Know about the characters in a movie and who played role in a movie from one of the largest searchbase of Wiki User Answered . written by Christian Spoerl November 3, 2020. The lyrics were written by Paul Williams with music by Charles Fox.The song has since been recorded and released commercially, by Charo in 1978 and Amanda Lear in 2001.. The Iron Woman of Love Boat guest stars was none other than Florence Henderson, who boarded the Pacific Princess a staggering nine times, playing various characters. Directed by Richard Kinon, Alan Myerson. "The Love Boat" quickly became one of the most watched — and most identifiable — TV series of its time, sailing over … Rated by : 0 Users. His earliest roles included... Janine Turner (born Janine Loraine Gauntt; December 6, 1962) is an American actress best known... Gerald Isaac Stiller (June 8, 1927 – May 11, 2020) was an American comedian and actor. The daughter of... John MacDonald Coleman (born February 21, 1958) is an American actor and screenwriter, known... Jack Earle Haley (born July 14, 1961) is an American actor. So climb aboard this quiz and discover which character you are. The Curator - Panos Christi Hal Wiliston - William (I) Christopher Elliot Weatherly - William (I) Christopher Carl Mitchell - William (I) Christopher Tanny the Orangoutan - CJ (V) Matthew Springer - John Scott Clough Pete Milner - David Clover Lou Stevens - James Coco Marion Atkins, the Author - James Coco Lou Tangle - James Coco Himself - Miss Roger's Dancer - Michael (VII) Cody Wayne - Peter Coffield Dennis Kingsley - Dennis (I) Cole Alan Harmon - Dennis (I) Cole Dennis Grant - Dennis (I) Cole Mike Kelly - Michael (I) Cole Van Milner - Dabney Coleman Scott Barrett - Jack (II) Coleman Ken Davis - Gary (I) Collins Mr. Diller - Gary (I) Collins Andy Jackson - Jeff Conaway Douglas the Chauffeur - Gordon Connell Douglas the chauffeur - Gordon Connell Rory Daniels - Christopher (I) Connelly Roy - Chuck (I) Connors Sidney Sloan - Mike (I) Connors Mark Hayward - Mike (I) Connors Karl Schmidt - Hans Conried Charlie Haskins - Michael Constantine Bill Thompson - Frank Converse Josh Atkins - Bert Convy Gary Michaels - Bert Convy Ted Myler - Bert Convy Danny Holt - Bert Convy Himself - Bert Convy Donald - Gary (I) Conway Lucas - Keith Coogan Carl Tysdell - Nathan (I) Cook Assistant - Rick Cooley Humphrey Clark - Jeff (I) Cooper Hank Walker - Alex Cord Mr. Barrett - Alex Cord Walter Henson - Al Corley Guy - Larry Cosand Col. van Ryker - Joseph (I) Cotten Marvin Brown - Franklin Cover Edward 'Teddy' Anderson - Bob (I) Crane Himself - Cricket (X) Eddie Dumont - Patrick (I) Cronin Wally the bartender - Norm Crosby Wally the substitute bartender - Norm Crosby Malcolm - Scatman Crothers Virgil 'Scattergun' Gibson - Scatman Crothers Newton Weems - Billy Crystal Major Ross Latham - Robert Culp Eliott Smith - Robert (I) Cummings Gus - Lou Cutell Russell Evans - Jon Cypher Paul Turner - Bill Daily Scott Nelson - Rad Daly Fedalio Cevini - Cesare Danova Bud O'Hara - Tony Danza Tony Streeter - James Darren Grant Cooper - John (II) Davidson Michael, Sr. - Billy Davis Jr. Mr. Reeves - Clifton (I) Davis Bert Buchanan - Richard (I) Dawson Walt - Danny Dayton Dr. Yates - Richard (I) Deacon Melvin - Rick Dees Everett Loudon - Don DeFore Norman Lomax - Bob Denver Jason Markham - Bob Denver Mr. Harrison - Bradford Dillman Anderson, the steward - James (I) Dobson Steward - James (I) Dobson Father Briorly - James (I) Dobson Mr. Clark - Troy Donahue Roger - Steve Doubet Jay Bostwick - Steve Doubet Marv Mason - Mike (I) Douglas Barry Renner - Tony (I) Dow Wally Cleaver - Tony (I) Dow Cliff - David (I) Doyle Alvin McNair - David (I) Doyle Jack Bronson - David (I) Doyle Arthur Boggs - David (I) Doyle Stan Garner - David (I) Doyle Repairer # 1 - David (I) Doyle Peter Duchin - Peter Duchin Glen Leciter - Howard (I) Duff Ralph Sutton - Patrick (I) Duffy Himself (Harlem Globetrotter) - Lou (I) Dunbar Don Baker - Beau Vanden Ecker Eric Matthews - Steven Eckholdt Dr. Ivan Petrovska - Herb Edelman Howard von Buren - Herb Edelman Robert Savage - Herb Edelman Jim - Ron (I) Ely Steve Swaggart - Ron (I) Ely Ted Cole - Ron (I) Ely Jim Warren - Erik (I) Estrada Sam Worth - Denny (II) Evans Hollister Dale - Maurice (I) Evans Corey - Michael (I) Evans Wayne Richmond - Chad Everett Joe Baylor - Fabian (I) Elliott Norman - Douglas (I) Fairbanks Jr. Elliot Norman - Douglas (I) Fairbanks Jr. Elliott Banning - Douglas (I) Fairbanks Jr. Lee Graham - Antonio Fargas Seymour - Jamie Farr Inspector Akmed Sadu of Interpol - Jamie Farr Art Fuller - Jamie Farr Brad Grant - Brian (I) Farrell Stewart Sidon - Shea Farrell Noel Kane - Shea Farrell Scott Russell - David Faustino Tom Barry - Alan Feinstein Charlie Hanrahan - Corey Feldman Mike Lee - Corey Feldman Bill McCoy - Norman Fell Deke - Jos� (I) Ferrer Simon Beck - Jos� (I) Ferrer Jack Powers - Mel (I) Ferrer Bartender - Efrain (I) Figueroa Herself, Miss America 1961 - Nancy Fleming Martin Blake - Alan Fletcher Doctor - Peter Forbes-Robertson Himself - John (I) Forsythe Burt Gardner - John (I) Forsythe Barry Keys - Phil (I) Foster Henry Whitewood - Bernard (I) Fox Chauffer - John J. Winkler Teresa Rosselli - Shelley Winters Reporter - Tina Witek Gladys - Jane (I) Withers Sandy Beal - Jo Anne Worley Mrs. Honeycutt - Jo Anne Worley Dottie Anderson - Jo Anne Worley Herself - Jo Anne Worley Tina Burnell - Eugenia Wright Sister Regina - Teresa (I) Wright Laurette Ferot - Jane (I) Wyatt Marcy Banes - Jane (I) Wyatt Margaret Wallingford - Jane (I) Wyatt Margaret Anderson - Jane (I) Wyatt Sister #1 - Meg Wyllie Sister Patricia - Jane Wyman Margo Beacham - Dana Wynter Lillian Smith - Dana Wynter Kendall Park - Momo Yashima Kay Webber - Susannah York Jenny Lang - Stephanie Zimbalist Dolores - Linda Borgeson Trish Carruthers - Tracey E. Bregman Helen Foster - Eileen (I) Brennan Wendy Bradley - Dori Brenner Maria - Tori Brenno Maria - Love Boat Mermaid - Tori Brenno Sexy Woman - Bobbie Bresee Melissa Weatherly - Danielle Brisebois Georgina - Melendy Britt Rose Justin - Morgan Brittany Stacey McNamara - Morgan Brittany Mikki Rafferty - Morgan Brittany Katherine Wilde - Morgan Brittany Liz - Morgan Brittany Karen Stevens - Morgan Brittany Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Debi Brooks Mrs. Magwich - Joyce Brothers Lois Hendrix - Olivia (I) Brown Mary Ann Walker - Kathie Browne Linda Hershel - Pamela Brull Diana Hardaway - Ellen Bry Terry DeConte - Ellen Bry Gretchen Sommers - Ellen Bry Sally - Pamela Jean Bryant Kim Patterson - Susan Buckner Lydia Harris - Delta Burke Gloria - Delta Burke Andrea Sheppard - Delta Burke Patti Harmon - Ruth Buzzi Herself - Ruth Buzzi Dee Dee Winters - Ava Cadell Darlene Harper - Mary Cadorette Sheila - Macarena Camacho Sheila - Love Boat Mermaid - Macarena Camacho Dee Dee Lewis - Cisse Cameron Amber - Cisse Cameron Marsha Newman - Helen Page Camp Louise - Catherine (I) Campbell Housekeeper - Mary Grace Canfield Ellen/Helen Edwards - Diana Canova Christine Bradley - Diana Canova Ellen Desmond - Diana Canova P. J. Muldoon - Judy Canova Girl - Staness Caroll Mrs. Duvall - Leslie Caron Dora - Thelma Carpenter Donna Maloney - Patricia (II) Carr Roxy Blue - Diahann Carroll Muriel - Pat (I) Carroll Ginger LeDoux - Victoria Carroll Wendy - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Gaye