pop star and teen idol, whose music is very successful all around the world. Hey, I've seen Starstruck a long time ago and I loved the story--where a celebrity and a /nobody/ or a fan fell in love with each other. Will Shane still like her if he knows about her true identity? Camp Rock; Jump In! Considered to be one of the most popular teen movies, Camp Rock is high on fun and drama. Adventure Escape: Starstruck By: Haiku Games This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Adventure Escape: Starstruck, by Haiku Games. Can Josh win the Woodlands Academy 10th Annual Film Festival? Love blossoms between the two in the most unlikely fashion. With Sterling Knight, Danielle Campbell, Maggie Castle, Brandon Mychal Smith. Twitches; Read It And Weep Giving human forms to the creatures, she introduces them to the school as foreign exchange students. Soon, not only her brothers but all the boys in her school also start behaving in a better manner. This teen movie takes us on a zany adventure where an app can control the lives of all the boys! Tara Adams is a high schooler who is shy and mostly keeps to herself. As the two hang out, she comes to understand the hardships a star faces on a daily basis, thanks to the paparazzi. Source(s): movies starstruck: https://shortly.im/7f8RK. Two teen sisters try to meet the elusive pop star and only the younger one, Jessica, manages to gain an audience with him. Disney has produced many pop stars and actors over the year, one being Kay Panabaker, who now features in The Flash series. When the date goes better than expected, a love triangle forms between the girl, the celebrity, and the girl's best friend. If you're looking for some spellbinding movies like Starstruck, Read It And Weep should be your best bet. She requests some students from the magical realm to join the real world. It's a Disney movie. However, it isn't necessary to watch previous films to enjoy this one. Help? As the two hang out, she comes to understand the hardships a star faces on a daily basis, thanks to the paparazzi. There's romance, drama, magic, and mayhem - every ingredient for making this sly feature a compelling watch. I just compiled my lists for movies that I saw in December. A small-town girl wins a date with a Hollywood star through a contest. You can always find more similar movies in the next section! Anonymous . In fact, a number of songs from the album have gone on to become chartbusters. We have selected and highlighted for you the top 7 movies like Starstruck with regards to the themes covered in this film. Disney has created massive film franchises over the years. 0 0. Jul 29, 2020 - Explore Karina's board "Starstruck movie" on Pinterest. Then, the two inexplicably switch bodies and must now live the other person's life. Similar Dissimilar . Did I miss out on any other good movies like Starstruck? On their 21st birthday, they finally meet each other. A guy who danced with what could be the girl of his dreams at a costume ball only has one hint at her identity: the Zune she left behind as she rushed home in order to make her curfew. Now reunited and discovering their powers, they must return to their kingdom and find out why they were forced into hiding in the first place. It might be cliched and predictable in places, especially with all the usual high school drama, but it is an interesting watch nonetheless. As they reach for the stars and follow their dreams, everyone learns about acceptance, teamwork, and being yourself. Destiny, however, has other plans for Izzy. Following the life of a high school student named Jamie, the film revolves around a journal written by her and how it creates a massive ruckus. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 325 Tastepoints. If you enjoy movies like Starstruck, you must check out these teen movies. The film is quite enjoyable, even if you're not a fan of teen movies. Cheesy it may sound but I want movies like starstruck! When it comes to teen movies produced by Disney, most follow a template. Coming to films in the fantasy realm, Twitches is a fine example of Disney's versatility. The film traces the story of Mitchie Torres, played by Demi Lovato, who wants to participate in a music camp called Camp Rock. While C.W. Turns out, there's a place called Halloweentown - a magical world hidden from the plain site. Unhappy with her school life, Jamie chronicles everything into a journal where she changes the names of all the characters. 0/423 likes in common. The noble goal of letting the mortal and magical world mingle isn't appreciated by all. Don't miss out on this gem. You can't control everyone's actions and trying to do is a futile exercise. 0/89 likes in common. And with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of him, he sets out to find his masked beauty. If you like a dash of the supernatural in a typical teen movie, this is your best bet. There are so many amazing choices, but what are the absolute best Disney Channel original movies? Whether he chooses one sport over the other and how he confronts his father about it makes up for the rest of the tale. If you are looking for movies like Starstruck these could be interesting candidates. Our protagonist has plenty of time for redemption. He finally gets to step up and share his amazing talent with the whole world. Like I'm such a homebody, you know me, I like to be with my old friends and cook and squeeze my kids. The movie begins with Will sliding out of control in a truck he was driving, due to poor maintenance of the brakes. A part of the Halloweentown movie series, this is the third installment of the franchise. In return for rescuing Dylan's bag, Josh convinces Dylan to let him film her for his documentary on high school popularity. All these concepts are dealt in a lighthearted manner. And it's all set to fun tunes and very cool dance moves!

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