Each event was tailored to meet local requirements, through specific area information. Broad, balanced, structured, quality, intent, implementation, impact, deep dive … there are so many words that come to mind when talking about the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, 2019. This page provides the questions for reference only. A Deep Dive allows us to dig into the problem and uncover details that a requirements gathering meeting or website brief would not generally describe. During Ofsted school inspections, staff and pupils can give their views via an online survey. This deep dive is a mandatory part of the new inspections in primary, junior, infant and lower middle schools. Oh good, just you and everyone else in the childcare sector then. From here you can formulate a strategy to create and market products and services based on real customer feedback. It currently is often found when describing a piece of journalism of a certain gravity or comprehensiveness. Related content and links About 'Ofsted blog: schools, early years, further education and skills' This blog will look at the way Ofsted inspects education, from early years to schools and the further education and skills sector. Deep Dive Audit Process, Template and Guidance This guidance covers – 1. “From the buildings in which we live and work, to the cars we drive, or the knives … Model for a subject leaders’ answers Many primary schools ask for a standard list of questions which a subject leader could consider, especially prior to an inspection. It helps inspectors to get a feel for whether a broad and balanced curriculum is being offered, the quality of education the children are receiving, progression and sequencing, retention of prior learning, and whether the curriculum at the … I attended a virtual, Zoom-call panel interview with the post-holder's first and second line manager, focusing on the different behaviours that the job-holder would be expected to exhibit. Questions that Ofsted might ask during reading deep dives. Useful for when it comes to your inspection day! Ofsted have published an explanatory document related specifically to lesson observation and how it will be used in the new inspections – “an important inspection method within an inspector’s toolkit”. Ofsted are now assessing a school's quality of education by carrying out 'deep dives' into subject areas. Deep Dive Survey Tips: Have a ‘Single Most Important Question’ (SMIQ) that you ask your audience. Plurals - more than one answer Tentativeness - might, could, may... Invitational - approachable voice, plural forms, Non-dichotomous stems - not yes/no Attend Fully/Positive Intent - be a … Deep dive has recently taken on the meaning of "a thorough examination of a subject or topic." Interview. Basically, there are 6 areas that the history subject leader may expect to be involved in Exploration of medium/long term plans for history Meetings with history leader(s) Observations/Learning Walks (often with the history leader). Mention the 'deep dive' in certain education circles and there is likely to be a sharp intake of breath. If you’ve already read the previous blog posts in our series to help you prepare for the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, you’ll know that how well pupils are taught to read will be prioritised as a main inspection activity in Primary schools from September 2019.But what does the Framework specifically say about phonics? The phrase ‘deep dive’ is the latest new terminology to come out of OFSTED’s focus on the curriculum and how it is planned and delivered. This is a list of questions OFSTED could potentially ask during a reading deep dive. Socratic Seminar Norms How do we build questions? Using the Deep Dive Methodology Local areas asked for material to support their own „Deep Dive‟ events. Work is too busy at the minute to type out another detailed account – but I have managed to type out all of the questions the inspector asked! Whilst not specific to computing, the indicators offers some insight as to what inspectors will be looking for and allow leaders to begin to assess the quality of computing education they are currently providing. It’s a new twist on the ever-popular “What are your weaknesses?” question and forces you to dive deep into how you’ve worked to overcome your … Appendix A – Ofsted Grade Descriptors AUDIT EXPECTATIONS Deep Dive audits will be undertaken by members of the Self-Assessment Group three times per year. Follows the 2019 new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework; Many of the questions apply across other subjects too – not just maths! In terms of reducing or increasing workload, the jury is still out. Preparation and Discussion Framework for School Leaders. Equipment Computer with Internet access The Deep Dive video(s) Procedure In this activity you will watch a group of professionals work to solve a design problem in just five days. The second week of September, a new, untested framework, a re-brokered turnaround school." This material has been synthesised from the presentations and questions used by the Home Office team during the