Carter Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Gaye Carter Yanne - Angela Cartwright Fay Piermont - Peggy Cass Joan Horner - Joanna (I) Cassidy Dr. Lisa Lessing - Psychiatrist - Joanna (I) Cassidy Herself - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Debbie Lee Causey Aunt Sylvia - Carol Channing Sylvia Bennett - Carol Channing Aunt Sylvia Duvall - Carol Channing Tante Sylvia - Carol Channing Nancy Atwell - Judith Chapman Eve Mills - Cyd Charisse April Lopez - Charo (I) Lupe Zapata De Vega Valdez - Charo (I) Betty Bell - Melanie Chartoff Sherry - Christie Claridge Cindy - Christie Claridge Angela - Lana Clarkson Ethel - Jan (I) Clayton Dolly, Jill's Friend - Patti Clifton Mandy Blanchard - Debra Clinger Mrs. Dennison - Marilyn Coleman Vera - Beatrice Colen Miss Tyler - Jensen Collier Janine Adams - Joan (I) Collins Jenny - Didi Conn Phyllis Faraday - Carole Cook Brenda - Ginny Cooper Irene - Ginny Cooper Donna Louise Bedford - Teri Copley Tracy Hayes - Teri Copley Sandy Parker - Lydia Cornell Jackie Duncan - Lydia Cornell Pam - Lydia Cornell Carol - Courteney Cox Evita Monteverde - Linda Cristal Officer Deirdre Crichton - Cathy Lee Crosby Libby Hall - Cathy Lee Crosby Carol Darnell - Cathy Lee Crosby Megan Lewis - Mary (I) Crosby Cora/Coral, the Mermaid - Mary (I) Crosby Helen Elaine - Mary (I) Crosby Elaine Kennedy - Mary (I) Crosby Betty Talmadge - Murphy Cross Noreen Badger - Pat (I) Crowley Linda Bradley - Pat (I) Crowley Anny - Quinn Cummings Herself - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Carrie Currie Regina Parker - Jane Curtin Linda - Jamie Lee Curtis Monica Cross - Arlene Dahl Natalie Martin - Arlene Dahl Ellen Kirkwood - Arlene Dahl Jessica York - Arlene Dahl Themselves - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Ellen Baker - Abby Dalton Martha Parker - Abby Dalton Dancer - Janeen Damian Joan - Cathryn Damon Charlotte - Cathryn Damon Joanna Robbins - Starr Danias Wendy - Kim (I) Darby Sarah Curtis - Kim (I) Darby Alice Gaines - Jennifer (I) Darling Agnes - Ann B. Davis Brenda - Patricia (III) Davis Cindy - Patti Davis Evelyn Miller - Phyllis (I) Davis Gayle Ludwig - Phyllis (I) Davis Nancy Bishop - Phyllis (I) Davis Marge Peterson - Phyllis (I) Davis Laura Wakefield - Lynda Day George Peggy Rossmore - Lynda Day George Barbara Lee - Lynda Day George Vera Simpson - Laraine Day Aunt Hilly - Olivia de Havilland Cynthia Loudon - Rosemary DeCamp Dolores Strickland - Sandra Deel Mary Halbert - Gloria DeHaven Florence Dolan - Gloria DeHaven Yvonne - Delvene Delaney Debbie - Joni Demarest Gina Caldwell - Sandy (I) Dennis Maud Correll - Colleen Dewhurst Jackie Landers - Joyce (I) DeWitt Renee Larsen - Dena Dietrich Martha Morse - Phyllis (I) Diller Viola Penny - Phyllis (I) Diller Jill - Donna (I) Dixon Rowena - Elinor Donahue Mrs. van Buren - Elinor Donahue Andrea Hammond - Elinor Donahue Betty Anderson - Elinor Donahue Mrs. Cory - Bebe Drake Heather - Denise DuBarry Evelyn Hopkins - Ja'net DuBois Sandy - Julia (I) Duffy Paula - Julia (I) Duffy Lilly Mackim - Patty Duke Shirlee Warner - Patty Duke Sharon Baker - Sandy (I) Duncan Dr. Dorothee Davis - Nancy Dussault Libby Crawford - Nancy Dussault Ella Stokes - Nancy Dussault Sylvia Carblanca - Patty Dworkin Judy Winters - Patty Dworkin Mrs. Smithers - Merie Earle Edie Franklin - Leslie Easterbrook Wendy - Leslie Easterbrook Mary-Louise Murphy - Samantha Eggar Meg Chase - Samantha Eggar Dee Dee - Robin Eisenman Alice Robbins - Britt Ekland Karen Ellison - Britt Ekland Kathy Dolan - Georgia Engel Karen Hughes - Georgia Engel Sheila Lawrence - Georgia Engel Cleo Bagby - Georgia Engel Ellen