four local events. P.E was chosen for the Deep Dive – to be honest the experience was intense yet enjoyable. KeyDoc: reading deep dive questions (primary) DOC, 158.5 KB Download. Also we have included some mock Ofsted inspection questions that can be used in the setting. The following guidance relates to the previous Ofsted framework (ie 2009 schedule) but might be of use to any governors considering how they would respond to questions from an Ofsted inspector … What will Ofsted ask governors and what answers will they expect? The ‘deep dive’ approach: As part of a school’s inspection, inspectors will undertake an in-depth, intense look at four to six different subject areas within the school. I can’t help it, every time I hear the phrase it conjures up for me an image of an OFSTED inspector, in a rubber swimming hat, goggles and baggy trunks preparing to dive into the depths of murky subject knowledge or the dearth of it. Does the thought of an Ofsted inspector firing questions at you and your team put you in a cold sweat? This will involve gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact in order to form a more holistic view of the teaching and learning and make a judgement on the quality of … There is no standard list of questions to ask a subject leader to be used on inspection as it wholly depends on the school’s own self evaluation, data and identified issues. 1. A good place to start for computing leads is Ofsted’s curriculum indicatorsexpected to be associated with curriculum quality. An Ofsted Inspection can be very daunting, below is some questions and answers that were answered by an Ofsted Inspector. This is something Ofsted is calling “deep dives”. The 2019 inspection framework includes a ‘Deep Dive’ into Reading. Some lovely people on Facebook have asked for some of the questions me and my staff were asked during our recent Ofsted inspection. Audit process 3. And although shorter and friendly Oftsed reports are already being published, the emerging mood from colleagues working in our primary schools is mixed. What does a new deep dive 2019 inspection look like for history? SLT. What impact does this new process have … These 5 survey hacks will help you do just that. Read more of ‘Deep diving’ in small schools - 15 comments. We’ve taken a closer look and pulled … This list is based on questions that Ofsted inspectors have asked subject leads and teachers in 5 primary schools. I will be creating a Youtube channel in the next few days, discussing current issues in Early Years designed to help and support practitioners and managers. Get beyond the 'glimpse' with questions that get at whether applicants will … This can be one of those questions that will leave you speechless if you don’t already have an answer prepared. Use of the child’s journey file audit tool 4. 10 deep-dive interview questions for your unconventional business. Find out how one executive headteacher with 20 inspections under his belt experienced the new Ofsted framework. Audit expectations 2. This is known as the “deep dive”. I interviewed at Ofsted (London, England (UK)) in June 2020. An education expert, Ken Bush, explains the type of responses that are expected. If history isn’t taught on the day of inspection then they understand that but Continue … Answer the following questions as you watch The Deep Dive.A class discussion will take place following the broadcast. The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) comes into effect this month. ‘Deep Dives’ will be carried out over a sample of subjects or topics and evidence on the intent, implementation and impact will be sought.The intent of the ‘deep dive’ is to seek to interrogate and establish a coherent evidence base on quality of education’. It includes questions for subject leads, questions around phonics and questions children could be asked. Firstly, any conversation about curriculum, moving away from data and a less ‘high-stakes’ feel about the whole process is of course, welcome. This list has been created based on what other teachers have shared on Twitter and Facebook of their experiences during inspections. Put simply, a deep dive is an in-depth look by Ofsted inspectors at specific subjects in a school, based on the most recent Ofsted framework. "Last week we got “the call” in one our trust’s primary schools. From your audience’s answers, you will divide them into different buckets. Ofsted Questions. Last week on Wednesday one of my 8 Schools were the lucky winners of an Ofsted Inspection! Deep Dive in to the Whole Curriculum. Q & A about Ofsted Inspections from earlyyearscareers. Ofsted inspectors will take a more in-depth look at specific subjects of the curriculum. These will be Reading, Maths and one or more foundation subject. Published 16 January 2018 As a curriculum designer and computing leader, what leaps out to me from the indicators are: Curriculum 1c – importance of knowledge progres… Elizabeth Holmes looks at what this means for schools, and what to expect during an inspection. Ofsted Deep Dive Questions: Preparation And Discussion Framework.

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