Brown - Devon (I) Ericson Herself - Linda (I) Evans Jessica - Linda (I) Evans Barbara Fields - Linda (I) Evans Monica Brandon - Linda (I) Evans Cathy - Shelley Fabares Mayor Frances Hardy - Shelley Fabares Mary Frances Bellflower - Shelley Fabares Mitzy Monroe - Nanette Fabray Shirley Simpson - Nanette Fabray Maggie O'Brian - Nanette Fabray Jenny Boyer - Morgan Fairchild Mara Carroll - Lola Falana Honey Malloy - Stephanie Faracy Miss Nelson - Shannon Farnon Nurse - Mary (I) Farrell Betty Layton - Alice (I) Faye Susan Ridley - Tovah Feldshuh Margo Bush - Tovah Feldshuh Melissa Monday - Cristina Ferrare Bitsy Sheldon - Conchata Ferrell Karen - Irena Ferris Tania Bricker - Irena Ferris Brunette who rejects Nelson - Debra Feuer Adele - Pat Finley Reporter - Aileen Fitzpatrick Laurie Ryan - Fannie Flagg Alicia Finch - Fannie Flagg Liz Merritt - Fannie Flagg Mona Maxwell - Rhonda Fleming Mrs. Pendleton - Gertrude Flynn Jennifer Langley - Joan (I) Fontaine Stephanie Chapman - Char Fontane Fran - Constance Forslund Tisha Hudson - Constance Forslund Mrs. Kelsey - Anne (I) Francis Stacy Skogstad, Captain's Ex-Wife - Bonnie (I) Franklin Gail Smith - Pamela Franklin Joyce Murdock - Sheila (I) Frazier Attendant - Peggy Frees Gina Crawford - Penny (I) Fuller Catherine Gerra - Penny (I) Fuller Kate Ladell - Annette Funicello Roberta Roberts - Annette Funicello Laura Tensley - Sharon Gabet Beverly Blanchard - Eva Gabor Marian Healy - Eva Gabor Leila Kane - Eva Gabor Annette - Zsa Zsa Gabor Twin #1 - Denise Gallup Twin #2 - Dian Gallup Donna Braddock - Teresa (I) Ganzel Carlotta - Margarita (I) Garc�a Martha McCoy - Betty Garrett Alice Bailey - Greer Garson Violet Hooper - Janet (I) Gaynor Janet Dalton - Marla Gibbs Harriet Bryce - Amy (I) Gibson Cassie Jones - Gloria (I) Gifford Rosemary 'Rocky' Simpson - Melissa (I) Gilbert Mrs. Williams - Lillian Gish Ginger - Sydney Goldsmith Suzy Butterfield - Arlene Golonka Doris Weldon - Arlene Golonka Cora Winnaker - Lynda (I) Goodfriend Pam Madison - Lynda (I) Goodfriend Ms. Chadwick - Dody Goodman Patricia Seldon - Dody Goodman Mrs. Warner - Ruth (I) Gordon Gift Shop Customer - Virginia (I) Graham Paula - Karen Grassle Maggie Cook - Erin (I) Gray Miss Westlake - Dorothy (II) Green Teresa - Kelly Greenwood Cynthia Wilbur - Pam Grier Christine - Tammy Grimes Herself - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Janet Gunn Carol Ketay - Shelley Hack Tina Phillips - Joan Hackett Claire - Chanin Hale Heather Duvall - Jennifer Caron Hall Millie Lindsay - Florence Halop Angela - Lois Hamilton Jane - Nanci L. Hammond Jane - Love Boat Mermaid - Nanci L. Hammond Courtney Chenault - Melora Hardin Beautiful girl - Robin (I) Harlan Model - Pamela Harlow Laurel Peters - Valerie Harper Connie Evans - Jo Ann Harris Irene Culver - Julie (I) Harris Connie - Jenilee Harrison Erica Dupont - Jenilee Harrison Sheila - Jenilee Harrison Sarah York - Jenilee Harrison Cindy Sterling - Christina (I) Hart Martha Chambers - Mariette Hartley Sherry - Lisa (I) Hartman Carol Bowers - Lisa (I) Hartman Toni - Lisa (I) Hartman Herself - Linda (IV) Harvey Sophia - Sisse Hasbo Amy - Teri Hatcher Amy - Love Boat Mermaid - Teri Hatcher Laraine Graham - Fay Hauser Claire Rice - Virginia Hawkins Loretta - Cindy Hayes Agatha Winslow - Helen (I) Hayes Lisa Baxter - Marla Heasley Norma Kittredge - Gina Hecht Toby Chapman - Susan Heldfond Vivian - Katherine Helmond Harriet Darnell Stevens - Katherine Helmond Charlene Grover - Shirley Hemphill Monica Richardson - Florence (I) Henderson Irene Patton - Florence (I) Henderson Annabelle Folker - Florence (I) Henderson Anita - Florence (I) Henderson Harriett Rogers - Florence (I) Henderson Audrey Baynes - Florence (I) Henderson Diane DiMarzo - Florence (I) Henderson Christine Frank - Florence (I) Henderson Carol Brady - Florence (I) Henderson Love Interest for 'Billy Boy' - Emmaline Henry Kathy James - Pamela Hensley Mrs. Haskell - Starr Hester Henrietta McDonald - Harriet Hilliard Renata Santini - Mitzi Hoag Mona - Rebecca (I) Holden Dr. Charlene Thomas - Jennifer Holliday Estelle Castlewood - Celeste Holm Florence Flanders - Celeste Holm Linda Sharkey - Jennifer (I) Holmes Cleo - Telma Hopkins Kate Kilmer - Telma Hopkins Velma Phillips - Telma Hopkins Tracy - Telma Hopkins Lilly Fenley - Andrea Howard Cynthia Bowden - Susan (I) Howard Eloise Farnsworth - Beth (I) Howland Jeannie Davis - Beth (I) Howland Lee Noble - Beth (I) Howland Captain Bernice Tobin - Beth (I) Howland Rita - Toni Hudson Cristina Stellini - Mary-Margaret Humes Janet Mallory - Gayle Hunnicutt Model - Lisa (V) Hunter Newlywed girl - Linda Hutson Nora Hayman - Gunilla Hutton Dena DiMarco, the Lounge Performer - Kathryn Ish Delia Parks - Janet (I) Jackson Gayle Younger - Rachel (I) Jacobs Louella McKenzie - Joyce Jameson Millicent Stockwell - Joyce Jameson Lover Boy Bob - Caitlyn Jenner Suzanna Wells - Maren Jensen Sharon Patrick - Maren Jensen Rena Ward - Ann Jillian Edna Miles - Glynis Johns Nancy Brown - Bayn Johnson Patti - Debra (II) Johnson Patti - Love Boat Mermaid - Debra (II) Johnson Kim Carlisle - Michelle (I) Johnson Tammy Carlyle - Michelle (I) Johnson Danny - Doc's Nephew - Willie Aames Roy Harwood, D.D.S. This list includes all of the The Love Boat main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. They were all wrong. If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box. But before you shed a tear for the years spent following the follies of Captain Stubing and Gopher aboard the ship, the Love Boat’s cruel end might be for the best. A lot of things have happened after the hit comedy/drama television series, "The Love Boat," came to an end. Popular Quizzes Today. Charo as April Lopez Charo is a flamenco guitarist and singer, actress, and comedian who made regular appearances on The Love Boat, starring in ten episodes throughout the show’s long run. Actorole provides information on which actor played which role in a film. There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. On this page will find the solution to “The Love Boat” character crossword clue. With Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Ted Lange, Fred Grandy. Essay by Catherine Cole Nam Le’s The Boat is one of the most impressive short story collections published during the past decade. The ship was the Pacific Princess, however, depending on where the show was set other ships were used in shooting the episodes. 75. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Themselves 21 episodes, 1985-1986 Debbie Bartlett ... Susie - Love Boat Mermaid / ... 19 episodes, 1985-1986 Tori Brenno ... Maria - Love Boat Mermaid / ... 19 episodes, 1985 … "The Love Boat" aired on the ABC television network from May 5, 1977, until May 24, 1986.It was set on luxury passenger cruise ship S.S. Pacific Princess. The answer may just surprise you. For the former, the cast solidified into the one we would become familiar with. The Love Boat is an American romantic comedy/drama television series set on luxury passenger cruise ship MS Pacific Princess, which aired on the ABC television network from 1977 to 1986; in addition, four three-hour long specials aired in 1986, 1987, and 1990. Lock and Love Women's Solid Short Sleeve Boat Crew Neck V Neck Dolman Top XS - 5XL Plus Size. The adventures of the passengers and crew aboard a luxury liner on a cruise from California to Mexico. When she first started on Love Boat, she played a variety of characters until becoming a series regular in 1986 as Emily. Love Boat routinely brought back actors to play new characters, mostly out of necessity: the drama aired from 1977-1987. The crew was friendly and fun - and those guest stars! The Love Boat paid him a great salary, allowed him to see the world, work among friends and meet his Hollywood idols. Ace Evans. She first came on board in 1977 playing April Lopez, a Mexican woman who stowed away in the ship’s laundry. Harry Beluski - Vic Tayback 'Dutch' Boden - Vic Tayback Himself - Vic Tayback Jack Hamilton - Vic Tayback Himself - Miss Roger's Dancer - Jim (XXV) Taylor Captain Johannsen - Robert S. Telford Captain Johanssen - Robert S. Telford Floyd - Deney Terrio Himself - Tiny The Kangoroo Senator Bob Townsend - Alan Thicke Alan Price - Alan Thicke Robert McBride - Alan Thicke Buzz McLaine - Roy Thinnes Paul Harris - Jay (I) Thomas Peter Pringle - Mark (I) Thomas The Amazing Zimmerman - Neil (I) Thompson Nick Durrell - Gordon (I) Thomson Chris - Kevin (I) Tighe Danny Hartman - Mel Tillis Danny Harris - Johnny Timko Crew Member - Paul Tinder Ted Ashton - Fred Travalena Sam - Michael (I) Tucci Tom - Forrest Tucker Tex - Forrest Tucker Sam Zacchary - Forrest Tucker Tyrone - Glynn Turman Himself - Paul Turnbull Himself - Ron Tyson Jeff Smith - Robert (I) Urich Larry Hartman - Robert (I) Urich Scott Desmond - Robert (I) Urich Scott Hanson - Barry Van Dyke Brandon Cobb - Barry Van Dyke Roger DeConte - Barry Van Dyke Joey Gardiner - Barry Van Dyke Norman Quigley - Jerry Van Dyke O'Neil, the Doctor - Dick Van Patten Howard Ethan - Dick Van Patten George Hayes - Dick Van Patten Charlie Dillinger - Dick Van Patten The Great Stellini - Dick Van Patten Congressman John Whitcomb - Dick Van Patten Frank - Vincent Van Patten Phil Livingston - Bobby (I) Van Captain Kostopoulos - Titos Vandis Charlie Paris - Robert (I) Vaughn Bennett Barton - Ben Vereen Dr. John Hanson - Ben Vereen Charlie Fletcher - Abe Vigoda Themselves - The Village People Chef - Romo Vincent Doug Ketchum - Sal Viscuso Wendell Shamer - Sal Viscuso Mark Carlson - Sal Viscuso Charlie Cole - Sal Viscuso Herb Lawrence - Herb Voland Dr. Tucker Martin - Lyle Waggoner Lance Wilson - Lyle Waggoner Jay Cavanaugh - Lyle Waggoner Jeff Thatcher - Robert (I) Walden Bill - Clint (I) Walker Marty Kilmer - Jimmie (I) Walker Wally - Jimmie (I) Walker Ronald Baker - Jimmie (I) Walker Marvin Jones - Jimmie (I) Walker The Late Mickey Garner - Jimmie (I) Walker Max Phelps - Ray Walston Mongala - Patrick (I) Ward Andy Warhol - Andy Warhol James Sweetland - James A. Watson Jr. Robert Marlowe - James A. Watson Jr. Dwight Scoffield - David (I) Wayne M. Marshall - David (I) Wayne Mike Morel/Jeff Peterson - Patrick (I) Wayne Matt Benton - Patrick (I) Wayne Jack Clayton - Patrick (I) Wayne Jim Stanton - Patrick (I) Wayne Tom Joseph - Patrick (I) Wayne Newlywed man - Timothy Wayne Mr. Weatherby - Fritz Weaver Bob Williams - Adam (I) West Greg Beatty - David (II) White Harry - Jesse (I) White Larry Davis - Larry (I) Wilcox Wayne Dobson - Larry (I) Wilcox Edgar Dolan - Cornel Wilde Newsman - John David Wilder Lou - Fred Willard Richard Henderson - Fred Willard Nil Logan - Fred Willard Sean McGlynn - Anson Williams Himself - Otis Williams Brian - Paul (III) Williams Nelson Hoag - Paul (III) Williams Richie Wilson - R.J. Williams Tony - Tiger Williams James Russell - Mykelti Williamson James Rusell - Mykelti Williamson Bud Larsen - Harry Wilmot Jesse, Isaac's Uncle - Demond (I) Wilson Bart - Demond (I) Wilson Frank Dalton - Flip Wilson Tennis pro - Mark (VII) Wilson Isaac, the Bartender - Teddy (I) Wilson Harold Wallingford - William Windom Bill Kelly - William Windom Photographer - David (I) Winn Spencer Wilson - Michael (I) Winslow Rod Simpson - Edward Winter Eddie, the bartender - Eddie (I) Wong Jerry Younger - Alex Woodard Himself - Ali Woodson Carl Mueller - Richard Wren Mikhail - Kai Wulff Charlie Dobbs - Keenan Wynn Ross - Alan (I) Young Phil Sharp - Alan (I) Young Henry Gordon - Michael (IV) Young Arthur Talmadge - Michael (IV) Young Jimmy Kim - Johnny Yune Bingo Game Winner - Speedy Zapata Jim Pickett - Michael Zaslow Jeff Dalton - Dirk Benedict Gary Wells - Dirk Benedict Dr. Cotts - John Beradino Vince Van Durling - Lee Bergere Ted Gaines - Richard (II) Bergman Zeke - Milton Berle Lionel Cooper - Milton Berle Cyril Wolfe - Milton Berle Mr. Fenley - Milton Berle Ed 'Flash' Taylor - Milton Berle Himself - Milton Berle Francis Dunkmueller - Warren Berlinger Mr. Zidreczky - Jack Bernardi Robert Noble - Ken (I) Berry Justin - Dick Billingsley Kelly - Neil Billingsley Mike Adler - David Birney Paulo De Matzee - David Birney Bix - the robot - Bix John Ballard - Bill Bixby Himself (Harlem Globetrotter) - Jimmy Blacklock Mike - Taurean Blacque Larry Ellis - Lloyd Bochner George Tillman - Lloyd Bochner Horace McDonald - Ray Bolger Andy Hopkins - Ray Bolger Theodore Dennison Jr. - James Bond III Dr. Jonathan Hunt - Frank (I) Bonner Ben Phillips - Frank (I) Bonner Benny Carter - Sonny Bono Phil Backstrom/Deacon Dark - Sonny Bono Steve Bloom - Sonny Bono Harold Nash - Sonny Bono Lucius Kergo - Sorrell Booke Doug Bridges - Linwood Boomer Himself - Ernest Borgnine Dominic Rosselli - Ernest Borgnine George Havlicek - Tom Bosley George Hammond - Tom Bosley Herbert Chandler - Tom Bosley Harry Meacham - Tom Bosley Howard Pfister - Tom Bosley Pianist - Don (I) Bovingloh Howard - Don (I) Bovingloh Waiter - Don (I) Bovingloh Joe Lujack - William Boyett Inspector - Stephen (I) Bradley Senator Dan Whitman - Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Eddy Conrad - Adrian Zmed Jerry Howard - Clark Brandon Paul Healy - Hank Brandt Roger Markham - Bart (I) Braverman Lowell Mandell - Thom Bray Signor Falzoni - Rossano Brazzi Johnny Gilmore - Larry Breeding Jack Stander - Larry Breeding Mr. Jackson - Lloyd Bremseth Ernest Finley - Jeremy (I) Brett William Otis Farnsworth - Lloyd (I) Bridges Michael Jr. - Todd (I) Bridges Himself - Soldier from the Village People - Alex Briley Neal Rich - James (I) Broderick Michael Ellis - Kevin (I) Brophy Billy - Philip (I) Brown Carl Williams - Reb Brown Triq Norquist - Woody (I) Brown Trig Nordquist - Woody (I) Brown Steward - Karl Bruck Jack Plymouth - Joshua Bryant Marvin Cooperman - Ray Buktenica Simon Scott - Ray Buktenica Harold Pack/Jack Honeycutt - Ray Buktenica Eddie Martin - Gary Burghoff Donald M. Flanders - Gary Burghoff Waiter - Mark (II) Burke Brian Sherwood - Paul (I) Burke Walter Baresh - Paul (I) Burke Ned Beacham - Paul (I) Burke Man - Joseph (V) Burns Man - Joseph (VI) Burns Malcolm Dwyer - Raymond Burr Darnell Hall - LeVar Burton Ernie Jordan - Dick Butkus Stan Barber - Dean (I) Butler Scott Pryor - Dean (I) Butler Brent Harper - Dean (I) Butler Billy Landers - Shane Butterworth Buddy Redmond - Red Buttons Jimmy Morrow - Red Buttons Uncle Cyrus Foster - Red Buttons The Chef - Pat (I) Buttram Arthur Burkley - John Byner Archie Phillips - Edd Byrnes Bert Multon - Sid Caesar Michael Harmon - Sid Caesar Nate Jordan - Michael (I) Callan Vinnie De Risi - Charlie Callas Lionel J. Bigelow - Cab Calloway Louis Rourke - Frank (I) Campanella Nabil El Masri - Joseph (I) Campanella Radio Officer - Chris Capen College Guy - Chris Capen Ed Wight - Steve (I) Carlson Richard Garrett III - Ric Carrott Picard - Conlan Carter Ray Foster - Jack (II) Carter Elmar Fargas - Randall Carver Daryl Matson - Lawrence P. Casey Ted Harmes - David (I) Cassidy Anton Haarland/Peter Hudson - Patrick (I) Cassidy Man with the Burning Magazine - Ted (I) Chapman Dottie's Dancing Partner - Ted (I) Chapman Buckstone Cooper III - Sam Chew Jr. Like […] Adam "Doc" Bricker. That’s a whole lot of cruises for the Pacific Princess! And Love, life's sweetest reward. Name the Love Boat Characters Quiz Stats. On this page you will find the solution to “The Love Boat” character crossword clue. The Love Boat was by no means Marion Ross’ biggest role, as most people will recognize her as Marion Cunningham on Happy Days. The hour long series, set on a cruise ship, was generally divided into three individually titled stories per episode. then this list will help you answer those questions. Main Characters Captain Merrill Stubing Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker Burl "Gopher" Smith Isaac Washington Julie McCoy … Popular Quizzes Today. We're expecting you. Critics have hailed it as ‘a singular masterpiece’ (Kakutani 2008), ‘ambitious and confident’ (Penner 2008) and ‘heartrending’ (Pincus 2008). When he was given a chance to be on the show, he didn't think twice. Disney Moana Hei Hei Boat Snack? And Love won't hurt anymore It's an open smile on a friendly shore. Created by Wilford Lloyd Baumes. Top Answer. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . This is a hassle-free site -- no popups, no animations, no user IDs, no cookies, no spyware, and no huge graphics. Jill Whelan. The opening sequence for the series underwent three changes over the years. Captain Stubing Vicki Stubing Julie McCoy Judy McCoy Isaac Washington Burl "Golpher" Smith Adam … Herself - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Director, Herself - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Choreographer, Himself - Hard Hat from the Village People, Himself - Leatherman from the Village People, Captain Merrill Stubing/Marshall Stubing (as O.D. She is the "captivating captain" of the show, whose goal is to date each of the boys, and decide who will be her "first mate". 99 $15.99 $15.99 The Love Boat The cruise classic! The Love Boat is making another run! Love Boat soon will be making another run The Love Boat promises something for everyone Set a course for adventure, Your mind on a new romance. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The duration of The Love Boat … Enter This Link To View The Full List of Clues From 14 August 2018 For Universal . The Love Boat provides examples of:. 1980 Speak Up, America! The Love Boat was a lightly comic romantic anthology series (with laugh track) which ran on ABC from 1977 until 1986. Television Quiz / Name the Love Boat Characters Random Television Quiz Can you name the Love Boat Characters? If you are wondering, "Who are the actors from The Love Boat?" Aaron Spelling was … The show was known for it’s romantic-sounding Love Boat promises that delivered something for everyone through the 45-minute episodes that aired. by luv2golf Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Stratton Himself - Richard (I) Street The Steward - Lomax Study Phillip Shaffer - Barry (I) Sullivan Larry - Paul Sylvan Bernie - Paul Sylvan Aubrey Skogstad - Robert Symonds Mr. Harold Rogers - Jeffrey Tambor Lawrence Jurgens - Jeffrey Tambor Peanut - Philip Tanzini Shirley Sommers - Vic Tayback Harry Stewart - Vic Tayback Sgt.

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